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Cyprus Moufflons CC 114/5 (10 ov)
Amdocs 59/5 (10 ov)
Cyprus Moufflons CC won by 55 runs.
That's it from us today. Hope you enjoyed all the matches that we brought live to you. We will be back tomorrow morning with lot more action. Until then, good-bye, good night, and stay safe!
We have witnessed a convincing victory of 55 runs for Cyprus Moufflons CC over Amdocs CC. After a brilliant start by the openers Chamal Sadun (41 off 15 balls) and Zeeshan Sarwar (34 off 16 balls) which took the Moufflons to 79 runs of the first 5 overs, Amdocs bowlers made a good come back, and it seemed that they are clawing their way back into the game. But that was probably the only good time that they had during the match. 

It won't be unfair to say that they could not even put up a descent fight during their batting. There was relentless pressure from all the Moufflons bowlers and they fell to it. The run rate never went over 6 an over, and that is simply not enough to chase down a target of 115 runs. With their second defeat, Amdocs might well be out of the tournament.

Wonderful performance by all the bowlers of Moufflons, but they would need to reduce their extras. There were far too many wides, and it could be really crucial in a close encounter. 
9.6 Ravi Kumar to A Chakraborty, FINAL ball of the inning, Ravi Kumar charges in and flights it rather nonchalantly and as has been the luck for the AMD batsmen today, Chakraborty goes deep in the crease in the hope to pull it over midwicket but in the end misses it by some good distance. And that is curtains for AMD who lose both their matches today. 
9.5 Ravi Kumar to A Chakraborty, similar ball and the batsman attempts a wild hoick, only to miss the white cricket ball by a country mile!
9.4 Ravi Kumar to A Chakraborty, shorter in length and the batsman cannot get under that one. And it is like it has been throughout the innings, lot of swinging of the bat, with little contact.
9.3 Ravi Kumar to Gaurav Sagwan, flighted ball and driven down the ground easily for a single
9.2 Ravi Kumar to A Chakraborty, short and cut away to deep backward point for a single. It is becoming all too easy.
9.1 Ravi Kumar to A Chakraborty, full ball pitched on middle and leg and played  straight to the bowler 
AMD is at 57/5 at the end of 9 overs. This is now just a formality, with the last over coming up. Great effort by CYM.
8.6 Murali Alanki to A Chakraborty, shorter but below the waist length nd batsman swivels across to pull it to deep midwicket for a single
8.5 Murali Alanki to A Chakraborty, faster and straighter and the batsman can only manage a defence shot 
8.4 Murali Alanki to Gaurav Sagwan, full ball wide outside off and driven to long on for a single
8.3 Murali Alanki to A Chakraborty, slightly shorter and hit across for a single
8.2 Murali Alanki to A Chakraborty, in the slot and the batsman hits it over long on for a SIX! He is enjoying himself there right now. Good shot!
8.1 Murali Alanki to Gaurav Sagwan, full ball yet again and the batsman drives it to cover for a quick single
Last couple of overs coming up, and the batting side requires over 5 runs a ball for victory. The only question is, how much more they can score.
7.6 Riyaz to A Chakraborty, short ball and the batsman pirouted but missed it in the end
7.6 Riyaz to Gaurav Sagwan, BEAMER! NO BALL Called, god that was horrendous. You would expect a it more control from a finger spinner.
7.5 Riyaz to A Chakraborty, pulled across to deep for a single
7.4 Riyaz to Gaurav Sagwan, full ball and driven down for a single. Singles and doubles won't worry them at all.
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