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Catalunya 165/4 (10 ov)
Raval Sporting CC 128/3 (10 ov)
Catalunya won by 37 runs.
This brings an end to the coverage from me, Karthik Raj and my co-commentator Sameer Deodhar. Join Sportskeeda's live coverage for the remainder of the ECS T10 Barcelona tournament.
Farrukh Sohail has been named as the 'Man of the Match' for his excellent performance. He scored 77 off 25 balls and also picked up a wicket
So, that brings an end to this contest as Raval Sporting have only managed to score 128 runs. They fall short by 37 runs. Gurwinder Singh got the team off to a quick start but Raval Sporting failed to keep the runs flowing from both the ends. They only managed to get 40 runs in the Powerplay. It was only after Gurwinder's wicket that Kishitij Patel started to go for the shots. He combined along with Gurpreet Singh to make 77 runs after five overs and 107 runs after seven overs. This gave the side a small chance but Farrukh Sohail and Yasir Ali came up with two cracking overs by conceding just 12 runs. In the end, Raval Sporting were never going to get an impossible 47 runs off six balls and Farrukah Sohail did well by conceding just eight runs. 
Over: 10 | Summary: 6 W W 0 1 1 Bowler: Farrukh Sohail Score: 127/3
9.6 Farrukh Sohail to Kishitij Patel, slower full toss tapped to short mid-on for a quick run to finish the game. CCC beat RSCC by 37 runs!
9.5 Farrukh Sohail to Shubhdeep Deb, digs out the yorker off his pads to long-on and gets off the mark
9.4 Farrukh Sohail to Shubhdeep Deb, misses the slower delivery outside off
Comical run-out!!
Curiously, Kishitij Patel refused the second run and Manish Manwani has been run-out
9.3 Farrukh Sohail to Manish Manwani, whips the full delivery on his stumps to long-on and Patel tries to steal a second. Manwani is too late on the second and the keeper whips off the bails at the striker's end
What a stunning catch!! Gurpreet Singh goes!!
Slow and full, Gurpreet looked to swipe it but Ibrar Hussain has pulled off a stunning catch at long-on
9.2 Farrukh Sohail to Gurpreet Singh, OUT! Gurpreet gets down again and drags the slower full delivery from outside off to long-on. The man on the rope ran to his right and took an excellent catch!
9.1 Farrukh Sohail to Gurpreet Singh, SIX! Gurpreet Singh gets down on one knee and heaves the full delivery on his stumps over the man at long-off for a maximum!
Magnificent work from Yasir Ali. He bowled flat and quick to trouble Kishitij Patel. RSCC: 119/1 off nine overs. They require 47 off six balls
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 0 0 1 1 0 Bowler: Yasir Ali Score: 119/1
8.6 Yasir Ali to Kishitij Patel, gets a bottom edge on the slog outside off and the ball smashes into the mat
8.5 Yasir Ali to Gurpreet Singh, full delivery on the pads hit to long-on for a jog
8.4 Yasir Ali to Kishitij Patel, shuffles across the stumps and misses the heave. The bowler is busy appealing for an LBW and the duo steal a legbye
8.3 Yasir Ali to Kishitij Patel, similar ball, similar shot and same result
8.2 Yasir Ali to Kishitij Patel, misses a wild slog on the slower length ball way outside off
8.1 Yasir Ali to Gurpreet Singh, miscues the short ball outside off to covers
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