Catalunya Tigers CC 111/7 (10 ov)
Catalunya 101/6 (10 ov)
Catalunya Tigers CC won by 10 runs.
That's it from our side as we bring an end to our coverage of this ECS game. Stay tuned for more live updates and commentaries to Sportskeeda. This is Rishab VM, along with my partner, Pradeep, signing off! 
It was a modest total and after 4 overs into the chase, Catalunya really looked to be in the drivers seat. However, this is a game where nothing is over till it actually is! The Tigers have pulled out a brilliant bowling performance to win this game. It was that over from Shahbaz that really changed the momentum and thereafter Catalunya just lost their way. 

They kept losing wickets and panic got the better off the them, of course without taking any credits away from the bowling that built the pressure and didn't let them comeback into the game. 

Catalunya Tigers will certainly be a very proud unit with this victory. They showed some brilliant character on the field to get themselves back into the game, from how things were going at the beginning, and to eventually go on and win it!  
Asjad has managed to defend the score! Catalunya fall 10 runs short as the Tigers have won the game! It's been an absolutely brilliant comeback from them in the last few overs and that said, it's a victory well deserved! 
9.6 Asjad Butt to Ghulam Sabar, slower delivery, it was short and Ghulam gave it all and hammers it straight to the long-on fielder, that was traveling and the fielder does well to stop it, keeps it to just a single in the end! Tigers in the end win this by 10 runs!
9.6 Asjad Butt to Ghulam Sabar, WIDE! Bowled way outside the off stump, Umpire calls that a wide
9.5 Asjad Butt to Ghulam Sabar, FOUR! Slower delivery, excellent change of pace but Ghulam hammers it towards cow corner and the fielder at long-on had no chance, runs away to the boundary
9.4 Asjad Butt to Gurwinder Singh, slower delivery, takes all the pace off it, Gurwinder waits for it and taps it on the off-side for a quick single
9.3 Asjad Butt to Ghulam Sabar, short delivery, outside off, Ghulam fetches it from outside off and hammers it down the ground to long-on for just a single
9.2 Asjad Butt to Usman Mushtaq, OUT! Slower delivery, change of pace from Butt as Usman looks to launch it out of the orbit and ends up hitting it in the air towards long-on as two fielder converge but the long-on fielder kept his eye on the ball and takes it in the end
9.1 Asjad Butt to Usman Mushtaq, SIX! Short delivery, Usman stands back and POWERED it away all the way over the deep mid-wicket boundary for a maximum
9.1 Asjad Butt to Ghulam Sabar, OH MY WORD! NO-BALL! That was bowled outside the strip, Umpire calls that a no-ball, they also take a bye in the end
8.6 Kamran Raja to Usman Mushtaq, excellent delivery to finish things up and this probably is a match winning over from Raja. That was bowled on the good length, angled into Usman who looks to open up, but ends up tapping it back to the bowler, no run
This has been a brilliant over from Kamran under pressure! What a comeback this has been! The Tigers have been wonderful at the death overs so far. It's 85/5 now with 27 needed off the last over. 
8.5 Kamran Raja to Usman Mushtaq, short delivery, wide outside off, Usman dances down the track to give it a whack but misses it, beaten in the end
8.4 Kamran Raja to Nawazish Ali, OUT! Change of pace working for Raja here, another one, that was touch short as Ali goes for the hoick, gets a feather through to the keeper in the end and Raja celebrates another wicket
8.3 Kamran Raja to Farrukh Sohail, OUT! Excellent change of pace from Raja as Farrukh looks to go down town, no timing on that one and the fielder at long-on waits for it and takes a dolly in the end
8.2 Kamran Raja to Nawazish Ali, full delivery, outside off, Ali drills it away towards extra cover for another single
8.1 Kamran Raja to Farrukh Sohail, full delivery, Farrukh slams it back past the bowler, Raja looks to stop it but sways away as it was hit with some power, single taken in the end
Catalunya seem to be losing their way just a little bit! Another wicket goes down and it's a good over. 83/3 with 29 needed off the last two. This one certainly seems to be going right down the wire! 
7.6 Aamir Shahzad to Nawazish Ali, on the good length, angled it straight, thuds on the pads as Ali looked to whip it away, no run. DOT to finish the over
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