Sharjah Bukhatir XI 101/7 (10 ov)
ECB Blues 104/3 (9.1 ov)
ECB Blues won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Mohammad Boota
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Emirates Blues has their 4th win of the tournament and go on top of the table as Sharjah slipped down to 2nd position due to a lower NRR as both the teams are on 4 wins at the moment. 
Emirates Blues end the match quite convincingly as they score the runs in 9.1 overs and win the match by 7 wickets. Boota has been the star performer for Boota who stayed till the end to see his team through to the win. Boota also gets to his half century in the process as he ended on 51 runs from 29 balls that included 4 fours and 3 sixes. Aryan Lakra and Waheed Ahmed also chipped in with decent contributions but it was the start that really made things easy them to run through to the total. 

Sharjah dropped their shoulders after the expensive first which didn't really allow Sharjah to come back into the game and Boota just kept the momentum going. Sharjah had couple of half chances which might have turned the tide in their way had they taken those. It wasn't to be and Sharjah were never allowed to put the pressure on the opposition. Rohan Mustafa picked two wickets in his two overs and Umair Ali was the other wicket taker for Sharjah.
9.1 Hafeez-ur-Rehman to Mohammad Boota, FOUR! EDGED! Half-century for Boota! Full ball outside off angling away, Boota looks to drive it down the ground. The ball extracts the outside edge and it runs away to the third man fence! That will wrap up proceedings as Emirates Blues beat Sharjah by 7 wickets!
96 /3 score
cricket ball icon Junaid Siddique
8.6 Junaid Siddique to Mohammad Azhar, no run, length ball on the middle stump, Azhar clears his front foot and swings across the line but only connects with thin air
8.5 Junaid Siddique to Mohammad Boota, nails the yorker on the off stump, Boota jams that towards mid-wicket for a single
8.4 Junaid Siddique to Mohammad Azhar, DROPPED! length ball outside off angling away, Azhar cuts that aerially and the fielder there drops a sitter. The batsmen scamper across for a single.
8.3 Junaid Siddique to Mohammad Azhar, FOUR! SHOT! That is brilliantly played! Length ball outside off angling away, plenty of width on offer and Azhar capitalises on it. Opens the face of the bat and creams that through the backward point region for a boundary!
8.2 Junaid Siddique to Mohammad Boota, low full toss, follows the backing away batsman. Boota gets the inside edge towards square leg for a single.
8.1 Junaid Siddique to Mohammad Boota, no run, sharp bumper outside off, Boota misses the hook. One for the over signalled by the umpire
Junaid Siddique to bowl the 9th over.

Waheed Ahmed gets out in that over but it seems like it will be an easy end for Blues unless some miracle happens for Sharjah. Just 9 runs required from the last two overs.
89 /3 score
cricket ball icon Rohan Mustafa
7.6 Rohan Mustafa to Mohammad Azhar, FOUR! OH DEAR! Full ball on the off stump angling in. Azhar heaves that towards deep mid-wicket, where the fielder is blinded by the lights and shields his eyes with his hands instead of attempting to get anywhere near the ball, which rolls to the fence!
7.5 Rohan Mustafa to Waheed Ahmed, OUT! CAUGHT! Full toss on the off stump, Ahmed looks to send it packing downtown but cannot get it off the middle of the bat. Umair Ali at long on does not drop this time around and Ahmed has to walk back
7.4 Rohan Mustafa to Waheed Ahmed, SIX! Easy pickings! Slower one by the spinner dug into the pitch. A half-tracker and Ahmed waits for it a long time and hooks that over the backward square leg region for a huge maximum!
7.3 Rohan Mustafa to Mohammad Boota, length ball on the pads fired in, Boota gets the inside edge towards fine leg for a single
7.2 Rohan Mustafa to Mohammad Boota, full ball on the pads, flicked towards deep mid-wicket for a couple of runs. 
7.1 Rohan Mustafa to Waheed Ahmed, in the blockhole and outside off, Ahmed jams that towards long off for a single. 
Rohan Mustafa comes in to bowl his 2nd over.

A chance gone begging for Sharjah as Umair Ali drops a catch of Boota and got smashed for a six on the next ball. Is it all over for Sharjah or can they still make something out of it? Last 3 overs to go!!
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