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Abu Dhabi 89/8 (10 ov)
Dubai Pulse Secure 90/5 (8.5 ov)
Dubai Pulse Secure won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Muhammad Farooq
That's all from here folks, but do switch tabs to follow all the live action from Match No. 2 of the day played between Fujairah Pacific Ventures and ECB Blues. That's all from here as I, Ankit along with Nikhi, take your leave! 
Dubai will be happy with the win, and hopefully continue on winning terms in the coming games to climb up the table. They have the quality, all they needed was a bit of luck and a win, which they've got today and hopefully for them, they do make it count. Abu Dhabi on the other hand, still searching for a win, finding it really hard to come up with a match winning performance. They have performed in patches, but are yet to click as a team. They'll have to re strategize a few issues and come up with a better plan in the coming games to pick up points and make things interesting. 
It was a short but a quickfire innings from Shahrukh who did his job to take his team over the line and get the first points on the board. Abu Dhabi could have put in a bit more pressure early on in the chase in the first couple overs where the bowlers couldn't find the right line, but that was one chance wasted. Again after picking up quick wickets in the middle, they let batsmen get off to a good start, and even scoring a six and getting out is a contribution enough in this format. Bilal Cheema and Shahrukh Sheikh made sure there are no more hiccoughs in the chase, and saw the game through eventually after a shaky middle order performance. 
Ali Anwer too started off big, but could not keep going and fell cheaply under pressure. With his departure Dubai were suddenly 5 wickets down with still quite a few runs on the board. In walked the skipper Shahrukh Sheikh to partner Bilal Cheema who by then had picked up a boundary and a six to keep the score moving. Shahrukh took a few deliveries to set in, picked up a few singles to start the innings, but when Dubai needed 20 runs to win from the last two overs, he decided to go big and finish off quickly. He took the attack to Yodhin Punja who was left flabbergasted with Shahrukh's intent, as he picked up a couple of sixes in the first two deliveries itself. With just 8 runs needed Shahrulh saw no point in taking the formalities into the last over and picked up a couple of boundaries to seal the deal for Dubai. 
Dubai started the chase as favourites to win this game, having to chase 90 in 60 balls, got the start they wanted as well, with runs coming easily off the first two overs, but then the batters seemed to have lost the will to win, playing all kind of loose shots, not timing the ball, just going for big hits and gifting their wickets away. A rather lousy show in the middle overs to put their own team under pressure. Panoly got off to a flier with a six, started rotating strike after that, but played a pretty ordinary shot to gift his wicket. Wajid Khan and Punya Mehra were the first ones to go off back to back deliveries. Wajid Khan stayed put, but found it hard to pick runs later on, and eventually fell in the fifth over. Panoly went right after that and suddenly Dubai were in trouble. 
Shahrukh Sheikh is in no mood to take this game to the last game, rather attacks Punja and wraps up this game within 5 deliveries, picking up a couple of boundaries and a couple of sixes to win the game. Dubai irrespective of the scare of toppling over, have managed to come through. Dubai win by 5 wickets. 
8.5 Yodhin Punja to Shahrukh Sheikh, FOUR!!! Shahrukh has finished it off in style!!! Bowls it on a full length outside off, moves across and smokes it over the point fielder to seal the win for his team.
8.4 Yodhin Punja to Shahrukh Sheikh, full length ball very wide outside off and Shahrukh tries to smash this one but doesn't connect.
8.3 Yodhin Punja to Shahrukh Sheikh, FOUR!!! He is in a hurry here, credit to the bad bowling from the skipper, bowls it on a length a bit wide outside off, smashes it over the backward point fielder for a boundary.
8.2 Yodhin Punja to Shahrukh Sheikh, SIX!!! That should bring the equation down, in the slot again on the off stump line, smokes this one mightily over the long on boundary.
8.1 Yodhin Punja to Shahrukh Sheikh, SIX!!!! Skipper to Skipper, bowls it full length outside off, in the slot asking to be hit and Shahrukh moves across and smashes it over the mid-wicket region for a maximum.
Gohar does well to restrict boundaries coming in the over, but the batsmen still manage to pick enough singles to pick up 5 from the over. Dubai still in a good position to win it, rather it is their game to win even now. Shahrukh and Bilal are clean hitters of the ball and should take their team over the line. 20 runs needed in the last two overs. 
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 1 0 2 1lb 0 Bowler: Waqas Gohar Score: 70/5
7.6 Waqas Gohar to Bilal Cheema, full length ball a bit wide outside off and Bilal tries to slog this one towards the long off region but misses.
7.5 Waqas Gohar to Shahrukh Sheikh, length ball on the leg stump, tries to smash it to the leg side but doesn't time it properly and it's just a single.
7.4 Waqas Gohar to Shahrukh Sheikh, full length ball outside off, smashes this one to the extra-cover region straight to the fielder and they take a risky second run.
7.3 Waqas Gohar to Shahrukh Sheikh, fuller this time outside off and Shahrukh tries to dig this one out but doesn't time it properly.
7.2 Waqas Gohar to Bilal Cheema, full length ball outside off, drives it to long off but will get only a single.
7.1 Waqas Gohar to Shahrukh Sheikh, bowls an yorker just outside off, plays this one towards the long on region and takes a single
Waqas Gohar into the attack. 
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