162/5 (20)
103/10 (17.2)
Brisbane Heat Women won by 59 runs.
Player of the match: Georgia Redmayne
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Jess Jonassen, Brisbane Heat Captain: Personally, it's a much brighter result today compared to the other day. The girls bowled really well today and made me look like a genius as every time I brought someone on they managed to grab a wicket. Today I was just looking to take on the finisher's role with the bat. The wicket was really good today, with the ball we were trying to bowl into the surface as it was tougher to bat against the balls which skidded through. Hancock bowled really well and she along with other bowlers did execute the plans perfectly today. 
The Scorchers did manage to get past the 100 however, they were bundled out just after cross the three-figure mark. With this it's a comfortable victory for the Heat and the Scorchers will have a lot of discussions to do going forward.
They did try to break the shackles as well but lost their wicket. Graham did provide a bit of resistance but could not last long. Wickets just kept tumbling regularly and the Heat continued to gain a firm hold on this contest.
However, Chamari lost her wicket soon, and Devine who tried to continue to attack lost her wickets as well. The Heat were at the top at the end of the powerplay overs as the Scorchers had lost three big wickets by then. Two new batters had the task of rebuilding the innings.
Coming in to chase 163 runs, the Scorchers did not have the ideal start as they lost their opener Mooney in the first over itself. Devine and Chamari broke the shackles and found the boundaries and accelerated the scoring rate for the Scorchers.
Well, another game that ends up a tad early. Just like the first game, the team batting second gets bowled out here as well. The Heat manage to get back against the Scorchers after losing to them in the super over the other day.
17.2 Grace Harris to Samatha Betts, OUT! SCORCHERS ARE BOWLED OUT! Brisbane Heat finish a clinical win this time, drops it short and turns into Betts on the stumps who goes on the backfoot to swipe but misses, goes through to crash into the stumps. Thumping win for the Heat this time around!

Samantha Betts b Harris 0 (2b 0x4 0x6)
17.1 Grace Harris to Samatha Betts, drops it short on the outside off as Betts on the backfoot looks to cut but gets beaten, through to the keper.
Hancock continues to bowl out fantastic overs as she manages to get another wicket. The Scorchers are 60 runs away from the target here. The final pair is out in the middle for them and the question of how long will they last.
103 /9 score
cricket bat icon Lilly Mills *
5 (7)
cricket bat icon Taneale Peschel
4 (5)
cricket ball icon Nicola Hancock
3 /19
16.6 Nicola Hancock to Lilly Mills, OH! Length delivery on the outside off as Mills looks to scoop that one over the keeper's head but misses it completely.
Samantha Betts comes to the crease
16.5 Nicola Hancock to Taneale Peschel, OUT! IN THE AIR AND TAKEN! Short delivery into Peschel on the middle and leg as she looks to tuck it but gets the top edge and another brilliant catch from Redmayne as she charges in and pouches it.
16.4 Nicola Hancock to Taneale Peschel, OH! Short delivery on the outside off as Peschel on the backfoot looking to pull that one away but misses, through to the keeper.
16.3 Nicola Hancock to Taneale Peschel, short delivery into Peschel on the off-stump as she looks to pull but miscues it over the square-leg region and falls safely in no mans land and they hare across for the second.
16.2 Nicola Hancock to Lilly Mills, short this time into Mills on the middle and off as she swivels and swipes it to deep square-leg region for just a single.
16.1 Nicola Hancock to Lilly Mills, length delivery on the outside off as Mills leans into and lofts it over the extra-cover region and they scamper back for the second.
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