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ECB Blues 151/7 (20 ov)
Ajman Alubond 154/9 (20 ov)
Ajman Alubond won by 1 wickets
Player of the match: Sultan Muhammad Akhtar
That brings an end to our coverage of this exciting Emirates D20 contest. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for live commentaries as well as the latest news. This is me, Avik Bose and my colleague, Lavil Saldanha, signing off.
Losing the toss and being sent in to BAT first, ECB Blues went off to a brilliant start. With 67/0 after 7 overs, they were looking well set for a mammoth total on the board. Opener Fahad Nawaz contributed 42 runs from 30 balls while Zawar Fareed added 15 runs from 11 runs in the middle. Vriitya Aravind top-scored with a blazing knock of 54 runs from 45 balls. In the middle overs, suddenly wickets started crumbling down and ECB batters completely lost their way in the middle. From the bowling department, Sultan Ahmed took 2 wickets while Zuhaib took 1 wicket. ECB Blues stuck in there and finished on 151/7.
Chasing a target of 152, Ajman Alubond started a bit cautiously with 23/0 after the first 4 overs. Waqas Ali contributed a run-a-ball 15 while Amjad Gul added 38 runs from 24 balls. Opener Asif Khan top-scored with 39 runs from 23 balls and he simply took the bowling attack apart. While they looked on course to chase the total down, a late flurry of wickets made the contest even more gripping than it looked like. From the bowling department, Lakra took 1 wicket while Kartik Meiyappan and Waheed Ahmad took 3 wickets and 2 wickets respectively. With 2 runs needed from the last ball, Sheraz Piya struck a boundary straight over the bowler's head to take his team home. Ajman Alubond finished on 154/9 from their 20 overs.

Ajman Alubond thus win this thrilling contest by 1 wicket and are well on their trail to finish off on a high.
End of the innings
Ajman Alubond 154/9 from 20 overs

Ajman Alubond win the match by 1 wicket.
Over: 20 | Summary: 1w 1w W 1 1w 1W 0 1 4 Bowler: Alishan Sharafu Score: 153/9
19.6 Alishan Sharafu to Sheraz Piya, FOUR! AND AJMAN SNATCH THE VICTORY THERE! Full-length ball on the middle stump there, Piya cleared his front foot there, launches the ball down the ground past the bowler and the pair get a boundary and end the game off in style, winning the match by a wicket
19.5 Alishan Sharafu to Sharif Asadullah, full-length ball on the pads from Sharafu there, Asadullah flicks it away on the leg side for a single. 2 needed off 1 delivery
19.4 Alishan Sharafu to Sharif Asadullah, full-length ball wid outside off there, just inside the tramline there as Asadullah plays and misses. 3 needed off 2 runs there
19.3 Alishan Sharafu to Zubair Zuhaib, ZUHAIB RUN OUT, ONE RUN TAKEN! Full-length ball outside off from Sharafu there, Zuhaib drive the ball there and gets a single, looked to get a brace there but is run out at the striker's end
A desperate attempt for a second goes in vain. Another wicket falls. 9th one back in the hut! 3 runs needed from 3 balls
19.3 Alishan Sharafu to Zubair Zuhaib, misses the mark there, Sharafu looking to bowl the wide yorker and the umpire calls it a wide. 4 in 4 needed now
19.2 Alishan Sharafu to Sheraz Piya, full length ball on the leg stump there, Piya flicks the ball away on the leg side for a single there, 5 runs needed in 4 balls
19.1 Alishan Sharafu to Amjad Gul, CAUGHT! Banged the ball in short there, Sharafu. Gul looked to flat bat the ball there. Mistimed it and lands in the hands of deep long of there. Amjad Khan departs scoring 38 runs from 24 balls and that is a huge wicket in the context of the match. ECB Blues are set to pull off a miracle.
19.1 Alishan Sharafu to Amjad Gul, another slower bouncer yet again, missed the tramline yet again and the umpire stretches his arms there, wide called
6 runs needed from 6 balls
19.1 Alishan Sharafu to Amjad Gul, a slower bouncer from Sharafu there early up, goes past the tramline and the umpire called it a wide
End of the penultimate over
Ajman Alubond 144/7
Extras Given : 7

8 runs needed from 6 balls
Amjad Gul is batting on 38 runs from 23 balls and he has to take the charge and lead his team home from here on.
Over: 19 | Summary: 0 1w 1 1 1 W W Bowler: Waheed Ahmed Score: 143/7
18.6 Waheed Ahmad to Ethesham Siddiq, CAUGHT! TWO IN TWO FOR AHMAD THERE! Full length ball way outside off from Ahmad there, Siddiq hits the ball hard, mistimes it and gives deep square leg an easy catch to hold on to. Meaningless shot and pays the price. 7th wicket down!
18.5 Waheed Ahmad to Sultan Muhammad Akhtar, CAUGHT! Full length wide outside off from Ahmad, Sultan looked to have a wild slash at the ball there, fetches the outside edge and the keeper takes the catch comfortably. Sultan Akhtar departs scoring 13 runs from 12 balls. But for ECB Blues, it is too little too late as it seems.
18.4 Waheed Ahmad to Amjad Gul, full length ball outside off, driven away to sweeper cover for a single there
18.3 Waheed Ahmad to Sultan Muhammad Akhtar, straight low full toss outside off from Ahmad there, tapped down the ground for a single 
18.2 Waheed Ahmad to Amjad Gul, full length ball wide outside off, worked away on the off side for a quick single
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