Catalunya 109/7 (10 ov)
Pak Montcada CC 105/7 (10 ov)
Catalunya won by 4 runs.
Catalunya won this match by 4 runs!

What a nail-biting contest this turned out to be between the top two teams of Group B. Pak Montcada were in the game at the start but had a similar outing to Catalunya as they also lost both their openers in the second over. Later, Hafiz Usman Anwar and Asjad Butt steadied the ship and kept their side in the hunt for the chase. 

Hafiz scored 37 runs off 17 balls and Asjad scored 30 runs off 16. And once the Catalunya broke through this partnership it was tough for the new batsmen of Pak Montcada to come in and get going towards the end as fell short by just 4 runs!

For Catalunya with the ball was the captain Muhammad Armghan Khan lead from the front and picked up 3 wickets and conceded just 17 runs.  followed by Ali Azam who took a couple of wickets.

In the end, good tight bowling towards the end helped Catalunya win this match and stay unbeaten in this tournament. They are now seated at the top of the table after this encounter with 10 points.

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Cayalunya CC and Pak Montcada CC. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Sameer Deodhar signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
9.6 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Raja Adeel, FOUR! Slaps the full delivery off his pads to deep square leg but CCC win by 4 runs!
9.5 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Raja Adeel, misses a heave on a length ball outside off. 9 runs off the last ball needed
9.4 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Raja Adeel, misses the hook on a bouncer outside off. 9 runs off 2 balls needed, another dot ball will seal the match here!
9.3 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Kashif Shafi, drives the full delivery uppishly to long-off for a single. 9 runs off 3 balls needed now, PMCC need to get a boundary, CCC just need to stop the boundary!
9.2 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Asjad Butt, OUT! Butt gets a top-edge on the heave and the ball lands straight into the hands of the man at short fine leg. 10 runs off 4 balls needed
9.1 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Asjad Butt, smacks the full delivery to deep mid-wicket who DROPS the catch and is lazy to throw the ball back in. 10 runs off 5 balls needed!
At the end of the 9th over PMCC are 98/6. They need 12 runs off the last over. CCC on the other hand need to conceal the boundaries. A nail-biting contest here in Barcelona!! Will CCC stay unbeaten or will PMCC cross the line?
8.6 Shahbaz Shaukat to Asjad Butt, gets an inside edge on the slog and the ball doesn't go far away from the keeper as the duo take a single
8.5 Shahbaz Shaukat to Asjad Butt, punches the length ball on off-stump past covers for a double. Down to 13 runs off 7! The question is will Asjad take the single or go for a boundary?
8.4 Shahbaz Shaukat to Asjad Butt, SIX! Full toss right in his arc clobbered over the bowler's head and out of the ground! Wowzaa much needed six coming here and the equation is now down to 15 runs!
8.3 Shahbaz Shaukat to Asjad Butt, steps out again and punches the full delivery back to the bowler another dot ball, and 21 runs are needed in 9 balls now!
8.2 Shahbaz Shaukat to Asjad Butt, steps out and misses the heave on a full delivery on fourth stump line and a crucial dot ball for CCC!
8.1 Shahbaz Shaukat to Kashif Shafi, full delivery on the stumps driven to mid-off for a single
At the end of the 8th over PMCC are 88/6. The pressure of the run rate climbing up has caused the demise of 2 wickets for PMCC in this over. A six at the end for PMCC still keeps them in the hunt. PMCC now need 22 runs in 12 balls at 11 RPO!
7.6 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Asjad Butt, SIX! A short ball over the stumps hoicked over deep square leg for a six to finish the over! What an amazing over this was, it had it all!!
7.5 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Aamir Shahzad, OUT! Full delivery just outside off heaved to the man at long-off. The ball popped out of his hands but he grabbed it with his left hand before the ball fell on the ground! Incredible effort!
7.4 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Aamir Shahzad, cross-bats the back of a length delivery outside off to deep covers and comes back for the second
7.3 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Asjad Butt, short ball on the body pulled to deep square leg for a single
7.2 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Hafiz Usman Anwar, OUT! Smokes the short ball over his stumps straight to the man at long-on and he makes no mistake! Important wicket this for CCC as Hafiz looked threatening!! This is definitely going down to the wire!!
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