181/6 (20)
131/10 (17.3)
MD won by 50 runs.
Player of the match: Mahmudullah
That is it from this game as this is Prakhar and myself (Rishab) signing off. Do stay tuned for the second game of the day coming your way in a little time as you do not want to miss out on the action!
Back-to-back wins for Minister Group Dhaka then courtesy a fine all-round performance here. It was Mahmudullah's innings and that finish which really gave them the boost and they carried the momentum well onto their bowling innings. They picked two quick wickets early on and after one good partnership, they continued to pick wickets all the way through. Three wickets for Russell who was the pick of the bowlers with two each for Qais and Ebadot. A good outing this which also boosts their net run-rate.

Comilla Victorians were the only unbeaten side before the start of this game and their run has come to an end. Mahmudul Hasan and Imrul Kayes looked good but once the duo was sent back, there was no coming back whatsoever for the Victorians. Too many to get towards the back end with not many wickets left and they fell apart like a pack of cards. A disappointing game for them with both bat and ball and they've got some thinking to do after this defeat. 

With their third win now, Dhaka have moved up to the second spot on the table as well. They are steadily picking up momentum in this tournament and should be pleased with the way they have played today. Things are falling in place nicely for them with consecutive wins now!
Mahmudullah, MOM and winning captain: I am happy for the team the way we turned it around. Much-needed win and Tamim set it up for the big total. Credit goes to all the boys. We have recovered in the last two games with the openers giving us a good start so we can get momentum and finish it will in the end. A good ground to play in and beautiful atmosphere. Hopefully we can continue to win games.
Imrul Kayes: Everything was good. We bowled well in the powerplay but we didn't bowl well in the end. The soft dismissals also made the difference in the game. Me and Mahmudul thought that if we carry it till the fifteenth over we had a chance to win. Back-to-0back wickets cost us and we made the same mistake. Moeen is coming and Narine is back so probably we will be more stronger. 
Right then. Done and dusted as Dhaka finish this off in style. Three wickets for Russell and a thumping 51-run win for them. This will do a ton of good to their net run-rate as well and those last five overs earlier in their batting innings proved to be the difference in the game in the end!
17.3 Andre Russell to Mustafizur Rahman, GONE! ALL OVER FOR COMILLA VICTORIANS! Slow fuller ball on middle stump. Mustafizur makes room and hits the ball on the up. The ball goes high in the air and Mahmudullah takes a good catch at long-off. 
Mustafizur Rahman c Mahmudullah b Andre Russell 1 (4b, 0x4, 0x6)
17.2 Andre Russell to Mustafizur Rahman, no run, slow fuller ball wide of off stump. Mustafizur makes room to hit the ball but the ball is far from his reach! 
17.1 Andre Russell to Tanvir Islam, 1 run, good length ball on leg stump. Tanvir guides the ball down to fine-leg for a single. 
Andre Russell [2.0-0-16-2] comes back into the attack
A brilliant over for Ebadot Hossain and the result of this game is pretty clear now. The question that remains is how quickly can Dhaka wrap this up? Can the Victorians bat out all their overs from here? Three more to go and 52 to get then. Dhaka should look to get this done as soon as they can! 
130 /9 score
cricket bat icon Tanvir Islam *
9 (6)
cricket bat icon Mustafizur Rahman
1 (2)
cricket ball icon Ebadot Hossain
2 /21
16.6 Ebadot Hossain to Tanvir Islam, 1 run, good length ball on middle and leg stump. Tavir works the ball to deep square-leg for a single. 
16.5 Ebadot Hossain to Mustafizur Rahman, 1 run, good length ball on middle and leg stump. Mustafizur mishits the ball to the leg side for a single. 
16.4 Ebadot Hossain to Mustafizur Rahman, FOUR! Ebadot misfires his yorker and bowls a low full toss. Fizz makes room and swings his bat. The ball takes the inside edge of the bat and the ball rolls down to fine-leg for a boundary. 
Mustafizur Rahman, LHB, comes to the crease
Matter of time for Dhaka now. Just a wicket away from a fine win, they do it quickly, their net run-rate also improves! 
16.3 Ebadot Hossain to Shohidul Islam, CLEAN BOWLED! Full and straight delivery right in the blockhole. Shohidul swings his bat hard but without any plan. The ball takes the inside edge of the bat and hits the stumps. 
Shohidul Islam b Ebadot Hossain 1 (2b, 0x4, 0x6)
16.2 Ebadot Hossain to Tanvir Islam, 1 run, slow fuller ball on middle and leg stump. Tanvir flicks the ball behind square on the leg side for a single. 
16.1 Ebadot Hossain to Tanvir Islam, no run, slow short ball on off stump. Tanvir ducks and leaves the ball for the keeper. 
Double strike for Qais and Dhaka seem to be in a hurry to wrap this up now. What a solid comeback this has been from them. Interesting with Tanvir trying to take Qais on and did get a six as well. Looks almost impossible from here though with 59 off 24 needed for the Victorians!