Falco 92/7 (10 ov)
Catalunya Tigers CC 96/6 (8.2 ov)
Catalunya Tigers CC won by 4 wickets
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A fairly dominant victory for the Catalunya Tigers there as they steered past the total of 92 with relative ease and with 11 balls to spare. Aziz Mohammad was easily the pick of the performers in the game with his blistering innings of 53 runs of 24 balls and chipping in with 3 valuable wickets. Tanveer Iqbal also had a pretty good game as he went onto nab 2 wickets after playing a great inning with the bat. The Catalunya Tigers would further like to maintain their dominance in the league by performing similarly well in their coming games. As for Falco Zalmi, they have a lot of introspection to do as to where they lost the game. Their bowling was quite ordinary which derailed the hard work put in by their batsmen, who managed to recover after a quick collapse at the beginning of the game.
8.2 A Arif to I Nazir, FOUR! Nazir finishes it off in style! Length ball outside off, the batsman throws his bat at it and slashes that through the point region for a boundary! With that, Catalunya Tigers CC beat the Falco CC by 4 wickets and 10 deliveries to spare!
8.1 A Arif to I Nazir, no run, length ball not he off stump, the batsman punches that straight to the fielder at cover. 
Over: 8 | Summary: 4 4 0 1 W W Bowler: Khawar Javed Score: 92/6
7.6 K Javed to G Dastgeer, OUT! RUN-OUT! Length ball on the leg stump tapped to mid on. Some miscommunication between the batsmen and they decide to run a little too late. A good throw at the keeper's end coupled with some smart work begins the stumps sends Kashif packing!
7.5 K Javed to A Mohammad, OUT! BOWLED! Length ball not he off stump, the batsman clears his front foot and looks to heave that across the line. However, he ends up chipping it back onto the stumps and he has to walk back. A fiery send-off by the bowler
7.4 K Javed to M Kashif, full ball on the middle stump angling in, the batsman looks to drive that but gets the inside edge down to fine leg for a single. 
7.3 K Javed to M Kashif, no run, length ball on the off stump, the batsman mistimes the slap back to the bowler.
7.2 K Javed to M Kashif, FOUR! Another poor delivery! Full ball sliding down the leg side. However, the batsman chases it and glances that down to the fine leg fence for a boundary!
7.1 K Javed to M Kashif, FOUR! SHOT! Full ball drifting onto the pads, the batsman effortlessly flicks that away to the fine leg fence and takes the Tigers a step closer to victory!
Even by striking with 2 wickets, the Zalmi side seems to be far behind in the game with the Tigers requiring just 11 of the last 3 overs.  
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It's an Aziz Mohammad world and we are living in it. He's steering the Tigers to a massive victory with some sensational hitting. The Zalmi side would be thoroughly disappointed with their ordinary bowling display until now.
Over: 6 | Summary: 6 1 1 1 0 1 Bowler: Khawar Javed Score: 73/2
5.6 K Javed to A Mohammad, full ball on the middle stump worked towards deep mid-wicket for a single 
5.5 K Javed to D Kaur, length ball on the off stump rising sharply that raps Kaur on the pads and rolls down to third man as the batsmen take a quick single. 
5.4 K Javed to A Mohammad, low full toss on the off tump, the batsman toe-ends the drive to a very straight long off for a single. 
5.3 K Javed to D Kaur, full ball on the off stump, the batsman drives that straight back down the ground for a single. 
5.2 K Javed to A Mohammad, length ball on the off stump, the batsman pushes that down to long off for a single. 
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