115/10 (20)
119/1 (10.3)
DC won by 9 wickets
Player of the match: Kuldeep Yadav
Right then, quite a one-sided contest in the end to cap off our Wednesday but tomorrow promises to be nothing short of riveting as we have the Mumbai Indians taking on the Chennai Super Kings. Who will emerge on top in the El Clasico of the IPL? Join us right here at Sportskeeda tomorrow to find out! Until next time then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, alongside Soorya Sesha, bidding you adieu. Stay safe! 
Kuldeep Yadav (Man of the Match): First of all, I would like to share this award with Axar Patel. He bowled very well and took some important wickets in the middle overs. I think we deserved it more. I have played with KG for a while and he does not move his foot so I planned that I will bowl a leg-spinner and then bowl a googly. Ahead of the second wicket, Rishabh was telling me from bowling around the wicket and use the angle to get the wicket. To be very honest, I have gotten a lot of confidence from this IPL and there is mental clarity. I just focus on my line and lengths and do not think about what the batter is going to do. I don't watch any video replays. When you are confused, you watch videos to see how the batters play but now that I have played with everyone, I do not need to see the videos. I am enjoying my bowling and credit to Rishabh behind the wicket, who backs the spinner and pacers. He does not panic even if the bowlers are hit for a couple of boundaries and backs them. 
Rishabh Pant (winning skipper): There was plenty of confusion in the camp. In the morning, Tim returned positive so there was widespread confusion regarding whether the game was going to take place. We talked around in the team regarding what we can work one because there was so much noise from outside but we decided that we will focus on our match, we will focus on our cricket. (What he talked about to Warner and Shaw) Mostly, I like to leave them alone. They know their roles, almost everyone knows their role in the team so I do not need to talk to them. Obviously, we will look to improve every match. Results are not in our control but we will look to improve. On a wicket like this after the second over when the ball was stopping a bit so I thought that I am going to use the spinners more than the pacers. 
David Warner (Delhi Capitals): I think the bowlers pretty much did a fantastic job and made our job a lot easier. I knew we had to go hard in the Powerplay to chase down the total quickly. Credit to our bowlers - they bowled fantastic and put them on the back foot. (Was the net run-rate in mind?) We were grateful to get out of our rooms and play cricket to be honest (laughs). Form is temporary, class is permament - for me it's about sticking to my basics and knowing my game plan and in the end putting my best foot forward to get my team off to a good start. At the moment we're putting a good partnership, me and Prithvi - long may it continue. (What do his kids tell him when he gets back home?) They ask me why don't I score a hundred (laughs). 60 is not good enough these days, they keep watching Jos (Buttler) score hundreds so they keep asking why I don't hit the ball out of the park (laughs). But it's great having my little ones and the little ones around the world tuning in and following this fantastic tournament.
Mayank Agarwal (Punjab Kings Captain): It's a tough one. A day for us to forget - it's best to move on and not dig too deep into this game. Obviously we didn't bat and bowl well. We need to look ahead and move on from today. Losing too many wickets early is a concern but the more you dig into this game, the more negatives that are going to come out. I think it's best to just move on. I thought a decent score would have been around 180 but we lost too many wickets so we couldn't get there. It happens. In hindsight, I could have given an over or two to the spinners (in the Powerplay) but at that moment I didn't feel so.
Delhi Capitals 119/1 (10.3) beat the Punjab Kings by 9 wickets 

David Warner 60*(30) | Prithvi Shaw 41(20) | Rahul Chahar 1-21(2.3)

Dominance! Sheer dominance from the Delhi Capitals and they have absolutely cruised to the chase! The game was set up beautifully by the Capitals bowlers as they bowled out the Kings for a paltry 115 runs on a wicket that was a batting paradise. Early wickets were the need of the hour for the Kings and they would have ideally wanted to snare a few in the powerplay. However, it was not to be as a blitzkrieg from David Warner and Prithvi Shaw helped the Capitals put up a massive 81 runs in the powerplay, the highest by any team this season thus far. 

Both batters would have wanted to go on till the very end but Shaw picked out the deep mid-wicket fielder in the seventh over while attempting a slog. Sarfaraz Khan joined Warner at the crease and after looking just a tad rusty initially, found his timing and got a few good hits in. The Kings lose another match with their aggressive approach but with Mayank Agarwal at the helm, this is the way they are going to operate. 

Right, the Capitals will stand to gain a lot as they jump up the sixth position and have a healthy run-rate of +0.94 after this massive win. The Kings, meanwhile, slump to another defeat and at the halfway mark, find themselves struggling at eighth place, just over CSK and MI. The Capitals now have the best net run-rate for any side in this tournament and despite everything that has happened in their camp over the last week, they have played like a champion side. 
10.3 Rahul Chahar to David Warner, FOUR! THAT WILL BE ALL! Dropped short on the leg-stump and Warner finishes it just as easy as he started. He helps himself to a pull in front of square and picks the gap with nobody in the deep to come in the way of it, meaning that he seals it with a boundary. It's been an annihilation of some kind that has been dished out to the Kings. Delhi Capitals beat Punjab Kings by 9 wickets and a mammoth 57 deliveries to spare!
Scores level! The Brabourne crowd wants a maximum! Chants of 'We want sixer!' going around as the spectators rise to their feet!
10.2 Rahul Chahar to Sarfaraz Khan, back of a length leg-break outside off, Sarfaraz rocks back for a punch with the turn to sweeper cover as he crosses over. The scores are level!
10.1 Rahul Chahar to David Warner, spins back in off a back of a length radar at the stumps, Warner barely moves as he delicately nudges it behind square for a single into the deep.
Rahul Chahar to continue

Just the formalities remain now and David Warner will be on strike. It is only poetic that he gets to finish the innings, one that he has constructed so well alongside Shaw and Sarfaraz. What will most likely be the final over of the match coming up. Catch all the live action on Disney+ Hotstar!
Delhi Capitals need 3 runs in 10 overs at 0.3 RPO
113 /1 score
cricket bat icon David Warner *
55 (28)
cricket bat icon Sarfaraz Khan
11 (12)
cricket ball icon Nathan Ellis
0 /15
9.6 Nathan Ellis to David Warner, low full toss just outside the line of off, Warner leans forward and eases a push past the dive of cover for a solitary run into the deep.
9.5 Nathan Ellis to Sarfaraz Khan, full in length on the off-stump, Sarfaraz gets forward for a soft-handed punch to mid-off for a single. Warner has the chance now to seal it in style!
9.5 Nathan Ellis to Sarfaraz Khan, WIDE! Sharp bouncer angling into the leg-stump, Sarfaraz looks to take it on with a pull around the corner but it just slants down leg with the umpire signaling a wide.
Just one big hit away from the target now
9.4 Nathan Ellis to David Warner, short of a length delivery outside the leg stump, Warner lifts his front foot and helps it with ease for a single behind deep square leg.
9.3 Nathan Ellis to David Warner, FOUR! FIFTY FOR WARNER! His third in as many innings as well! He's back - this is vintage Warner the way we know him in the IPL. Back of a length slower delivery just outside off, Warner slashes hard as it takes the edge and races down the vacant third man region en route to the fence.