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ECB Blues 126/3 (10 ov)
Dubai Pulse Secure 126/4 (10 ov)
Match Tied (ECB Blues won on more boundry count).
It's been a real roller-caster ride but, at the halfway stage, a few would have predicted that DPS would almost reach the victory mark. DPS managed to close down on a mammoth target of 127 runs set up by the ECB Blues. They started off in a far better manner than their opponents, notching up 31 runs in their first three overs. They never lost momentum in their innings but still had to up the ante because of the magnanimity of ECB's total.

The likes of Fahad Nawad, Faisal Amin, Rahman Gull, and Ibtisam Sait all chipped in with crucial contributions unlike Aravind's one-man show in the first innings and nearly pulled off the unbelievable. Kashif Daud was the pick of the bowlers for the ECB Blues but the rest of the bowling battery went the journey and couldn't hold back the carnage that unravelled.
We have been treated with an enthralling tournament-opener of the D10 League 2020 and it's still not done and dusted yet as the organizers look to figure out the winner.

9.6 M Ayaz to I Sait, TIE! high full toss and played straight to deep midwicket for a single but an overthrow from the deep allows the batsman to come back for a SECOND! The match is TIED! Who would have predicted this result at the halfway mark stage! The match will now be decided on the basis of which team has hit the highest number of boundaries!
9.5 M Ayaz to I Sait, short of length ball, the batsman drags it across to vacant deep midwicket area for couple of runs! 3 in 1 ball now!
9.4 M Ayaz to R Gull, low fulltoss but hit straight to deep long on who darts the ball quickly to the bowler from there allowing no extra run
9.3 M Ayaz to I Sait, another fulltoss but played straight to deep mid-off for a single
9.2 M Ayaz to I Sait, high fulltoss and played delicately towards the deep backward region for another boundary! Poor bowling from the Ayaz!
9.2 M Ayaz to I Sait, short ball, the batsman misses it but Sati runs two off a WIDE delivery after Ayaz misses a direct hit!
9.1 M Ayaz to I Sait, low fulltoss, and the mid off fielder dives over the ball but it sneaks user him and goes to long off for a boundary. Great start to the over 
Excellent end to the penultimate over for the DPS as they linger along to 109 and need 18 off the last over to seal a terrific win.
8.6 J Siddique to R Gull, banged in short, the batsman goes deep in the crease and hits it long away in the orbit for MAXIMUM! Boy! that must have traveled all the way to Abu Dhabi!
8.5 J Siddique to Sait, another delivery in the blackhole and all the new batsman can do is paly it meekly to long off for a single 
8.4 J Siddique to F Amin, CAUGHT, full ball and carved straightaway to the point fielder who didn't have to move an inch to catch that ball! SOFT DISMISSAL in the end for Amin  
8.3 J Siddique to F Amin, overpitched and played uppishly to vacant long on region for a brace!
8.2 J Siddique to F Amin, length ball and smoked over midwicket for a maximum! Amin connected it sweetly!
8.1 J Siddique to R Gull, yorker and carved by the batsman to long leg for a single, GOOD delivery upfront from Junaid
8.1 J Siddique to R Gull, bowled down the leg, WIDE called
R Mustafa keeps it to only eight from that over with DPS now requiring 33 off two overs to win this game. Need a big one here.
7.6 R Mustafa to R Gull,back of a length ball outside off and caressed to extra covers for a single
7.5 R Mustafa to F Amin, another fuller length ball and punched to long off for a single
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