Cividate 107/5 (9.5 ov)
Cividate won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Dara Shikoh
What a thrilling game this turned out to be! Cividate were cruising at one point and it did not look like this game would go right down the wire. They got off to a brilliant start with the openers going all guns blazing off the start. Dara Shikoh getting a excellent half-century at the top setting this chase up. Farhan Javaid gave him decent support but once both were dismissed, the trouble began there for them. 

Suleman Ali with three wickets towards the end that turned things around and it almost looked like they had pulled back the game in that final over. Brilliant effort from them to fightback and take the game right down the wire. Terrific contest in the end but they will feel they just did not have enough runs on the board in the end. 

Cividate were on their way to win the game comfortably, they did win it in the end, with some drama but they will take the win in the end, crucial points on the board and they will want to carry forward this momentum in the games to come ahead. Great action this and such entertaining clashes are always appealing to the viewers to watch!
What a dramatic final over this has been! Cividate survive the scare to go past the line eventually. A great effort from Janjua and it almost looked like they pulled this off, not enough though and what a thriller this has been! 
Over: 10 | Summary: 1 W 1 1w 1 6 Bowler: Ahmadullah Safi Score: 0/0
9.5 Ahmadullah Safi to Kuljinder Singh, IN THE AIR AND THAT'S SIX RUNSSSS!! A short delivery once again from Safi, Singh waits for that one and hooks that ball with sheer power and sends this one sailing over the ropes and finishes the game off in style for his side.
9.4 Ahmadullah Safi to Kuljinder Singh, full and outside off, Singh punches this one down the ground and hits it straight to mid-off fielder, Singh does not decide to run this one. 6 runs needed in 2 balls now
9.4 Ahmadullah Safi to Kuljinder Singh, WIDE!! Full and bowled down the leg, Safi will have to rebowl that one, 6 runs needed in 3 now
9.3 Ahmadullah Safi to Muhammad Arslan, short ball, Arslan waits deep into his crease and hooks this one towards fine leg region for just a single, 7 runs needed from 3 now
9.2 Ahmadullah Safi to Arslan Sabir, BOWLED HIM!! Full and straight, Arslan comes down the track and looking to slog swings and misses and the ball goes on to clean up the stumps behind him
9.1 Ahmadullah Safi to Kuljinder Singh, IN THE AIR AND SAFEE!! Full and outside off, Singh looking to slog this one gets the edge and was fortunate that the ball did not reach the third man fielder
Who would have imagined this chase to go down the wire when Cividate were cruising at one point. What a game this has turned out to be. Brilliant comeback this and wickets tumbling now. Crucial moments and this game is down to the final over now! 9 needed off 6
Over: 9 | Summary: 0 4 1w 6 1w W 0 W Bowler: Suleman Ali Score: 97/4
8.6 Suleman Ali to Usman Javaid, CAUGHT AGAIN!! Full and outside off, Usman cuts this one uppishly but straight to the fielder in the deep who pouches it
8.5 Suleman Ali to Usman Javaid, full and outside off, Usman looking to pull this one towards square leg region gets the top edge which did not carry to the bowler
8.4 Suleman Ali to Bilal Ahmad, IN THE AIR AND CAUGHT!!! Full and outside off, Bilal looking to go straight down the ground, does not get the distance and the sweeper at long-off completes the catch
8.4 Suleman Ali to Bilal Ahmad, WIDE!! Bowled down the leg once again by Suleman
8.3 Suleman Ali to Bilal Ahmad, MAXIMUM!! Full and in the slot, Bilal takes it on and heaves that one over long-on for a maximum, down to 10 runs needed now
8.3 Suleman Ali to Bilal Ahmad, full and outside off, too far away and Bilal offers no shot to that one as the umpire calls it a wide
8.2 Suleman Ali to Bilal Ahmad, FOUR!! Full and wide, Bilal gets down and looking slog that one through the covers gets the toe end of the bat and the ball races past the backward point region for four runs
8.1 Suleman Ali to Bilal Ahmad, full and outside off, Bilal runs this one down towards short third man fielder, a dot ball
Is this a comeback at the right time for Janjua? Another big wicket in the context of this game and two new batsmen at the crease now. This is where it can get tricky and this gets all the more interesting now. Two tight overs and this game has turned for sure. Drama towards the end now! 
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