Central Castries 93/9 (10 ov)
Laborie Bay Royals 88/6 (10 ov)
Central Castries won by 5 runs.
Central Castries Mindoo Heritage win by five runs.

In pursuit of 94 runs, Laboris Bay Royals batters struggled to get going and failed to catch up to the ever-climbing required run-rate. Only Nick Andrew and Awene Edward could put up a fights as they could only manage 88 runs for the loss of five wickets in their allotted 10 overs.

Earlier, Central Castries Mindoo Heritage started off brilliantly after winning the toss. Openers Gaspard Prospere and Stephen Naitram gave them a quick start with a solid partnership which they ultimately failed to capitalize on. Laboris Bay Royals bowler Shervin George claimed two wickets in his only over as the batting team powered their way to put up a challenging 94-run target.

So, this was me, Aakash Arya along with Dwijesh Reddy, bringing you all the live-action. Stay safe and stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more such live-action! Until next time, it's goodbye from us!
9.6 J James to M Francois, the balls beats both the batsman and keeper resulting in byes but it doesn't matter as the Central Castries beat Laborie Bay Royals by 5 runs!
9.5 J James to D Jn. Pierre, short ball pulled away to the midwicket fielder for just a run! 
9.4 J James to M Francois, Francois edges one to third man! They need a big hit now!
9.3 J James to M Francois, SWING AND MISS! LBR need 10 off 4 balls now
9.2 J James to D Jn. Pierre, IN THE AIRRR but falls just short of the long-off fielder. Just a single!
9.1 J James to R Moses, WICKET! James fires it on to the stumps and Moses gets a leading edge to Naitram, who isn't going to drop them. More importantly, no runs off that ball!
Laboris Bay Royals 83 for five after nine overs. Need 11 runs off the final six balls.
8.6 K Arnold to D Jn. Pierre, EDGED AND FOUR! Just what LBR needed!
8.5 K Arnold to R Moses, gets a single! 
8.4 K Arnold to R Moses IN THE AIR but just evades Alleyne at covers. Gets two!
8.3 K Arnold to N Andrew, WICKET! Now it's Andrew who perishes going for the big hit! This is self-destruction at the moment and the ball is in CCMH's court at the moment! Arnold is on a hat-trick now!
8.2 K Arnold to D Anthony, WICKET! Anthony departs looking to go big. Gets the elevation but not much power behind it and Naitram takes a good catch!
8.1 K Arnold to N Andrew, good length ball on off-stump, pushed to covers for a run!
Laboris Bay Royals 75 for three after eight overs. Need 19 runs off the final 12 balls.
7.6 J James to D Anthony, APPEAL FOR A STUMPING BUT NOT GIVEN! The keeper looked convinced but the batsman has his foot firmly grounded behind the crease
7.5 J James to N Andrew, pushed to point for a quick single!
7.4 J James to M Sammy, WICKET! What have you done, Sammy? First ball, goes for the mighty heave and doesn't get hold of it. Easy catch for the man at long-off and its game on at the Darren Sammy National Stadium!
7.3 J James to A Edward, GONE! James strikes with a loose delivery outside off-stump! Edward looks to go big once again but can only get an edge to the keeper! Much-needed wicket for CCMH!
7.2 J James to A Edward, MASSIVE SIX! Edward goes for the big shot and clears the long-on boundary for a huge six!
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