Cobra Cricket Club 73/10 (10 ov)
Dunabogdany Cricket Club won by 10 runs.
ALL OUT!! Dunabogdany Cricket Club have won the game by 10 runs.  Both the team have been quite accurate in using their bowlers. In the end DCC got the better of CCC. CCC will now have to go back and look and try to improve as this is just the first game of the season.

That's all we have now for this match.We hope you enjoyed the coverage we brought you. Do join us on Sportskeeda for the second game of the day of this exciting T10 league. until next time, it is goodbye from our side. This is Azhar, along with my colleague Pradeep singing off!.
9.6 A Parihar to A Mathur, OUT! Slower one and Ashutosh hits it straight to the gully fielder and he takes it, they are ecstatic to win this opener! That shot sums up the batting effort of Cobra's! DCC win by 10 runs, they are delighted with this win!
9.5 A Parihar to A Singh, full delivery and Achuk just pushes it towards point, single again, it's almost over for Cobra Cricket Club! They need 11 of the final ball!
9.4 A Parihar to A Mathur, full toss again and Ashutosh just managed to hit that towards deep square leg, just a single!
9.3 A Parihar to A Mathur, OUT! Full length delivery and Ashutosh drives that towards long on and they try to run a second, Bhavani is short of his crease, direct hit and he's runout!
9.2 A Parihar to B Adapaka, full toss and Bhavani carved it towards third man for a single!
9.1 A Parihar to S Mandali, OUT! Terrific delivery first up, Srinivas walks a couple of steps and that goes through his gates, his stumps are CASTLED!
8.6 B Singh to S Mandali, back of a length delivery and Srinivas scampers for a single, gets an inside edge! They need 15 of the last over! Can they get it?
15 required of the final 6! 
69/7 after 9 overs.
8.5 B Singh to S Kumar, OUT! Short and fired it in and Sanjay skies this one, gets a top edge, the fielder comes in from the point and juggles 3 times and he finally pouches it, his heart would've been in his mouth at the end!
8.4 B Singh to S Kumar, Sanjay just not able to connect anything today, mistimed shot again, they run a single, but overthrows caused another run!
8.3 B Singh to A Mathur, full length again and Ashutosh hits it towards square leg for a single!
8.2 B Singh to S Kumar, short in the middle and Sanjay fails to find the middle of the bat and get a single only!
8.1 B Singh to S Kumar, down the legside and hits the pads, DOT ball!
Cobra Cricket club are 64/6 after 8 overs. 20 from 12 required. Could be anyone's game. 
7.6 A Parihar to S Kumar, full length delivery, hits it towards long on and they jog a single!
7.5 A Parihar to N Narve, OUT! slower one and Nitin skies this one high and the bowler runs back and takes this catch, terrific change of pace and he's credited with a wicket!
7.4 A Parihar to S Kumar, short but around the off stump, guides that one towards short third man and gets a single!
7.3 A Parihar to N Narve, walks down the track and Nitin drills that towards deep covers for a single!
7.2 A Parihar to N Narve, FOUR! Full toss and Nitin carved it towards deep backward point for a boundary!
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