Cossonay CC 89/7 (10 ov)
St Gallen CC 90/3 (8.4 ov)
St Gallen CC won by 7 wickets
That's it from Sportskeeda's live commentary of Match 14 in the St Gallen T10 League. Don't forget to tune back at 8.30 PM IST for Match 15. From my co-commentator, Habil, and myself, Momin, bu-bye!
SGC have cruised through by 7 wickets with 1.2 overs still remaining to be bowled. A comprehensive effort, both in the field and with the willows in hand. M Armghan Khan aka Big MAK set the tone at the top of the order and wreaked havoc on the opposition's bowling line-up, smoking 46 runs in mere 24 deliveries. SGC had scrapped off more than half of the total by the end of the fourth over. They hiccuped a little bit in the middle overs courtesy some tight bowling. But the skipper, N Mahmood, saw the team home with a quickfire 17* off 10 at the back-end of the innings. So, two wins out of six matches for SGC and they may still sneak through on NRR.
8.4 B Narayanan to N Mahmood, fuller this time and he drives that towards mid-off to win the game with that single. A bit of an upset if you ask me. 
8.3 B Narayanan to N Mahmood, played and missed outside off stump this time.
8.2 B Narayanan to N Mahmood, pitched a little short and he hangs back at cuts that behind point for four more runs!
8.1 B Narayanan to N Mahmood, overpitched and outside. Mahmood frees his arms and belts it over the long on boundary
Another tidy over from M Ahmedzai, leaking just 7 runs. SGC, however, are a couple of strokes away from registering a victory here. They require 11 off 12.
7.6 M Ahmadzai to N Mahmood, slower ball again and he plays that into the offside for another single.
7.5 M Ahmadzai to N Mahmood, pitched outside off and he gets a thick outside edge from that cover drive attempt. Two taken
7.4 M Ahmadzai to M Waqar, full toss on the leg side. Waqar plays that down to the man at deep square leg
7.3 M Ahmadzai to N Mahmood, slower full toss and he plays that down to deep midwicket for one more.
7.2 M Ahmadzai to M Waqar, gets an inside edge on the drive and they take a single as the keeper chases it down to fine leg almost.
7.1 M Ahmadzai to N Mahmood, full toss outside off and he drives that towards deep cover for one run.
M Waqar changes the course of the match within three deliveries that yielded 16 runs. SGC are 72/3 after 7 and need 18 more in as many balls.
6.6 T Rasalingam to M Waqar, this one is straighter and it is hit straight back at the bowler but he is unable to catch that and the ball runs down to the boundary behind the bowler in the end.
6.5 T Rasalingam to M Waqar, pitches it slightly shorter than the previous delivery but he slog sweeps this one over the midwicket boundary. Almost a replay of the previous stroke, stoops down and spanks it away in a powerful manner.
6.4 T Rasalingam to M Waqar, pitched outside off but he slots that over the deep midwicket for a big six! Goes down on one knee and demolishes it over the onside.
6.3 T Rasalingam to N Mahmood, pitched outside off and he swings that into the leg side for a single.
6.2 T Rasalingam to N Mahmood, knocked into the off side but that is a dot ball
6.1 T Rasalingam to M Khan, outside off stump and he drives that back to the bowler who holds on to a brilliant return catch! The Big Mac is sent packing! What a grab and could be a possible game-changer with two new batsmen at the crease.
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