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Darmstadt CC e.V 113/0 (7.1 ov)
Darmstadt CC e.V won by 10 wickets
Turk FC Hattersheim am Main put up a decent total of 112 runs on the board in their allotted 10 overs. Their batsmen hit several fours and sixes to help the side settle for a good total with Alaam Noor Zadran top-scoring with 30 runs off just 17 balls. Umar Khan disrupted the Turk's batting lineup with three wickets to his name and he finished off with figures 3/13 after two overs.

In repose, Darmstadt CC e.V's openers proved too hot to handle. Azmat Ali and Muhammad Umar were indulged in a 113 run partnership and they chased down the total with 17 balls to spare. Azmat Ali remained 56 not out while Md Umar remained 53 not out. We witnessed a total of 12 fours and 7 sixes during the second innings. Turf FC's bowlers were thrashed badly and they failed to send even a single-player back to the pavilion.

With that, Darmstadt CC e.V won the match by 10 wickets and that brings us to the end of the match. Thanks for joining us. Good Bye!
7.2 Yasir Mehmood to Muhammad Umar, WIDE! Sprayed down the leg side and Umar shuffles across his crease to finish it off in the style but gets no bat on it as it was way outside the leg stump, Umpire signals it as a wide and they win it convincingly for Darmstadt CC! 10 WICKET VICTORY THIS FOR DCC!
7.1 Yasir Mehmood to Azmat Ali, short delivery, tossed up, Ali shuffles across and swats it to the point and they pick up a single
Azmar Ali has also completed his half-century! We'll have to wait a few more balls to see the game come to an end.
Over: 7 | Summary: 1 0 2 4 4 1 Bowler: Anees Ur Rehman Bhatti Score: 110/0
6.6 Anees-Ur-Rehman Bhatti to Azmat Ali, Anees comes around the wicket this time, slower one, it was full, Azmat flicks it on the on side for a quick single! Just 1 needed!
6.5 Anees-Ur-Rehman Bhatti to Azmat Ali, FOUR! Short delivery on the body, Azmat easily helps it away towards long leg boundary for a FOUR MORE!
6.4 Anees-Ur-Rehman Bhatti to Azmat Ali, FOUR! FIFTY FOR AZMAT! Full in the arc on the pads, Azmat says "THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" and flicks this with conviction towards long leg boundary!
6.3 Anees-Ur-Rehman Bhatti to Azmat Ali, slower one, full on the leg stump and Ali flicks it fine towards fine leg boundary and they pick up an easy couple of runs in the end
6.2 Anees-Ur-Rehman Bhatti to Azmat Ali, slower delivery on the outside off, Azmat on the front foot defends it back to the bowler, no run!
6.1 Anees-Ur-Rehman Bhatti to Muhammad Umar, short and wide, Umar did well to guide it to the short third man area and they jog a single! 100 UP FOR DCC!
With the second maximum of the over, Muhammad Umar has completed his half-century. His opening partner Azmat Ali is next in line to do the same. We can except the upcoming over to be the last one as the batting side will be looking to finish the game early and have some rest ahead of their next game.
Over: 6 | Summary: 4 0 6 6 4 1 Bowler: Alaam Noor Zadran Score: 98/0
5.6 Alaam Noor to Muhammad Umar, short delivery, Noor saw Umar coming down the track and banged in short, Umar fended it off on the off side for a quick single in the end! CARNAGE in that over!
5.5 Alaam Noor to Muhammad Umar, FOUR! Full delivery, it was in the arc, Umar smashes this one towards long on for a boundary, runs away for another one!
5.4 Alaam Noor to Muhammad Umar, SIX! No stopping Noor here, back of a length, he's just picking Noor brilliantly, this time launches this one towards long off and POWERS it over the fielder for another maximum!
5.3 Alaam Noor to Muhammad Umar, SIX! Short delivery on the off stump, Umar dances down the track and POUNDED this one towards deep extra cover and that goes all the way for a maximum! Inside out shot from Umar!
5.2 Alaam Noor to Muhammad Umar, back of a length, outside off, Umar gives himself some room and goes for the ugly hoick and misses
5.1 Alaam Noor to Muhammad Umar, FOUR! Slower delivery and Umar walks down the track, he plays a check shot, that was timing brilliantly, goes to the long on boundary, straight down the ground!
A decent over for the battings ideas they inch closer towards a victory but unfortunately this is not what Turf FC want as the game is slipping badly out of their hands. 
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