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Dark View Explorers 73/3 (10 ov)
Salt Pond Breakers 77/2 (8.2 ov)
Salt Pond Breakers won by 8 wickets
Right! That's it from us here at Sportskeeda! Hope you enjoyed our coverage! Do join us in a while for the final match of the day between the Fort Charlotte Strikers and the Botanical Gardens Rangers! 

Till then, this is me (Shashwat Kumar) and Prasen Moudgal signing off! Goodbye! 
Salt Pond Breakers extend their unbeaten run! 
Sunil Ambris and Umel Thomas produced an excellent display of batting through the middle overs to ensure that SPB hunted down the Explorers' score with ease. However, they had to stave off Darius Martin's threat at the start. Once that storm had been ridden, SPB never looked back and methodically took the Explorers apart. 

As for the Explorers, they would be left questioning their dismal batting approach that saw them meander along without any real intent. That's the second or third time something of the sort has happened to them and they might want to rectify that moving forward. 
8.2 Shamon Hooper to Sunil Ambris, FOUR and Ambris finishes off in style! Short and on the stumps, Ambris arches back and lifts it comfortable over the man in the ring to send the ball scurrying to the mid-wicket fence!
8.1 Shamon Hooper to Urnel Thomas, full ball on the stumps, single to square leg. 
Just two runs required now for the Salt Pond Breakers to extend their unbeaten run in the tournament. 
7.6 Lindon James to Urnel Thomas, full ball into the pads, Thomas plays it down to fine leg for a single
7.5 Lindon James to Sunil Ambris, full ball again wristed away to deep mid-wicket, this time for a single
7.4 Lindon James to Sunil Ambris, James delivers a pacy bumper, but a little too high. A wry smile by both the batsman and the bowler.
7.4 Lindon James to Sunil Ambris, FOUR! Full ball outside off whipped away in the vacant gap at mid-wicket for a boundary. Exquisite shot by the SPB skipper. 5 more runs required now.
7.3 Lindon James to Sunil Ambris, little too wide outside the off stump from James
7.3 Lindon James to Urnel Thomas, length ball dropped towards covers for a single
7.2 Lindon James to Sunil Ambris, length ball lifted down to long off for a single. SPB seem to be doing it smartly. They already have the game in their bag and are not letting it go.
7.1 Lindon James to Urnel Thomas, short of length ball dabbed to short point for a quick single
Lindon James has taken off his pads and is marking his run-up! Can the skipper provide some inspiration for the Explorers?
SPB are now 60/2 after 7 overs and require only 14 runs off 18 deliveries. Can they finish things in this over? Well, you wouldn't want to bet against it!
6.6 Sealron Williaams to Urnel Thomas, slammed to covers for a single. Thomas will retain strike.
6.5 Sealron Williaams to Urnel Thomas, no run there.
6.4 Sealron Williaams to Urnel Thomas, short ball cut away to backward point.
6.3 Sealron Williaams to Sunil Ambris, SIX! Shot and a half from Ambris! Yet again overpitched from Williaams, Ambris got under the length of the ball and sent it sailing over the ropes! The Salt Pond Breakers want to finish things in a hurry!
6.2 Sealron Williaams to Urnel Thomas, length ball on the stumps flicked to deep mid wicket for a single
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