Western Warriors 115/8 (10 ov)
Central Smashers 119/2 (9.2 ov)
Central Smashers won by 8 wickets
Anyway, that's it from our side as I Pradeep Somashekar and my partner Vinay Chhabria take your leave. Join us for the rest of the games today at Sportskeeda as we bring to you all the live-action. Till then stay safe, stay indoors, and keep washing your hands. Bye fellas!
Central Smashers beat Western Warriors by 8 wickets!

What looked like a tough chase for Central Smashers when they started, they did this with ease and it was Anwar Arudin 52(25) show who took on the Western Warriors bowlers to dent the confidence of them, he scores a fifty in 25 balls with 3 SIX'es and 7 boundaries. The onslaught began after the power play ended and it was no turning back for him from then on, once he perished, it was Ahmad Faiz 34(16) and Zudhi Hazalan 15(10) who ensured no further hiccups and they chased the total with 4 balls to spare, an all-round performance by Central Smashers!

Western Warriors needed a star in their bowling lineup, they just didn't have one today, they've had a massive total on the board to defend but they let it go in the middle overs, they did manage it well at the beginning but they were clueless with Anwar Arudin fireworks in the middle, he kept hitting those boundaries with ease for which they had no answers! Abdul Rauf and Fitri Sham going over 30 runs in their overs, in the end they capitulated to Central Smashers batting display! Central Smashers would be delighted with this win and start off on a winning note in the tournament!
A commanding victory for Central Smashers, full credit to their batsman in chasing this mammoth total! Zuhdi Hazalan did the honors by sending one to the boundary to finish and win this match!
9.2 M Sharvin to A Zuhdi, comes down the track, two bounces and into the boundary! FOUR runs. 
9.1 M Sharvin to A Zuhdi, flicks it towards the leg-side, no runs. 
It's all over for Western Warriors, Central Smashers are cruising in this chase, what hitting by their batsman! CS are 115/2 after 9 overs! They just need 1 run from the final over!
8.6 S Fitri to M Faiz, dot ball from Fitri, but mere formalities remain now. 
8.5 S Fitri to M Faiz, SIX runs, the scores are level now, what a hit!
8.4 S Fitri to M Faiz, WIDE, wide down the leg-side. 
8.4 S Fitri to M Faiz, hit in the same region by Faiz, the batsmen run two this time. 
8.3 S Fitri to A Zuhdi, played towards extra cover for one run. 
8.2 S Fitri to A Zuhdi, dot ball, good comeback from the bowler. 
8.2 S Fitri to A Zuhdi, WIDE, the keeper misses it, two runs more. 
8.1 S Fitri to A Zuhdi, SIX, hit straight over the long-off fielder. 
That boundary at the end of the over spoiled a fantastic over by D Mogan! Central Smashers are looking favorites to win this match! CS are 96/2 after 8 overs! They need 20 runs in 12 balls!
7.6 D Mogan to M Faiz, comes down the track, hit it towards the long-off region, FOUR runs. 
7.5 D Mogan to A Zuhdi, hit straight to long-off for one run. 
7.4 D Mogan to A Zuhdi, played it towards the on-side, nice running between the wickets, two runs. 
7.3 D Mogan to M Faiz, cheekily played towards short fine leg for one run. 
7.3 D Mogan to A Zuhdi, beamer, and NO BALL called by the umpire! The batsmen manage to cross over. 
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