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DD vs KXIP Match Result 

- IPL 2018 Match 22
Kings XI Punjab 143/8 (20.0 ov)
Delhi Daredevils 139/8 (20.0 ov)
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Kings XI Punjab win by 4 runs
Current Run Rate 6.95
Shreyas Iyer
Amit Mishra
Barinder Sran
Mujeeb Ur Rahman
Gautam Gambhir says "when you lose three wickets in the first six overs, it's always difficult. Avesh bowled well, Shaw is a player for the future. We've got to win seven games. Our bowling was good today, but couldn't cross the line"
Andrew Tye has the purple cap following two wickets tonight.
KXIP take the top spot in the IPL table courtesy of today's win. They are on 10 points following their fifth win against a Delhi outfit which made as many as five changes to their playing eleven today. But in the end, what cost them was their captain Gautam Gambhir's 4 off 13 balls at the top, after which came no contributions from Rishabh Pant and Dan Christian. Just 4 runs separated the sides, and Delhi will continue to ponder on their ideal combination.
Over 20 DD: 139/8(RR 6.95) Bowler: M U Rahman Sum..: . 6 . 2 4 W
19.6 Mujeeb to Iyer, OUT, length ball on off, Iyer looks to go over again, he had to, Iyer mistimes it, the ball lobs up and the ball finds the fielder at long off. Gambhir is gutted, Gambhir cannot win it, Gambhir is at his home, Gambhir cannot win!
5 off 1. Are we headed for a tie?

19.5 Mujeeb to Iyer, FOUR, hmmmm, down the track, swings the bat, gets the inside edge, past the fielder at short fine leg
19.4 Mujeeb to Iyer, 2 runs, full ball angled in, Iyer tonks it over to mid-wicket, Miller fumbles and they get a brace
19.3 Mujeeb to Iyer, no run, length ball, Iyer looks to tonk it over, gets it to long off, refuses a run
19.2 Mujeeb to Iyer, SIX, this time he goes straight, connects and the ball is over the ropes. DD are still alive courtesy of Iyer!
19.1 Mujeeb to Iyer, no run, shuffles across, looks to hoick it away, misses!
Young Mujeeb will have the luxury of defending 17 from the last over. Can he do that with Iyer on strike?

Over 19 DD: 127/7(RR 6.68) Bowler: B Sran Sum..: 1 W 1 1 1 .
18.6 Sran to Mishra, no run, full ball angled in from around the wicket, Mishra swings away and misses it
18.5 Sran to Iyer, 1 run, full ball angled across, Iyer belts it but straight to long on
18.4 Sran to Mishra, 1 run, shuffles across, tries to lap it away, gets the inside edge to Rahul
19 off 9. Can KXIP keep Mishra on strike?
18.3 Sran to Iyer, 1 run, length ball on off, Iyer is cramped as he pulls it away to Finch at long on
Amit Mishra at number nine
18.2 Sran to Plunkett, OUT, full ball on the pads, Plunkett flicked it away after a couple of steps down the track. But he finds the fielder, straight to Karun Nair at deep square leg.
18.1 Sran to Iyer, 1 run, back of a length ball angled across, slapped away to deep mid-wicket
21 off 12 with Iyer on strike
Liam Plunkett comes out with good batting ability
Over 18 DD: 123/6(RR 6.83) Bowler: A Tye Sum..: 1 1 wd 1 2 1 W
17.6 Tye to Tewatia, OUT, slower length ball angled across, Tewatia goes for the slog across the line, gets the outside edge through to KL Rahul. The match slightly tilts towards KXIP with that scalp.
17.5 Tye to Iyer, 1 run, full ball on off, Iyer crunches it away to covers
17.4 Tye to Iyer, 2 runs, full ball squeezed away to Yuvi at point who hurls a throw and concedes an extra run. The ball lands at long-on, from where Finch's throw almost gives them another extra run
17.3 Tye to Tewatia, 1 run, length ball angled across, Tewatia flicks it away to deep mid-wicket
17.3 Tye to Tewatia, WIDE, that was full and well outside off
17.2 Tye to Iyer, 1 run, full ball in the slot, Iyer looks to belt it away, on one bounce to long off
Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi
Start Time
Monday, April 23, 2018, 08:00 PM IST
IPL 2018
Match 22
Delhi Daredevils won the toss and elected to bowl.
Ammanabrole Kishore, C Nandan
Reserve Umpire
Kartik Manian Iyer
Match Refree
Richard Richardson
Delhi Daredevils's PLAYING XI
Gautam Gambhir,
Shreyas Iyer,
Rishabh Pant,
Glenn Maxwell,
Prithvi Shaw,
Daniel Christian,
Rahul Tewatia,
Liam Plunkett,
Amit Mishra,
Avesh Khan,
Trent Boult
Kings XI Punjab's PLAYING XI
Lokesh Rahul,
Aaron Finch,
Mayank Agarwal,
Karun Nair,
David Miller,
Yuvraj Singh,
Ravichandran Ashwin,
Andrew Tye,
Barinder Sran,
Ankit Rajpoot,
Mujeeb Ur Rahman