Pak I Care 188/2 (10 ov)
Catalunya 157/5 (10 ov)
Pak I Care won by 31 runs.
PAK I CARE win this match by 31 runs!

One of the greatest batting we have witnessed here in match 7 of the Barcelona bash! It was tough from the start for Catalunya to win this match as they needed to chase down one of the highest totals in the tournament. They surely did not disappoint us as Catalunya openers came off with clear intent to chase this total down. 

Both the openers, Usman Mushtaq and Rauf Zaman took their side off to a flying start as they managed to keep up with the required run rate of 19 runs per over needed! Zaman was the aggressor as he went absolutely ballistic at the start and showed us some glimmers of hope that they might just chase this total down.

Unfortunately, Zaman lost his wicket on 41 off 12 balls and PAK I Care were back into this game. Khizar Ali continued to have a bad outing as he flowed Rauf back to the pavilion in no time. Gurwinder Singh the new batsmen replacing him looked in form and started going berzerk the moment he landed at the crease.

Gurwinder hit a quickfire 49 off 19 balls and need backing from Usman Mushtaq as well to keep the scoreboard moving but Mushtaq did not have much to offer and in the process of trying to keep up with the run-rate, Gurwinder perished. The next batters who came also came out with an intent of slogging every ball out of the park and they surely did manage to chip in a few and pushed the score past 150 runs but the target was probably a bit too much for the Catalunya's.

In the end, Catalunya mounted 157 runs which surely was one of the finest batting displays from them. Look back they would be wondering that only if they had taken those couple of chances which would have saved at least the number of runs they lost by in the end.

With regards to bowling by PAK I CARE, Atif Muhammad was the leading wicket-taker as he managed to take 2 in his spell. Adeel Shafqat, Muhammad Babar, and Muhammad Ihsan managed to take 1 wicket each!

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Catalunya and PAK I CARE. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Maanas Upadhyay signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
Over: 10 | Summary: 6 6 6 2 0 W Bowler: Muhammad Ihsan Score: 157/5
9.6 M Ihsan to F Sohail, OUT! CAUGHT! Full ball outside off, the batsman's eyes light up as he goes for the big loft over long off. However, he cannot get enough wood on it and ends up chipping that straight down the throat of the fielder there! With that, the Pak I Care beat the Catalunya CC by 31 runs in a high-scoring thriller!
9.5 M Ihsan to F Sohail, no run, full ball outside off, the batsman dances down the track but steps out in the completely wrong line. In the end he has no option other than let that sail through to the keeper. 
9.4 M Ihsan to F Sohail, DROPPED! Full toss on the body, the batsman mistimes the heave into the leg side. The fielder at deep mid-wicket drops a simple catch and the batsmen take the second courtesy a wide overthrow!
9.3 M Ihsan to F Sohail, SIX! Two-in-Two! Full ball on the odd stump, the batsman muscles that straight back over the bower's head for another maximum!
9.2 M Ihsan to F Sohail, SIX! Length ball on the middle stump, the batsman clears his front foot and launches that over long on for a huge maximum! Humungous hit that one, Sohail now cashing in adding some precious runs
9.1 M Ihsan to F Sohail, SIX!! A harmless length ball on the off stump, the batsman moves across and creams that over the mid-wicket region for a maximum! Great shot that one
At the end of the 9th over CCC are 137/4.

A good over for Muhammad as he managed to collect a couple of wickets from the previous over. CCC are 53 runs from the target. Just about formalities now but CCC batsmen should definitely not lose hope and make the most of these 6 balls here! As in the Barcelona bash, the winner will be chosen based on who will be on top at the end of the day tomorrow!
Over: 9 | Summary: W 6 6 1 2w W 1 Bowler: Atif Muhammad Score: 137/4
8.6 A Muhammad to F Sohail, full ball on the off stump, the batsman chips that to long off for a single. That fell agonisingly short of the fielder there!
8.5 A Muhammad to S Mehmood, OUT! BOWLED! Full ball on the leg stump, the batsman goes for the big heave across the line but fails to get bat on ball, which sneaks in through the bi bat-pad gap and clips the leg stump!
8.5 A Muhammad to U Mushtaq, WIDE ball outside off, the keeper is unable to collect that and the batsmen scamper across for a single as the ball trickles towards third man!
8.4 A Muhammad to S Mehmood, length ball outside off, the batsman slaps that down to long on for a single. 
8.3 A Muhammad to S Mehmood, SIX! Full ball outside off, the batsman collects it from there and clobbers that over long on for a maximum!
8.2 A Muhammad to S Mehmood, SIX! Full ball on the middle stump, the batsman gets into position and lands a meaty blow straight back over the bowler's head for a maximum! Mehmood now joins in on the slog fest!
8.1 A Muhammad to G Singh, OUT! EDGED! Full ball outside off angling away, the batsman goes in for the drive but ends up getting an edge which the keeper pouches with glee! Has to depart for a well-made 49. Missed out on a well-deserved half century by just a run!
CCC are definitely shot here too much to get here in the last two overs. Gurwinder playing quite a cameo innings here as he has now reached 49 runs! 68 runs are needed for them here and it has been quite an entertaining chase from Catalunya none the less! How close can they reach here is the question as they will look to minimize the damage on their run-rate!
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 1 6 0 4 1 4 6 1 1 1 Bowler: Muhammad Amir Jafri Score: 121/2
7.6 M Jafri to G Singh, full ball outside off spinning away, the batsman carves that to the sweeper cover fielder for a single. 
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