ECB Blues 134/4 (10 ov)
Abu Dhabi 46/10 (8.1 ov)
Emirates Blues beat Abu Dhabi by 88 runs
Player of the match: Akif Raja
ECB Blues win by 88 runs

Not much to say about this tamely performance from the Abu Dhabi side as they capitulated under the weight of the record-breaking target which was far too much for the fragile batting order which tried excessively hard, only to receive a humbling from a much superior ECB side. Kamran Atta was the only batsman to cross the single-digit figures, top-scoring with 21 off 16 deliveries, while none of the other batsmen could put a decent dent into the bowling of ECB.

The game was done and dusted in the first half after ECB put up an imposing total courtesy contributions from the ever-so-reliable Mohammad Boota, CP Rizwaan and Laxman Manjrekar. The trio has been the spine of the ECB team and has helped them keep their perfect run going so far, 3 wins out of 3. CP even found himself in the wicket column as well with his nifty leg-spin which the Abu Dhabi batsmen could not pick at any stage.

Rizwaan, who came to bowl in the seventh over, finished with astonishing figures of 1.1-0-3-3 and put his name in the list of top all-round performances of the tournament. He was ably supported by the likes of Akif Raja and Mohammad Azhar who picked up three and one wicket respectively, giving almost nothing to the batsmen.
The crushing 88 run defeat will have put a severe dent on the run rate but Abu Dhabi will have to forget this game and move forward. With practically no turn around time as they play two games tomorrow, Abu Dhabi will have to regroup rather quickly.

However, if cricket has taught us anything, it is to never write off any team. Abu Dhabi's crushing loss comes on a day when Pakistan lifted the World Cup some 28 years ago. In the Benson and Hedges World Cup, Pakistan had lost their first game but after that produced a comeback for the ages which is enshrined in golden letters in the cricket history books. Abu Dhabi can surely take some inspiration from there and mount a comeback.

So that ends the second day of Emirates D10. Join us tomorrow, here at Sportskeeda, at the same time as we bring to you all the live action from the cricketing world. Until next time, this is Abhinav Singh, and my partner, Dwijesh Reddy signing off. GOODNIGHT! STAY GOLD!
8.1 CP Rizwan to Yodhin Punja, WICKET! THAT'S THE END OF THIS GAME! A quicker one on middle and leg that skids on, Punja is caught in front of leg while playing it off the back foot. There's a loud appeal to which the umpire agrees and raises his finger. That hands Emirates Blues an 88-run win against Abu Dhabi!
CP Rizwaan [1-0-2-2] to bowl his final over here

Aryan Lakra jogs in and bowls an excellent over and further piles on the misery of Abu Dhabi. An impossible 89 runs required in the final 12 deliveries with only one wicket left in hand
Over: 8 | Summary: 0 1 W 1 1 0 Bowler: Aryan Lakra Score: 45/9
7.6 Aryan Lakra to Adil Raza, CLOSE! A full ball bowled on middle and off, Raza nearly plays it on but the ball bounces over the stumps for no runs
7.5 Aryan Lakra to Yodhin Punja, a similar ball once again, Punja crunches it off the back foot towards sweeper cover for a single
7.4 Aryan Lakra to Adil Raza, a full ball bowled outside off, Raza defends it towards point and takes the quick single
A hara-kiri runout for skipper Punja as he finishes a disappointing shift in the middle today. Adil Raza is the last man to walk to the middle
7.3 Aryan Lakra to Aaryan Madani, RUN-OUT! A length ball bowled on the stumps, Madani pulls it to deep midwicket and calls for a double. But the fielder returns well and the keeper does the rest! Another one bites the dust!
7.2 Aryan Lakra to Yodhin Punja, a touch fuller this time and Punja drives it to extra cover to get off the mark
7.1 Aryan Lakra to Yodhin Punja, a length ball bowled outside off, Punja misses out with the push towards cover. Another batsman looking to force the issue, instead of timing the ball
Skipper Yodhin Punja, RHB, walks out to bat. Aryan Lakra to bowl the eighth over, replacing Mohammad Azhar

CP Rizwaan after turning the heat with a bat in his hand turns some more heat with his wily leg spins. Takes the wicket of slogger Muzammil and Ahmed and strengthens his credentials for being called an all-rounder. 93 runs required in 198 deliveries with only two wickets left in the bag. Safe to say, the game is long gone from the hands of Abu Dhabi  
Over: 7 | Summary: 0 1 W 0 1 1w Bowler: CP Rizwan Score: 42/7
6.6 CP Rizwan to Fayyaz Ahmed, WICKET! Once again, the extra ball hands them a wicket! A loopy leg-break bowled on off-stump, Ahmed skies one towards the mid-on region. Rizwan covers some ground and takes a good catch to pick his second wicket!
6.6 CP Rizwan to Fayyaz Ahmed, WIDE! A very wide one from Rizwan, who will need to bowl that one again!
6.5 CP Rizwan to Aaryan Madani, a very full ball on the off-stump, Madani drags it down to long-on for a single
6.4 CP Rizwan to Aaryan Madani, a length ball bowled on leg-stump, Madani is caught in two minds and ends up edging it on to his body
This is just too easy for ECB Blues. Aaryan Madani walks out to bat after the dismissal of Muzammil
6.3 CP Rizwan to Muhammad Muzammil, WICKET! It was a short ball, asking to be put away but Muzammil hits it straight to Rizwan, who takes a good return catch! What can this man not do?
6.2 CP Rizwan to Fayyaz Ahmed, a loopy delivery bowled outside off, Ahmed cuts it towards point and takes the single on offer
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