Dubai Pulse Secure 111/7 (10 ov)
Fujairah Pacific Ventures won by 30 runs.
Player of the match: Usman Khan
That's all this game had in store for us. The action does continue in the Emirates D10 League with the second game just about to commence. Do switch tabs and keep up to date with all the action right here on Sportskeeda. Thank you so much for tuning in to our live coverage - one which we hope you enjoyed as much as we did in bringing it to you. On behalf of my colleague Maanas Upadhyay, this is Sooryanarayanan Sesha bidding goodbye. Do take care and stay safe!
A dominating performance from Fujairah who have taken this contest by 30 runs after amassing the highest total in the competition thus far. Dubai had their task cut out right at the start and a promotion up the order for skipper Shahrukh Sheikh and Bilal Cheema didn't end up as the solution they were after as both fell within the first couple of overs. Fahad Nawaz was the one who truly provided some impetus to the innings as he took on the experienced Zahoor Khan and kept Dubai in the game. The baton was passed on to Muhammad Hassan post the departure of Fahad as Dubai were ahead of what Fujairah had on the board at the halfway mark, keeping their hopes alive.

A huge 19-run over off Maroof Merchant threw up a possibility of a Houdini act but Waseem Muhammad and Jiju Janardhanan strangled the chase with a couple of tight overs, leaving Dubai with 41 to get off the final two overs. Janardhanan in particular, was excellent in aiming for the yorker on a consistent basis. Thereafter, once Hassan was run out in trying to steal a run, the end was nigh and a flurry of late wickets ensued before the formalities were completed. An impressive show from the likes of Waseem, Janardhanan and debutant Mujahid Amin who also received a lot of praise from his skipper as Fujairah completed and comprehensive victory at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium.
Ahmed Raza (Fujairah Pacific Ventures Captain): Really important (that performance). Important 2 points and it gives us an opportunity to finish on top. We were resting our fast-bowlers and it was a really good effort to win by 30 runs. Muhajid took up the responsibility - he is an important member of this team and he was really good.
Usman Khan (Player of the Match): Our plan was to play according to the wicket and not put pressure on ourselves. Our captain always tells us that one of the top three need to bat through the ten overs and that's the plan we followed.
Shahrukh Sheikh (Dubai Pulse Secure Captain): We were looking to go at 12-13 an over. But we will take the positives out of this encounter. We crossed the 100-run barrier and Fahad played really well. The next game is an important game and we will try our best to restrict them to under the 100-run mark. The wicket has got easier to bat on now. We weren't at our best in the field and we need to bowl better as well. Hope to come back better.
And that is that! A highly impressive debut for Mujahid Amin as he mixed his lines to great benefit. A bit of a casual effort towards the end from Waseem but the rest of the game was anything but casual from Fujairah Pacific Ventures - they have wrapped up yet another contest by a mammoth 30 runs as they soar to the top of the points table!
Over: 10 | Summary: 0 1 1 1 1 4 Bowler: Mujahid Amin Score: 111/8
9.6 Mujahid Amin to Vinayak Vijayan, FOUR! SHOT! Full ball on the off stump fired in, Vijayan leans in and bludgeons that down the ground. The fielder at long on runs around but is unable to palm it back in. The ball goes over the rope and Vijayan will finish with a boundary. That will wrap up proceedings here as Fujairah clinically beat Dubai by 30 runs!
9.5 Mujahid Amin to Muhammad Farooq, tossed up delivery on the off stump, Farooq dances down the track and mistimes the heave towards deep mid-wicket for a single
9.4 Mujahid Amin to Vinayak Vijayan, full ball drifting onto the pads, flicked aerially towards deep mid-wicket, where the fielder collects it on the bounce, for a single
9.3 Mujahid Amin to Muhammad Farooq, full ball on the off stump, Farooq gets onto the front foot and dabs that in front of point for a single.
9.2 Mujahid Amin to Vinayak Vijayan, length ball on the off stump spinning away, Vijayan shuffles across and works it towards long on for a single
9.1 Mujahid Amin to Vinayak Vijayan, no run, tossed up delivery outside off spinning away, Vijayan looks to drive it but is beaten 
Mujahid Amin, slow left-arm orthodox, is back into the attack.
That's how you shut the doors on the opposition. Three wickets including a run out and things keep going from bad to worse for Dubai Pulse Secure. Fujairah barely need to wrap up formalities at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium as Dubai require 39 off the final over! 
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 W W W 0 1 Bowler: Waseem Muhammad Score: 103/8
8.6 Waseem Muhammad to Vinayak Vijayan, full ball outside off, Vijayan gets the outside edge on the cover drive towards backward point, where a misfield allows a single.
Ever so close there for Waseem.
8.5 Waseem Muhammad to Vinayak Vijayan, no run, back of a length ball on the fourth stump line, swings away and fizzes past the outside edge of Vijayan's bat. 
Vinayak Vijayan, right-handed bat, comes to the crease.
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