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Qalandars 118/3 (10 ov)
Deccan Gladiators 85/8 (10 ov)
Qalandars won by 33 runs.
Player of the match: Sohail Akhtar
An all-round show in the end giving the Qalandars another handsome win and they are definitely the side to beat in this competition now! Another night where they have come out on top and they will be keen to keep up the good work! That is it to wrap up a super Sunday. We'll be back tomorrow bringing you what promises to be another day of exciting cricket, with three cracking games lined up as the tournament now progresses into the Super League stage! Until then, have a great night as I,( Rishab) and my partner Pradeep take your leave! 
Fantastic bowling effort to defend that total and they never let the Gladiators get away with the chase. Sohail Akhtar with that captain's innings while they were batting to take them to that total and then they came out to put out a terrific effort with what they had. It should have been a easy chase for the Gladiators but they threw it away and once they started losing wickets there was no coming back at all. They just lost their way for worse and will be disappointed with this performance! 
They have won chasing, now they have won defending as well! Everything going right for the Qalandars in this tournament so far and yet another convincing win for them tonight this. Three in a row now and they continue to stay undefeated. Brilliant effort to defend that kind of a total. Delport and Shahzad at the top gave the Gladiators a decent start and they were the only one's who took some attack to the opposition. They were looking set to go after the bowlers after that start but it just fell apart for them horribly! Both Shahzad and Azam Khan threw their wickets away offering easy stumpings. Pollard gone back without doing nothing and the big guns went one after the other. It was that over from Sultan Ahmed that really changed the course of the game and it was all Qalandars from there on. Once again veteran Shahid Afridi rising to the occasion picking up a wicket and bowling an economical spell. Chris Jordan at the death with three wickets ensuring that they closed out the game nice and fine!
Another comfortable victory for the Qalandars as they continue their unbeaten run! Wasn't a big score they were defending but it has been a stunning effort from them! Fantastic bowling it has been from there. Some entertainment as Tahir finished with a mighty six! But the Gladiators going down by 34 runs and that is a big win to the Qalandars! 
Over: 10 | Summary: 1 1 0 1 1 6 Bowler: Azmatullah Omarzai Score: 85/7
9.6 Azmatullah Omarzai to Imran Tahir, SIX! BANG! Tahir finishes off the innings in style as he slices that one way over the deep point region and that sailed over the fielder for a huge maximum. Qalandars in the end won this easily and beat Gladiators by 33 runs!
9.5 Azmatullah Omarza to Ravi Rampaul, full delivery on the leg stump as Rampaul whacks that one but not much timing with that towards mid-wicket as they run a single
9.4 Azmatullah Omarzai to Imran Tahir, yorker on the outside off. Tahir manages to dig out to the point region and they run as easy single in the end
9.3 Azmatullah Omarzai to Imran Tahir, full toss just below waist high as Tahir slams that one back to the bowler, no run
9.2 Azmatullah Omarzai to Ravi Rampaul, full delivery on the off stump as Rampaul stays back to hammer that one down the ground to long-off for another single
9.1 Azmatullah Omarzai to Imran Tahir, full delivery on the outside off. Tahir slices that one over the cover region as they pick up a single
Excellent stuff from Jordan that! Keeping it simple and that's brought him success. The Qalandars just continuing to chip away and they are taking every opportunity that has come their way tonight! Fantastic effort from Banton on the boundary to give Jordan his third wicket of the night. Magnificent stuff and he's nailed the exact right lines and lengths. Brilliant at the death. Good boundary from Rampaul to end the over but these are terrific figures! 3 for 8 for Jordan! 44 off 6 now

Azmatullah Omarzai to bowl the final over
Over: 9 | Summary: W 1 W 1 0 4 Bowler: Chris Jordan Score: 75/7
8.6 Chris Jordan to Ravi Rampaul, FOUR! Change of pace, short on the middle and off. Rampaul stays back and hammers it straight down the ground to long-on for a boundary to finish the over!
8.5 Chris Jordan to Ravi Rampaul, excellent yorker on the outside off. Rampaul had no answers to hit as he got his bat down but fails to make any contact, through to the keeper
8.4 Chris Jordan to Imran Tahir, full delivery on the off stump. Tahir swats that one away to the deep cover region for a single, gets off the mark
8.3 Chris Jordan to Anwar Ali, OUT! CAUGHT! Banton pulls up a stunner at long-on boundary as Anwar Ali departs! Full delivery into Anwar on the middle and off as he stays back to whack that one down the ground and Banton slides his way just around the ropes and holds on to it in the end brilliantly!

Umpire goes upstairs for a check on it! And Banton did OK there as Anwar makes his way back to the dug out!
8.2 Chris Jordan to Ravi Rampaul, change of pace, full on the middle and off as Rampaul waits for it and gently taps it on the on-side and runs a quick single
Ravi Rampaul walks out to the middle
8.1 Chris Jordan to Imtiaz Ahmed, OUT! TIMBER! Full and straight from Jordan as Imtiaz fails to make contact and the death rattles for Imtiaz who has to make his way back. Gladiators sink further in this game!
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