Ginger Generals 96/8 (10 ov)
Cinnamon Pacers 97/3 (9 ov)
Cinnamon Pacers won by 7 wickets
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Kyron Andrew finishes off the chase and the Pacers, in spite of the late drama win the match by 7 wickets. The openers inflicted a lot of damage in the first 7 overs and took away the match from the Generals. 

Campbell and Athanaze were popular choices in the fantasy circuit and had a healthy strike rate as well and their 83-run opening partnership showed their potential. The opening partnership in a chase of 97 was enough for the Cinnamon side as in spite of the late wickets, it was never a concern for them. 

The Generals committed the same mistake as they kept changing bowler frequently and other than Larry Edward, none of the bowlers bowled at a ER of under 10 RPO. 
97 /3 score
cricket bat icon Kenroy Peters
3 (2)
cricket bat icon Kyron Andrew *
5 (3)
cricket ball icon Nelon Pascal
8.6 Nelon Pascal to Kyron Andrew, slower length ball on the middle stump, Andre gets onto his toes and turns it into the leg side with gentle hands. The batsmen scamper across for a single and achieve the target with an over to spare!
8.5 Nelon Pascal to Kyron Andrew, FOUR! STREAKY! Length ball outside off, Andrew goes hard at it and ends up flaying that over the backward point region for a boundary! Scores level!
8.4 Nelon Pascal to Kyron Andrew, FOUR! LEG BYES! Poor delivery! Full ball on the leg stump angling in, Andrew misses the glance and is rapped on the pads. The ball deflects and runs away to the fine leg fence!
8.4 Nelon Pascal to Kyron Andrew, slides a full delivery down the leg side. WIDE ball
Is there a twist in the tale? Pascal dismisses Campbell after the dot balls and 10 needed in the remaining 9 deliveries with two new batters at the crease. 
8.3 Nelon Pascal to Heron Campbell, OUT! CAUGHT! Well well well the Pacers are throwing it away! Full ball on the middle stump, Campbell looks to send that packing downtown. Cannot get it off the meat of the bat and ends up chipping that into the hands of the fielder patrolling the long on fence!
8.2 Nelon Pascal to Heron Campbell, a well-disguised slower ball bowled on length and outside off, Campbell is through with the pull very early and misses completely. 
8.1 Nelon Pascal to Heron Campbell, lower full ball sliding down the leg side. Gets a little pad en route the keeper. A dot!
The first over of the innings which was completely in favour of the General and Larry Edward was spectacular. But with 10 runs required off the last 2 overs, it is well and truly the General's game to lose. 
87 /2 score
cricket bat icon Heron Campbell
31 (17)
cricket bat icon Kenroy Peters *
3 (2)
cricket ball icon Larry Edwards
7.6 Larry Edward to Kenroy Peters, length ball outside off spinning away, Peters rocks back and slaps that through the extra cover region for a couple of runs. 
7.5 Larry Edward to Heron Campbell, full ball on the middle stump coming in with the arm, Campbell works that towards deep square leg for a single. 
7.4 Larry Edward to Kenroy Peters, tossed up delivery outside off, Peters thumps that down to long off for a single. 
Athanaze falls agonising short of a well-deserved half-century and Micah Narine has been dismissed on the following delivery as well. After losing no wicket for more than 7 overs, Pacers lose 2 in 2 balls. 
7.3 Larry Edward to Micah Narine, OUT! EDGED AND GONE! Length ball outside off spinning away, Narine looks to drive that through the covers. Gets the outside edge and the keeper takes a sharp catch to send the opposition skipper packing!
7.2 Larry Edward to Alick Athanaze, OUT! He has dragged that on! Full ball outside off, Athanaze gets down on one knee and looks to slog that away. Gets the inside edge which goes onto the off stump! Misses a well-deserved 50 by just 3 runs
7.1 Larry Edward to Heron Campbell, a tad short delivery outside off, Campbell shuffles across and pulls that unconvincingly towards long on for a single. 
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