Cricketer CC 126/2 (10 ov)
Bangladesh Austria 128/3 (9.2 ov)
Bangladesh Austria won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Iqbal Hossain
TAKE A BOW, IQBAL HOSSAIN. Khan Agha fed Hussain with a length ball down the leg and he pulled that handsomely over deep square leg, as Bangladesh Austria registered the highest successful chase in ECS Vienna. Who saw this coming? Their batting was under scrutiny in the first few matches and now, Hossain has shut all the critics with a belligerent knock off 69 from 24 balls.

Bangladesh Austria got off to a stunning start. scoring 19 runs of Zadran's first over. Due to Hossain's onslaught, they were always scoring well above the required run rate and hardly any Cricketer CC bowlers put them under pressure. Hossain ensured the boundaries and sixes were scored in almost every over and he was ably supported by Tauqir Asif. Baseer Khan, bowled a penultimate over with 25 needed in 12 balls, and he was charged by Hossain for 19 runs with two sixes and a boundary to reduce the equation to run-a-ball. It turned out to be a one-man show in the end and Hossain gets a lot of credit for his superb batting under pressure. The fielding should be improved from both sides moving forward as they put down a couple of sitters. One more match to go before we wrap up the day as Bangladesh Austria will be taking on Vienna CC. Hope you enjoyed the coverage and until then, this is Pragadeesh signing off on behalf of my fellow textpert Prashanth Sathish. Goodbye
9.2 Khan-Agha Hamdard to Iqbal Hossain, SIX! What a win, Iqbal you superstar. Length ball down the leg side and Iqbal has pulled this one away over deep backward square for a maximum to wrap things up
9.1 Khan-Agha Hamdard to Rahat Shahid, tossed up on stump line and Shahid turns this one away to the square-leg fielder for a single this time
6 needed from 6. Khan Agha to bowl the final over

For all the good work Baseer Khan did with the bat to help his team post a massive total been overshadowed now as he was smashed 19 runs by Hossain. He completely missed the line and length and now the equation become simple.
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 0 6 1w 6 1w 0 4 Bowler: Baseer Khan Score: 121/3
8.6 Baseer Khan to Iqbal Hossain, FOUR! Low full-toss on stump line and Iqbal has played this one away behind square for a boundary, he has turned this game on it's head.
8.5 Baseer Khan to Iqbal Hossain, full-length ball, in the blockhole and coming in and Iqbal digs that one out by bringing his bat down in time
8.5 Baseer Khan to Iqbal Hossain, WIDE! Slips this one down the leg side, real pressure on the bowler here
8.4 Baseer Khan to Iqbal Hossain, SIX! Length ball outside the off-stump, sits up nicely for Iqbal and he pulled this one away over long-on. Iqbal is on fire here!
8.4 Baseer Khan to Iqbal Hossain, WIDE! Short and wide, well outside the off-stump. He will have to bowl that one again!
17 needed from 9. A blistering knock from Hossain, can he take his side home?
8.3 Baseer Khan to Iqbal Hossain, SIX! What a hit that is, full and outside the off-stump and Iqbal has pumped this one over extra covers for a maximum and brings up his FIFTY. What a knock!
8.2 Baseer Khan to Iqbal Hossain, full and in the slot this time, Iqbal tries to have a wild swing but he fails to make contact this time. Dot ball!
8.1 Baseer Khan to Rahat Shahid, short of a good-length on stump line, Shahid guides this one down to third man for a single to start
25 needed from 12. Baseer Khan to continue

How many catches been dropped in this match so far? We lost count. Cricketer CC could've had the match if they had dismissed Hossain in that over. But the wicket-keeper fluffed the catch and Zalmai was hammered for a huge six over long-on straightaway. 
Over: 8 | Summary: 2 1 1 1 6 2 Bowler: Mohamed Zalmai Score: 102/3
7.6 Mohammad Waqar Zalmai to Iqbal Hossain, full-toss on stump line, Iqbal gets a thick outside edge on this one down to third man for a couple to end the over
7.5 Mohammad Waqar Zalmai to Iqbal Hossain, SIX! Slow and full outside the off-stump, Iqbal picked that one up and reached out for it to deposit this one over long-on for a maximum
7.4 Mohammad Waqar Zalmai to Rahat Shahid, full-length ball on stump line and it is played to deep mid-wicket region for a single
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