Cricketer CC 83/9 (10 ov)
Vienna Danube 62/1 (6 ov)
Vienna Danube won by 9 wickets
Vienna Danube win by 9 wickets!

This brings us to the end of our coverage of this game from the ECS T10 Vienna between Vienna Danube and Cricketer CC. For the latest scores and updates in the world of sports, Sportskeeda is the place to be. This is me, Abhinav Kumar and my colleague, Ankit Sharma signing off for now. Thank you for joining us, goodbye and stay safe!
A tame end to the game and Vienna Danube have this rain-shortened game against Cricketer CC by a massive margin of 9 wickets, by chasing down the rain-reduced target of 62 runs from 7 overs with an over to spare.

For Vienna Danube, Khyber Malyar is the top-scorer with 25 runs from 20 balls, while Klair Kailash was unbeaten on 22 from 14 balls, while Mohammad Safi remained unbeaten on 6* from 2 balls.

The Cricketer CC bowlers got a pasting, with Mohammad Waqar Zalmai the only wicket-taker in the innings and he had 1/11 from 2 overs. Baseer Khan also bowled decently to end with 0/15 from 2 overs, Abdulwaseed Basit got pummelled for 0/19 in 1 over, with Bilal Zalmai also getting hit for 0/14 in 1 over. Jaweed Sadran was given the last over to bowl, but bowled a wide ball first up which ended the game and had 1/0 from 0 overs.

Vienna Danube would be pleased with this result and they've done well to win it with comfort.
Over: 7 | Summary: 1w Bowler: Jaweed Sadran Score: 0/0
6.1 Jaweed Sadran to Klair Kailash, it's the extra that does the deed. Good length looking for the pads, but missing his line by quite a few inches, Sadran who fails to bowl a legal delivery. Vienna Danube win the game quite comfortably with 9 wickets to spare. 
It's a good over from Zalmai, with just 6 runs and a wicket from it, but Vienna Danube are 61/1 after 6 overs and they need only a run to win the game from the last over.

It's a bowling change, with Jaweed Sadran being introduced into the attack to complete the formalities.
Over: 6 | Summary: 0 0 0 W 6 0 Bowler: Mohamed Zalmai Score: 61/1
5.6 Mohammad Waqar Zalmai to Mohammad Safi, we will go into the last over. Good length outside off, Safi looking to cut the ball late to third man, but fail at it and it will be a dot. 
5.5 Mohammad Waqar Zalmai to Mohammad Safi, SIX! First ball for Safi, gets a gift of a delivery, good length in his slot, and he swings it out of the park. Gets under the ball really nicely, and times it to perfection as the ball sails over deep mid wicket. One run to win. 
The pressure that Zalmai was building up has finally worked, with Malyar now losing his stumps and Vienna Danube are 55/1 after 5.4 overs.

Mohammad Safi is the new batsman at the crease.
5.4 Mohammad Waqar Zalmai to Khyber Malyar, OUT! BOWLED! A perfect set up to get rid of the opposition skipper. Three balls going away from the left hander, and the fourth one, dipping into the stumps, beating the blade and knocking the stumps over. A very well planned wicket this. 
5.3 Mohammad Waqar Zalmai to Khyber Malyar, make that three dots. A wild swing of the bat on this wider full pitched delivery, but the result stays same. 
5.2 Mohammad Waqar Zalmai to Khyber Malyar, another miss. Good length delivery a little closer to the body, as Malyar aimed to cut it but could not connect. Two dots in a row. 
5.1 Mohammad Waqar Zalmai to Khyber Malyar, good length delivery on the off stump, forcing the batsman to come on the front foot, and the ball seaming away from the left hander at the last second. 
This is turning into a canter here, with Vienna Danube getting 14 runs from the over and after 5 overs, they are 55/0 and need only 7 runs more to win from 2 overs.

Mohammad Waqar Zalmai will complete his spell with the penultimate over of the game.
Over: 5 | Summary: 1 6 1 1 1 4 Bowler: Bilal Zalmai Score: 55/0
4.6 Bilal Zalmai to Klair Kailash, FOUR! Shorter again, and Kailash makes sure he gets that boundary to stay in command. The ball angling into the right hander who steps back and pulls his shot fine enough to beat deep square leg. 
4.5 Bilal Zalmai to Khyber Malyar, fuller again, coming into the left hander who punches it to long off for a run. 
4.4 Bilal Zalmai to Klair Kailash, full pitched delivery, outside off, guided to deep point for a run. 
4.3 Bilal Zalmai to Khyber Malyar, good length delivery, on the 5th stump line, guided to cover for a single. 
4.2 Bilal Zalmai to Khyber Malyar, SIX! A bit too short this time and it has been punished. In the arc for Malyar who rocks back in his crease, and launches a maximum over deep mid wicket who stood no chance. 
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