Dark View Explorers 92/5 (10 ov)
La Soufriere Hikers 95/1 (8.4 ov)
La Soufriere Hikers won by 9 wickets
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La Soufriere Hikers win this match by 9 wickets!

As easy as it gets for Hikers, it was Maloney and Douglas for them that took their team home in the end and the Explorers had no trick up their sleeves to pick wickets at regular intervals and when you don't do that you are always playing a catch up game and that's exactly what happened with Explorers during the chase.

At the start of the chase, Salvan Browne was simply brutal and took the attack against the opposition by clobbering 22 runs off just 11 runs and Maloney on the other end was just watching this onslaught that Browne was taking on. 

Some terrible bowling from Shaquille Browne, conceded 20 runs but with all that he picked up the wicket of Salvan Browne was he looked to continue the attack but failed to hit it over the top of mid-on fielder and he perished. With Dillon Douglas and Desron Maloney in the middle now, the Hikers had a simple task at their hand, just get on with the chase, which is exactly what they did Maloney in particular kept hitting those odd boundaries off every over, meant they were on course to chase this one down easily. 

Sealron Williams and Ojay Matthews bowled two great overs and concede just almost nothing and at that point Explorers they had a chance to come back into the match but Dillon Douglas tore apart Sealron Williams in one over to hit 3 sixes of it and that simply ended any hopes that Explorers had to come back into this game and Maloney in the end finished things in style to hit a boundary and chased this 93 runs with 8 balls to spare and win this Eliminator comfortably.
8.4 Deane Browne to Desron Maloney, FOUR! length ball on the leg stump and Maloney has finished off with a whip to the fine leg boundary. An excellent innings from Maloney and well supported by Douglas! La Soufriere Hikers are peaking at the right time in the tournament! They win this one and move ahead in the tournament! Dark View Explorers are out of the tournament!
8.3 Deane Browne to Dillon Douglas, full length outside off, drives this one to long off and takes a single. 2 runs needed now!
8.2 Deane Browne to Desron Maloney, fuller length ball on the off stump, tries to cut this one on the back foot but gets an inside edge to fine leg.
8.1 Deane Browne to Desron Maloney, brilliant yorker outside off, Maloney tries to dug it out but fails to connect.
LSH are 89-1 after 8 overs! Need 4 runs in 12 balls!

Matthews not learning from his first delivery as Douglas clobbered three sixes in that over. Matthews failing to deliver in that over and an expensive over for Explores and things are out of hand at the moment for them. Douglas was brutal with all of his sixes in that over.
7.6 Ojay Matthews to Dillon Douglas, firs in a faster ball and gives width outside off, Douglas tried to cut this one and misses.
7.5 Ojay Matthews to Dillon Douglas, SIX! Douglas has smothered this fuller length ball and sent it over the deep mid wicket boundary for a maximum.
7.4 Ojay Matthews to Desron Maloney, width again outside off, cuts it to deep point and takes a single.
7.3 Ojay Matthews to Dillon Douglas, width outside off, cuts it to backward point for a single.
7.2 Ojay Matthews to Dillon Douglas, SIX! bowls it full outside off, tries to smash it hard to the leg side but the ball has flied off the outside edge over the deep cover boundary.
7.2 Ojay Matthews to Dillon Douglas, sprays it wide outside off.
7.1 Ojay Matthews to Dillon Douglas, SIX! bowls it full outside off and it has been smoked straight down the ground for a maximum.
LSH are 68-1 after 7 overs! Need 25 runs in 18 balls!

Two great overs for Explorers, suddenly Hikers are need more than 8 runs per over from on. Dried up the boundary in the last two overs here and Maloney is getting frustrated here, just what Explorers needed here and Ojay Matthews need to replicate his last over here and it's going to be a nail-biting finish for sure.
6.6 Sealron Williams to Dillon Douglas, short ball again outside off, tries to pull this one but fails to connect.
6.5 Sealron Williams to Dillon Douglas, short ball outside off, pulls it to deep mid-wicket and takes two.
6.4 Sealron Williams to Desron Maloney, full length ball outside off, works it away for a single to the leg side.
6.3 Sealron Williams to Dillon Douglas, length ball on the leg stump, punches it to long off.
6.2 Sealron Williams to Desron Maloney, full length ball on the stumps, goes for a slog sweeps but gets an edge behind keeper.
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