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CSK vs RCB Match Result 

- IPL 2018 Match 35
Royal Challengers Bangalore 127/9 (20.0 ov)
Chennai Super Kings 128/4 (18.0 ov)
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Chennai Super Kings win by 6 wickets
Current Run Rate 7.11
Dwayne Bravo
MS Dhoni
Colin de Grandhomme
Yuzvendra Chahal
Ravindra Jadeja is the Man of the Match for his 3/18: It's good to be Man of the Match in a T20 game. Very happy with my performance today. I think today was a little bit dry. I was looking to give them full deliveries and everything was working well. Finally I took important wickets. Overall I'm very happy. I've been bowling well in the nets, and I look forward to doing better in the coming games.
MS Dhoni, the winning captain: I think it was the fast bowlers, it was not coming on nicely. Spinners did not have turn and there was uneven bounce as well. So I felt the spinners needed to bowl really well, and that's where Bhajji paaji and Jadeja did well. What we're slightly worried about is the bowling department - if you see the first few games, there was no individual who stepped up and said he could bowl in the death overs. Identifying our death bowler before the knockouts is the only thing we're worried about and that's why we're making a few changes. We're playing with multiple bowlers - two spinners and the rest pacers - that takes the pressure off the rest and allows Bravo to bowl at the death. He's a specialist in the death and doesn't need to always bowl four overs. There's pressure on everyone. In the nine or ten games, no one has consistently shown that they can step up and take responsibility. On surfaces such as these, Jadeja bowls very well. Virat and AB getting out early helped him. But he bowled very well, and so did we as a team.
Virat Kohli, after another loss by RCB: A close game of cricket. Dropped catches don't help. Not the ideal day for us, losing so many wickets. But that's how this game goes. We gave a really good effort in the second half. It did play slow in the first half but it played slow throughout which was surprising. Had we taken our chances, we could have made it harder for themselves. The boys showed good fight, but we lost too many wickets. We would have liked to win, but Dhoni played well and they deserved to win. We know it's a tough road ahead. We need to win probably four out of five. These situations bring the best out of us, and I feel positive about the rest of the games.
As expected, CSK did get to the run chase of 128; but that did not happen without its share of drama and nerves. Three quick wickets in the middle overs dragged RCB back in the game and threatened to cause an upset. But two dropped catches - both of Bravo - bang at the wrong time hurt them big time and the paltry total on the board did not help either.

They required Tim Southee to push them to 127 after Parthiv Patel's half-century, which could have been enough had Parthiv and Chahal not dropped Bravo on 0 and 1, respectively. RCB must now win all five of their remaining games to hope for a spot in the play-offs, as CSK collect another two points.
Over 18 CSK: 128/4(RR 7.11) Bowler: Y Chahal Sum..: wd . 6 nb 6 6 1 1
17.6 Chahal to Bravo, 1 run, that was full and wide, Dhoni and Bravo walk across and CSK beat RCB by six wickets. CSK are back on top of IPL 2018 again.
17.5 Chahal to Dhoni, 1 run, quicker and shorter and Dhoni just drills it down to long on to get Bravo on strike.
17.4 Chahal to Dhoni, SIX, in the slot and Dhoni wants this done in this over. He climbs into a hit-me ball and CSK just need two more to win. Third maximum of the over.
17.3 Chahal to Dhoni, SIX, Dhoni just hangs back and muscles that over long on. That should be the game. A long hop and Dhoni uses muscle power again.
17.3 Chahal to Dhoni, NO BALL, that might be that. Huge appeal and Dhoni is struck on the pads but Chahal oversteps. Free-hit!
17.2 Chahal to Dhoni, SIX, that was so far outside off and Dhoni just clobbers that into the sea of yellow. That reach, that power. Oh, Dhoni, you beauty! Hitting against the turn as well. Mahi way, indeed.
17.1 Chahal to Dhoni, no run, Dhoni rocks back and punches that into the ground and to mid-wicket.
17.1 Chahal to Dhoni, WIDE too far outside off.
Yuzi to bowl his third

Over 17 CSK: 106/4(RR 6.24) Bowler: C d Grandhomme Sum..: 1 1 lb 1 1 1
16.6 Colin de Grandhomme to Dhoni, 1 run, Dhoni is happy with a single again, this time to deep cover.
16.5 Colin de Grandhomme to Bravo, 1 run, on the pads again and Bravo just clips that to fine leg.
16.4 Colin de Grandhomme to Dhoni, 1 run, Dhoni just punches that off the back foot and despite a valiant dive from Baz, it goes past him and Dhoni is off strike.
16.3 Colin de Grandhomme to Bravo, 1 legbye, that was on the stumps and Bravo sneaks a legbye to get off strike.
16.2 Colin de Grandhomme to Dhoni, 1 run, full and on the pads and Dhoni nudges that down the ground for another single.
16.1 Colin de Grandhomme to Bravo, 1 run, length ball outside off and Bravo just clips that down the ground.
11 came off that Ashwin over, and those two boundaries will make CSK breathe so easy now. De Grandhomme is given his final over. This should be interesting.
Over 16 CSK: 100/4(RR 6.25) Bowler: M Ashwin Sum..: . 6 1 . 4 .
15.6 Ashwin to Dhoni, no run, Dhoni goes forward and tentatively prods and misses. Parthiv whips off the bails but Dhoni is safe.
15.5 Ashwin to Dhoni, FOUR, Dhoni goes for power this time and just crunches that slightly short ball past cover. First time he goes in front of square, standing tall and that is a boundary.
15.4 Ashwin to Dhoni, no run, Dhoni tries to cut it again. Why is he so intent on getting that past third man? Why, oh why indeed.
15.3 Ashwin to Bravo, 1 run, Bravo stays back and flays that to deep cover. A slight juggle from Siraj still just a single.
15.2 Ashwin to Bravo, SIX, that was a drag down from Ashwin and Bravo releases the pressure with a six with the wind.
15.1 Ashwin to Bravo, no run, excellent ball, that pushes Bravo back and he tentatively prods that to backward point.
Can Ashwin sneak out another wicket here?
Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune
Start Time
Saturday, May 5, 2018, 04:00 PM IST
IPL 2018
Match 35
Chennai Super Kings won the toss and elected to bowl.
Nitin Menon, Yeshwant Barde
Reserve Umpire
Nitin Pandit
Match Refree
Javagal Srinath
Chennai Super Kings's PLAYING XI
Shane Watson,
Ambati Rayudu,
Suresh Raina,
MS Dhoni,
Dhruv Shorey,
Ravindra Jadeja,
Dwayne Bravo,
David Willey,
Harbhajan Singh,
Lungi Ngidi,
Shardul Thakur
Royal Challengers Bangalore's PLAYING XI
Parthiv Patel,
Brendon McCullum,
Virat Kohli,
AB de Villiers,
Mandeep Singh,
Colin de Grandhomme,
Tim Southee,
Murugan Ashwin,
Umesh Yadav,
Mohammed Siraj,
Yuzvendra Chahal