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Sharjah Bukhatir XI 153/6 (20 ov)
Dubai Pulse Secure 153/8 (20 ov)
Match tied (Sharjah won by most boundaries)
Player of the match: Umair Ali
We hope you enjoyed our coverage of this thrilling encounter just as much as we did bringing it to you. But hold on, don't go away just yet as we have our team bringing you all the action from the final game of the day from the Dream 11 Emirates D20 league in just a bit. Until then, this is Rishab, and my colleague, Ankit, taking your leave! 
What a game we have just witnessed! An unbelievable finish. Nothing to seperate the two sides at the end. Dubai should have finished it? Or it was Sharjah''s game and they let lose? Discuss all you want but what a thriller this has been! We've seen such finishes time and again across various leagues, even international cricket, and that's the nature of T20 cricket isn't it? It's never really over till it actually is! That's what makes it more and more interesting keeping us on the edge of our seats! 

Sharjah started superbly with the ball as Kashif and Faisal were getting it to swing both ways and troubling the batsmen. They kept it real tight and got the wickets as well. Until the half-way mark, or even till the 15-over mark, it was Sharjah's game all the way along. They picked wickets at regular intervals and kept Dubai under the pressure. Punya Mehra was going really good and kept Dubai hanging in, but he got out too and it seemed to get easier for Sharjah! But then came in Bilal Cheema and boy what a whirlwind innings he played! Absolutely unbelievable as to how he got. Dubai back into the game! He showed some great intent and a fighting spirit. He had some luck as well, being dropped, quite a few drops from both sides and it made a lot of difference, quite clearly. Sharjah did get him eventually but he'd done enough damage by then and Ali Naseer carried it on for Dubai! Repaying that hurricane effort from Bilal. Nervy moments in the end and both teams settling for a tie. Ali would have felt he should have finished it. 

Sharjah were really tight but let lose in those final overs. It would have been a shame had they ended up losing this. They will be happy to walk away with a draw, but it will disappoint them because it was in their grasp. Dubai almost pulling off a thrilling win from the jaws of defeat! Brilliant edge of the seat encounter this, also the first tie of the tournament. 
Sloppy in the field at the first ball there! Every run is crucial at this stage and it's proven costly for them. Ali playing a brilliant knock there and this is a tie! What a cracker of a game this has been! What a turnaround from Dubai! Bilal brought them back in nice and Ali almost finished it for Dubai! They should have won it, Sharjah will be happy to have gotten away! They'll be just as dissapointed to let lose in those final overs but 40 overs of cricket and nothing to seperate the two sides! We've witnessed some great action and it's the first tied game of this league. One hell of a game this has been! 
19.6 Faisal Altaf to Ali Naseer, they take 2 more! HOW ABOUT THAT! Naseer has managed to tie the game for Dubai. From nowhere close, to a tie. Exceptional batting from Dubai, they have taken the game away from under Sharjah's nose. Brilliant game of cricket here. 
19.5 Faisal Altaf to Ali Naseer, how about that run! Beautiful running, poor fielding. Everything working out for Dubai. 
19.4 Faisal Altaf to Ali Naseer, SIX! And there's more drama! Naseer, you absolute beauty! Takes on the full length by Altaf, and oh boy does he connect. Clears the rope by some distance. 
19.3 Faisal Altaf to Nilansh Keswani, good length, shying away from the left hander, who manages to push it enough for a single. 
19.2 Faisal Altaf to Nilansh Keswani, full length, outside off, the batsman misses it. A very very important dot ball for Sharjah. 
19.1 Faisal Altaf to Nilansh Keswani, slower delivery, short pitched. As expected Nilansh swings and gets some wood on it as they run for a couple. 
Bilal Cheema is turning it on here! When it looked like Sharjah were running away with this game, this man is playing a sensational innings! And he's gone! Run-out! Looking to keep strike which was right but this is a massive massive blow! Is it the game for Sharjah? What a game this has turned out to be. But Bilal has been commendable to get his team back into this chase. Unfortunate that he couldn't stay till the end. Sharjah will breathe a huge sigh of relief. Good finish from Kashif! Gets another wicket and he's been brilliant tonight! It's 14 needed off the last over. This game can still go either way! 
Over: 19 | Summary: 0 6 2W 1 1 W Bowler: Kashif Daud Score: 140/8
18.6 Kashif Daud to Latif Tahir, OUT! CAUGHT! Oh finally a good catch for the fielding team. About time! Tahir goes after it, rightfully so, seeing the required runs. Connects it only enough to go up high in the air, but not cover a lot of distance. A good catch by Paul who comes running in from the boundary. 
18.5 Kashif Daud to Ali Naseer, full pitched, coming into the left hander, from around the wicket, only giving away a single down the ground. 
18.4 Kashif Daud to Latif Tahir, shorter pitched delivery on the body, somehow Tahir manages to pull it for a single. 
18.3 Kashif Daud to Bilal Cheema, OUT! RUNOUT! Good length, into the stumps. Bilal tries to go for another boundary, but even two proves to be too much as he is runout, and will walk back, sadly. But he's done the damage. 
18.2 Kashif Daud to Bilal Cheema, SIX! Good length, not enough pace either, but Cheema manages to get enough bat on it to clear long on. Fantastic work by Cheema. 
18.1 Kashif Daud to Bilal Cheema, short ball, slower ball, no pace, Bilal as expected, goes after it but does not manage to connect it. 
Bilal has been put down! How crucial will this prove? The catching has been poor and Bilal gets another six. Insult to injury! He's playing a blinder here! Can he get Dubai through? It's going to be tough but not impossible. Good running there. Good cricket from Dubai. Ali gets a maximum too! Boy this game is still pretty much on! Momentum shift to Dubai here. It's 23 off 12 now! Expensive over! 
Over: 18 | Summary: 2w 2 6 4 1 2 6 Bowler: Krishan Paul Score: 130/6
17.6 Krishan Paul to Ali Naseer, SIX! Hello Ali, straight into attacking mode. Picks the good length delivery and sends this ball out of the vicinity of any player. Outrageous! 
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