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South Castries Lions 110/3 (10 ov)
Choiseul Clay Pots 70/7 (10 ov)
South Castries Lions won by 40 runs.
Key/In-form Players to look out for
Choiseul Clay Pots
  • Audy Alexander
  • Alvinaus Simon
  • Nick Joseph
  • South Castries Lions
  • Johnson Charles
  • Daren Sammy
  • Kemrol Charles
  • Key Points
  • Another day in the Caribbean land and another swashbuckling game on the cards. CCP and SCL both will be looking to climb to the top of the ladder of the points table. A win in this match can do wonders to the morales of the winning team.
  • Expert Comment
    Prasen Moudgal
    CCP have lost one match in the tournament up until now whereas SCL are yet to register any loss, however it should be noted that they have played one less match. With all the statistics aside, this game promises to be another run fest as we have already seen in the league. Exciting yound talent rising through the ranks and showing their mettle is what this league has been up until now.
    That's it from this game of the St Lucia T10 at the Darren Sammy Stadium. Do join us for the next game between Babonneau Leatherbacks and Laborie Bay Royals which starts in 15 minutes. Goodbye from myself, Sarthak Karkhanis and my co-commentator Vinay Chhabria. Hope you enjoyed the coverage!
    Choiseul Clay Pots end their innings at 70-7 and that was an underwhelming effort. The South Castries Lions were disciplined in their bowling effort throughout the innings and it reflected with the result as they won by 40 runs. The Darren Sammy led side dismissed half the side within 32 balls and it was all one way traffic from thereon. None of the Top 5 crossed 10 runs, and that tells the story of the match. Darren Sammy didn't bowl himself, but Antoine and Simon were the pick of the bowlers with 4 runs in their 2 over spells.
    9.6 K Charles to V St Ange, OUT! He came down the wicket, but missed it outside the off-stump, he gets stumped. 
    9.5 K Charles to V St Ange, he tries a big shot, but misses it!
    9.4 K Charles to J Simon, a thin edge, and they run a single. 
    9.3 K Charles to V St Ange, short delivery, pulled for a single. 
    9.3 K Charles to J Simon, NO BALL, Simon pushes it towards long on for a single. 
    9.2 K Charles to J Simon, SIX, length delivery, hit over mid-wicket for a six. 
    9.1 K Charles to V St Ange, towards the leg stump, flicked towards fine leg for one run. 
    9.1 K Charles to V St Ange, WIDE, outside the off-stump wide. 
    9.1 K Charles to J Simon, WIDE, and the batsmen cross over as well. 
    That was an action-packed penultimate over of the innings as it included a no-ball, 2 maximum, and a wicket. CCP are 55-6 after 9 overs. 
    8.6 M Monrose to V St Ange, he misses the free hit. 
    8.6 M Monrose to J Simon, NO BALL, sent it towards long off, one run. 
    8.5 M Monrose to V St Ange, placed towards long-off, gets off the mark with a single. 
    8.4 M Monrose to V Smith, OUT! He tries the big shot again, but the bowler gets his revenge by rattling the off stump. 
    8.3 M Monrose to V Smith, a slower one, this time, he hits it straight, another SIX!
    8.2 M Monrose to V Smith, he takes the aerial route, and slams it over the mid-wicket boundary. 
    8.1 M Monrose to J Simon, a cut through the point, one run. 
    7 runs of the 8th over, as a SCL win seems like a formality now. CCL need 71 runs of 2 overs, which is only mathematically possible.
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