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Frankfurt Cricket Club 120/2 (10 ov)
Darmstadt CC e.V 109/9 (10 ov)
Frankfurt Cricket Club won by 11 runs.
That's it from the game. It's me, Mohamed Farzan and my colleague, Dwijesh Reddy signing off. Thanks for joining us for the live coverage. Stay Tuned and connected with Sportskeeda for my live coverage, news and much more. Until next time, Good Bye!
Frankfurt Cricket Club put up a challenging total of 120 on the board. Thanks to the brilliant knocks Alishan Mohmand (53* from 29 balls) and Naqash Naveed (57 from 28 balls). They both collectively scored 12 fours and 5 sixes during the first innings. Both the players were indulged in a 100+ runs partnership too. DCC's pacer Muhammad Umar was the only bowler to pick up a wicket during the first innings of the match.

In response, Darmstadt CC e.V were bowled out for 109 and fell short by 11 runs. Mansoor Khan and Umar Khan tried their best to get their team back into the game with a contribution of 33 and 27 runs respectively but that didn't seem enough for the batting side as we saw them fall apart. It was a teamwork from FCC. Their fielding was exceptional today and their bowlers rattled wickets to leave their opponent in deep trouble. Alishan Mohmand and Naqash Naveed scalped three wickets each and finished with figures 3/14 and 3/29 respectively in their two overs spell. Janat Ahmedzai also excelled with two wickets to his name while a few other bowlers also managed to pick up wickets and help their side finish on the winning side.
Over: 10 | Summary: W 1 4 2 1 1nb W Bowler: Janat Ahmedzai Score: 109/10
9.6 Janat Ahmedzai to Parwaiz A, WICKET! FCC cleans up DCC as Janat lures Parwaiz into a false shot as the keeper takes the bails off! FCC win their first game by 11 runs!
9.5 Janat Ahmedzai to S Niazi, IN THE AIR BUT SAFE! Niazi top-edges a length ball into the leg-side but only for a single
9.4 Janat Ahmedzai to S Niazi, just a brace as Niazi is able to clear the leg-side. Can he pull off a heist here?
9.3 Janat Ahmedzai to S Niazi, FOUR! A full ball outside off and Niaza has smashed into extra cover for a much-needed boundary!
9.2 Janat Ahmedzai to Parwaiz A, full ball on the stumps, Parwaiz drives it into the off-side for a single
9.1 Janat Ahmedzai to Sheikh Habib, WICKET! A straight ball crashes into the middle stump as Habib has to depart! Just another wicket required now!
DCC 100/8 after the end of 9 overs. They require 21 runs from the last six balls of the innings.
8.2 Alim Al Razy to Shafiullah Niazi, NO-BALL! A high full-toss and Niazi swats it towards the off-side for brace!
8.2 Alim Al Razy to Vipin Chhetri, WICKET! Chettri holes out at deep midwicket as he tries to clear the boundary and fails!
8.1 Alim Al Razy to Vipin Chhetri, full ball outside off, Chettri plays all around it and misses!
Bad start from Naqash Naveed as he starts it off with 5 WIDES followed by a huge maximum over mid-wicket. He sends Mansoor Khan back to the pavilion after a bit of damage has been done. All eyes were shifted to Umar Khan but unfortunately he also had to walk back to the pavilion after missing a delivery from Naveed. BUT WAIT!!! It's still not yet over for DCC, they require 27 runs from the last two overs.
Over: 8 | Summary: 5w 6 W 1w 2 W 1w 1 W Bowler: Naqash Naveed Score: 94/7
7.6 Naqash Naveed to M Nasseri, WICKET! Naveed has another as he nails a yorker on the off-stump as he sends Nasseri back with a scorcher!
7.5 Naqash Naveed to V Chhetri, a full ball on the stumps, Chhetri drives it past the bowler for a single
7.4 Naqash Naveed to Umar Khan, WICKET! Naveed has cleaned up Umar with a straight ball, which he plays all around it!
7.3 Naqash Naveed to Umar, a full ball on the stumps, Umar heaves it away to the leg-side for a brace!
7.2 Naqash Naveed to Mansoor Khan, WICKET! Mansoor has thrown away as he holes out to the man at midwicket!
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