Botanic Garden Rangers 111/5 (10 ov)
Dark View Explorers 109/7 (10 ov)
Botanic Garden Rangers won by 2 runs.
What a match this has been! Dark View Explorers have themselves to blame here! They were cruising easily with Bascombe smashing the ball all over the park. Bascombe made 47 off 27 balls before getting out. After his wicket, no one took the responsibility to see the team through the chase. All the new batsmen walking to the crease were smashing the ball in the air and getting out. 

Dean Browne who walked into bat at No 5, smashed two sixes in two balls before getting out. DVE needed 20 runs from 12 balls with Deron Greaves who had opened the batting was still at the crease but he as well went for an unnecessary shot and perished the first ball of the 9th over.  

Though there was a slender of hope when Williams smashed a huge six in the last over to take the equation to 8 runs off 4 balls but they couldn't cross the line.

It has been a terrific game of cricket and Botanic Garden Rangers will be very happy with the win, especially after the opening partnership which threatened to take the game away from them.

So, that's it from us today! Do tune in tomorrow for the ball by ball commentary of the games! This is Nikhil, along with my colleague, Pradeep signing off. Take Care and Stay Safe!
9.6 Romario Bibby to Denson Hoyte, FOUR! WHAT A FINISH TO THE GAME! Full toss, into Hoyte and he misses, keeper dives across and misses to collect, that runs away to the boundary in the end, they needed a SIX of the last delivery but ended up getting only 2 in the end! Huge collapse in the end results Explorer losing this by 3 runs!
9.5 Romario Bibby to Denson Hoyte, full delivery, outside the off, Hoyte goes for the ugly hoick and is beaten in the end! Can Hoyte smoke a SIX to get this to a super over?
7 runs needed from 2 balls! Hoyte will have to smash a boundary or take a single and give the strike to Williams
9.4 Romario Bibby to Sealron Williams, full delivery, outside off, this time gets bat on it, hammers it straight to the sweeper cover and just a single, they need a boundary off the next delivery!
9.3 Romario Bibby to Sealron Williams, full delivery, outside the off, Sealron moves across to hoick it and misses, beaten in the end
Just 8 runs needed now from 4 balls! One more hit to the fence and it will be all over soon! What a match this has been!
9.2 Romario Bibby to Sealron Williams, SIX! WHAT A SHOT! Full toss and Sealron goes back and SMOKES it over the deep square leg boundary and that goes all the way further back for a maximum, huge hit, terrible delivery that
9.1 Romario Bibby to Sealron Williams, full delivery into Sealron who goes for the hoick and hits it towards deep square leg, the fielder runs across and they come back for an easy second
DVE: 96/7 after 9 overs

The drama continues! A huge wicket of Deron Greaves who went for an un-necessary shot and a run-out has resulted in two wickets in that over! A brilliant over from Kimali Williams under pressure, giving away just 4 runs! 16 runs needed off the last over! Will the Dark View Explorer batsmen will be able to pull this off? 
8.6 Kimali Williams to Denson Hoyte, full delivery, outside off, Hoyte doesn't get under it and is beaten in the end and what an over this turned out to be, gets the wicket of Greaves and this is almost all over for Explorers!
8.5 Kimali Williams to Sealron Williams, RUN-OUT! Comedy of errors! Overpitched, outside off, Williams manages to get under that and hits it straight to the deep covers but Walters wanted to come back for a second and Williams isn't interested and Williams has to go, both the batsman stranded on the other end
8.4 Kimali Williams to Jaheil Walters, full delivery, in the blockhole, outside off as Walters walks down couple of steps and hits it towards extra cover for a single
8.3 Kimali Williams to Sealron Williams, full delivery, in the blockhole and Williams squeezes that one out to the mid-wicket for a single
8.2 Kimali Williams to Jaheil Walters, full toss, walks down couple of steps and Walters drills it down the ground towards long-on for a single to get off the mark
DVE are crumbling here! The set batsman is back in pavilion and two new batsmen at the crease! Botanic Garden Rangers sense a victory here!
8.1 Kimali Williams to Deron Greaves, OUT! WHAT IS HAPPENNING! Explorers are falling like a pack of cards here, it was full toss and Greaves looked to go almighty with that and ended up hitting straight down the long-on fielders throat, Greaves has to go and now Explorers are in a spot of bother
DVE: 92/5 after 8 overs! DVE needs 20 runs from 12 balls!

What an over! Botanic Garden Rangers got a wicket off the first ball and were on the driving seat but Dean Browne walked into bat and smashed two sixes of his first two balls and got out on his third ball. They also got a wicket in the last ball of the over. Three wickets in the over! Deron Greaves will be key here, he has scored 20 off 15 balls. He needs to bat sensibly here and win this game.
7.6 Donald Delpleche to Drumo Toney, OUT! BACK TO BACK WICKETS! It was overpitched, yorker on the off stump and Toney fails to make contact and that rattles the off stump and Toney hears the death rattle sound in the end, he has to go for a golden duck! Explorers losing their way here but Greaves is still on the other end
7.5 Donald Delpleche to Dean Browne, OUT! BOWLED'EM! It was full on the off stump, Dean goes for the hoick and he was late into the shot, rattles the off stumps and Dean has to go after his short cameo, fourth wicket down for Explorers!
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