Vinohrady CC 93/4 (10 ov)
Brno Raiders 68/4 (10 ov)
Vinohrady CC won by 25 runs.
Player of the match: Frederick Heydenrych
Vinohrady CC win by 25 runs!

This brings us to the end of our coverage of this match from the ECS T10 Prague between Brno Raiders and Vinohrady CC. Thank you for joining us on this coverage. For all the latest scores and updates, stay tuned to Sportskeeda. This is Abhinav Kumar and alongside me, my friend and colleague Sooryanarayanan Sesha signing off. Goodbye and stay safe, stay indoors and please mask up!
A comprehensive win for Vinohrady CC, as they blast past Brno Raiders and win this game by 25 runs. They've restricted Brno to just 68/4 after 10 overs.

The Brno Raiders batting didn't have many heroes, with only Sureshkumar Nagaraj somewhat doing well, scoring a stodgy 28* from 27 balls. He got decent support from Ashish Matta and Arunkumar Vasudevan, with both scoring 16 runs each. Apart from them, there was nothing else to write home about in their batting.

The Vinohrady CC bowlers bowled really well and exerted great control, with Ritik Tomar, Nirmal Kumar and Venkatesh Margasahayam all getting a wicket each, with Tomar 1/12 from 2 overs, Kumar was 1/12 from 2 overs and Venkatesh 1/17 in 2 overs. Arshad Hayat and Shubhranshu Chaudhary also bowled with control and effectiveness and both returned identical figures of 0/12 in 2 overs each.

The Vinohrady CC team would be really pleased with this win, while Brno Raiders having some thinking to do with the batting approach.
Over: 10 | Summary: 0 1 0 0 1 1 Bowler: Shubhranshu Chaudhary Score: 68/4
9.6 Shubhranshu Chaudhary to Sureshkumar Nagaraj, angling in on a good length on middle and leg, Nagaraj gives himself room and pulls in front of square to draw the curtains on this contest with a single. A fourth consecutive defeat for Brno Raiders who continue to look listless with the bat - Vinohrady CC win by 25 runs!
9.5 Shubhranshu Chaudhary to Suresh Ramarao, full and tailing in on middle and off, gives himself room and drills it to the left of mid-off before crossing over
9.4 Shubhranshu Chaudhary to Suresh Ramarao, OOH! On a length outside off, once again Ramarao is rushed into the shot as he looks to open up the off-side from deep in his crease but he ends up getting beaten again
9.3 Shubhranshu Chaudhary to Suresh Ramarao, very full outside off, Ramarao looks to go inside out over the covers but the ball beats him for pace through to the keeper! Just a formality now!
9.2 Shubhranshu Chaudhary to Sureshkumar Nagaraj, back of a length and cramping the batsman for room on middle stump, Nagaraj goes deep and tries to make room as he pulls it towards mid-on
9.1 Shubhranshu Chaudhary to Sureshkumar Nagaraj, a touch short and angling into the body, Nagaraj plays all around the pull behind square as the ball thuds into his upper body and rolls beside; he's in pain here! The physio checks up on him but he's up and ready to continue. 
A brilliant over from Tomar, with just 3 runs and a wicket from it. After 9 overs, Brno Raiders are 65/4 and need 29 runs from the last over, which looks extremely difficult.

The last over will be bowled by Shubhranshu Chaudhary
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 0 0 W 1 1 Bowler: Ritik Tomar Score: 65/4
8.6 Ritik Tomar to Sureshkumar Nagaraj, on a good length around off-stump, clears his front leg and heaves a pull towards mid-wicket. What an outstanding over that was from Tomar! He has all, but sealed the game here for Vinohrady!
8.5 Ritik Tomar to Suresh Ramarao, full outside off, drilled along the ground to the left of mid-off for a single 
The pressure on Vasudevan has finally resulted in him trying to slog his way out of trouble and missing the line of the ball, with Tomar hitting the bullseye. Brno Raiders are 63/4.

Suresh Ramaro is the new batsman at the crease.
8.4 Ritik Tomar to Arunkumar Vasudevan, BOWLED HIM! THIS SHOULD BE THE GAME! Angling in on a good length on off, looks to open up the off-side upon giving himself room but the ball crashes through to hit his stumps. Tomar has the big wicket of the skipper!
8.3 Ritik Tomar to Arunkumar Vasudevan, BEATEN! Full and in the channel again, Vasudevan looks to swing over mid-wicket and throws everything at it but alas, he ends up getting beaten.
8.2 Ritik Tomar to Arunkumar Vasudevan, full and in the channel, clears his front leg but loses shape as he chops the heave onto his boot. Priceless dot ball!
8.1 Ritik Tomar to Sureshkumar Nagaraj, dropped short and wide outside off, Nagaraj can only manage to cut it to the man at deep backward point before crossing over
A good over from Chaudhary, with only 9 runs from it. After 8 overs, Brno Raiders are 62/3. They need another 32 runs from 2 overs to win the game.

Ritik Tomar will bowl the penultimate over of this match.
Over: 8 | Summary: 0 1 1 3 4 0 Bowler: Shubhranshu Chaudhary Score: 62/3
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