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Dubai Pulse Secure 103/5 (10 ov)
Sharjah Bukhatir XI 107/5 (8.2 ov)
Sharjah Bukhatir XI won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Unaib Rehman
Sharjah Bukhatir XI win by 5 wickets with 10 deliveries to spare

Before we get down with the summary of the match, spare a thought or two for Vinayak Vijayan. The premier strike bowler of Dubai who was entrusted with bowling the opening over to defend a reasonably tricky total of 104, had his worst nightmare come to reality! The right-arm medium pacer dished out some filthy wides down the leg which went for boundaries while other 'not-so-bad' deliveries were smothered by Vrittya Aravaind whose class proved just too much for the youngster.

Giving away 34 runs in the first over, Dubai was always going to play a catch-up game from there. And that is exactly what happened. The bowling side did get two quick wickets in the next over after the carnage and continued to chip in with wickets at regular intervals. But the asking run rate was pegged so far back that it proved to be a stroll in the park for the Sharjah batsmen in the end.

Vrittya Aravind top-scored with 37 off 15 balls, an innings that had two sweetly timed maximum's and 5 Sanju Samson-esque boundaries. His innings came to an end in the fourth over but by the time he had taken his team over the 50 run mark and ensured that no untoward incident happened from here.

Skipper Fayyaz Ahmed who came down the order ensured that his team went over the line unscathed as he smashed his way to 22 off just 14 deliveries in which he was extremely severe on Muhammad Hassan. All-rounder Umair Ali was there with him at the end to see things through.

As for Dubai, the positives will be the performance of Bilal Cheema in the first innings and the bowling performance of Nilansh Keswani in the defence of the total. The youngster finished with figures of 2-0-13-1 when all the other bowlers went well over the economy rate of 9.5.

Dubai have nowhere to hide now, they have won only one game in the tournament so far and it looks like their chances of making to the knockouts have gone down the drain with this particular loss. As for Sharjah, they break their three-match losing streak and get back to winning ways. Happy days ahead!

So that was that from us, until next time, this is Abhinav Singh and my partner, Soorya Sesha signing off. Keep tuning in to Sportskeeda for all the live sporting action from around the globe. GOODNIGHT FOLKS!
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 4lb Bowler: Jash Giyanani Score: 0/0
8.2 Jash Giyanani to Fayyaz Ahmad, FOUR! AND THERE IT IS! A low full toss on the pads that just needs some bat on it to run away very fine and into the ropes! The skipper hits the winning runs as Sharjah are back to winning ways - they have hammered Dubai Pulse Secure by 5 wickets with as many as 10 deliveries to spare!
8.1 Jash Giyanani to Umair Ali, very full outside off, drilled along the ground towards mid-off to level the scores
Jash Giyanani [1-0-15-1] to bowl his final over

So the game slides to the penultimate over but Sharjah will just be completing the formalities. Hassan bowling a loose over, giving away 14 runs as skipper Fayyaz Ahmad went to the tonktown. 2 runs required off the final 12 deliveries
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 1 6 4 0 2 Bowler: Muhammad Hassan Score: 102/5
7.6 Muhammad Hassan to Fayyaz Ahmad, back of a length at the stumps, pulled square of the wicket and into the gap as the fielders converge; they complete the second 
7.5 Muhammad Hassan to Fayyaz Ahmad, slower on a length on leg-stump, adjusts to a defense at the last moment as he picks the change up!
7.4 Muhammad Hassan to Fayyaz Ahmad, FOUR! EXCELLENT BATTING! A half-tracker on leg-stump, Fayaz walks across and picks up a pull over the fielder at short 45 as the ball rolls away to the ropes! One hit away now! 100 up for Sharjah! 4 runs required in 14 balls!
7.3 Muhammad Hassan to Fayyaz Ahmad, SIX! THE BIGGEST OF THE NIGHT! THAT HAS GONE FOR ETERNITY! In the slot at the stumps and Fayyaz swings and launches it into Mars! On the roof over cow corner and perhaps still travelling! That newly laid Sharjah roof might need some repairing! 8 runs required in 15 balls
7.2 Muhammad Hassan to Umair Ali, slower and full on off, toe-ends a heave across the line through mid-wicket; another single taken
7.1 Muhammad Hassan to Fayyaz Ahmad, slower on a full length on off, drops his bat at an angle towards backward point for a single. Brings the big hitter dasher Umair on strike!
Muhammad Hasan [1-0-5-1] to replace Nilansh Keswani

Farooq bowling some old school leg spin in the over and keeping the batsmen quiet whilst accounting for the dismissal of veteran Rohan Mustafa, up until the last ball where Umair tonked him for a MAXIMUM. The game can still go anywhere if Dubai chip in with another wicket or two. For Sharjah, it is their captain who will hold the key to their fortunes! 16 runs required in 18 deliveries
Over: 7 | Summary: 1 W 1 0 1 6 Bowler: Muhammad Farooq Score: 88/5
6.6 Muhammad Farooq to Umair Ali, SIX! CLEAN HITTING! Flighted delivery outside off on a full length, Umair gets on one knee and launches it clean and long over the long off fence! The equation is down to less than a run a ball now!
6.5 Muhammad Farooq to Fayyaz Ahmad, walks across and slog sweeps this full length delivery towards deep mid-on; a single taken!
6.4 Muhammad Farooq to Fayyaz Ahmad, quicker delivery from around the wicket, full outside off as Fayyaz swipes across the line and gets beaten
6.3 Muhammad Farooq to Umair Ali, tossed up on a length on middle and leg, rocks back and tucks it towards mid-wicket to get off the mark
One shot too many from Mustafa who perishes whilst attempting a wild heave. Dubai once again tiptoeing around a 'comeback'. Meanwhile, Umair Ali Khan walks out to bat in the middle. 24 required in 22 balls with 5 wickets left in the bank
6.2 Muhammad Farooq to Rohan Mustafa, OUT! CAUGHTE BEHIND! Tossed up on a length in the channel, Mustafa swipes across the line but he can only manage a thick edge; sharp take by the keeper as the experienced Rohan Mustafa departs! Half the side back in the hut!
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