Jaffna Stallions 165/9 (20 ov)
Dambulla Viiking 128/10 (19.1 ov)
Stallions won by 37 runs
Player of the match: Johnson Charles
That's the end to the second semi-final of the Lanka Premier League 2020. Stay tuned for our coverage of the grand finale of this league, and in the meantime, all action from cricket across the globe as well. We hope you enjoyed our coverage of this game. This is Rishab, and my partner, Bala, taking your leave. Have a great night! 
The Stallions have come back brilliantly well to win this game and make the final! What a bowling performance this has been from them. They weren't defending a big score but the margin of the win shows what a tremendous effort it has been from them. They needed to get the early wickets and they got them alright. Dickwella and Tharanga looked good but they couldn't last enough to see their side through, once they began losing wickets they lost them in a tumble and there was no coming back from there. The bowling was so tight that put the pressure. It was that man again, Wanindu Hasaranga! He's been the star this season and he was brilliant once again tonight! Dominating the batsmen and they never really allowed them to comeback. 

The Vikkings needed to bat sensibly but they kept losing wickets. It wasn't a big total but they only went on making it difficult for themselves and it turned out to be way too much for them in the end! They've had a great tournament and they will be disappointed with this finish. They did really well with the ball to pull things back and restrict the Stallions to under 170. But it's their batsmen who've let them down tonight! They made some unecessary mistakes and those run-outs cost them plenty too. 

The Stallions didn't finish quite well with the bat but they came back well with the ball. They needed to get wickets and they rightly did. They were looking to attack, bowled really well and the fielding was exceptional too. It's important to put behind what's happened and do better in the next half and they did not let the belief go. They've had one of the best bowling attacks and we've seen why tonight. Really important innings from Johnson Charles as well that helped them get to what they did. It's a good time for him to comeback to form. They will have to work on their batting and middle order a bit but they will be high on confidence after this tremendous win tonight! 

So that's the end of both the semi-finals and we have Jaffna Stallions as the second finalists. It's both the teams that finished the league table on third and fourth positions that have made the finals! It will be the Galle Gladiators versus Jaffna Stallions in the final on 16th December at Hambantota! It promises to be a cracker of an encounter and we will look forward to find out who takes the title of the inaugural edition of the Lanka Premier League! 
And that's the game for the Stallions! de Silva will finish it off! They have won by 37 runs and are through to the final! Turning out to be a one-sided chase eventually. Big win this considering the total they were defending. Brilliant game this and they are back to winning ways at just the right time. That's the end of the road for Dambulla Vikkings! 
19.1 Chathuranga de Silva to Kasun Rajitha, OUT! Good length ball angling into the batsman, he has a huge heave across the line of the ball, misses it completely and the ball disturbs his woorwork
Brilliant over from Lakmal at the death. Bowled well and into the blockhole there. It's 38 off 6 needed now
Over: 19 | Summary: 0 0 1b 0 1 1 Bowler: Suranga Lakmal Score: 127/9
18.6 Suranga Lakmal to Kasun Rajitha, full delivery on the off-stump, mistimes the drive to mid-off and takes a single
18.5 Suranga Lakmal to Lahiru Kumara, low full toss on the middle stump, flicks it away to deep mid-wicket for a single
18.4 Suranga Lakmal to Lahiru Kumara, slower ball on a length, he slashes and gets an outside edge which falls just short of the keeper
18.3 Suranga Lakmal to Kasun Rajitha, right in the blockhole outside the off-stump, he fails to get any connection on that. The keeper fails to gather it as well
18.2 Suranga Lakmal to Kasun Rajitha, slower ball on a good length on the leg-stump line, he backs away and has a swing at it but he is too early into the shot
18.1 Suranga Lakmal to Kasun Rajitha, full ball angling into the pads, Rajitha has a go at it but gets the inside edge onto his pads
Suranga Lakmal comes back into the attack
Olivier missing his lengths and Ramesh Mendis getting some hefty blows there! Did look for a brief moment that there would have been a twist in the game! But Olivier having the last laugh and he'll be pretty relieved with that. Another brilliant piece of fielding from Shinwari there, he's been accurately hitting those stumps. It's 41 off 12 now. The Stallions inching closer to the final now
Over: 18 | Summary: 4 4 6 W 1 1w Bowler: Duanne Olivier Score: 123/9
17.6 Duanne Olivier to Lahiru Kumara, full delivery on middle and leg, pushes it straight to mid-on
17.6 Duanne Olivier to Lahiru Kumara, tries to go full and straight at the stumps but drifts down the leg. Has to reload that one
17.6 Duanne Olivier to Lahiru Kumara, sharp bouncer! The batsman goes for the pull and misses. But the umpire says it is too high!
17.5 Duanne Olivier to Kasun Rajitha, DIRECT HIT! Short delivery outside the off-stump, he slaps it to mid-off and takes off for a run. Shinwari gets another direct hit in, but the time the batsman is home
Lahiru Kumara is the last man to walk out for the Vikkings
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