Empire CC 114/7 (19.3 ov)
Empire CC won by 3 wickets
WHAT A GAME!. Empire CC kept the required rate under control though they kept losing wickets. Just when PKK thought they bowled good 19th over, a dropped catch of the last ball flew to SIX, which turned the game in favor of Empire CC just needing them to score 4 runs in the last over.
PKK needed another 30 to 40 runs on the board. They can be happy with their bowling performance who made sure that it goes till last over.
We enjoyed bringing this coverage to you. This is Nikhil Kulkarni and Dwijesh Reddy signing off. Take care and Stay Safe!.
19.3 A Rasheed to R Kumar, EDGED AND FOUR! END OF WHAT HAS BEEN A BRILLIANT GAME! It was bowled wide outside off and Kumar has a go at it. He gets the outside edge and it flies through the vacant third-man region for four! Empire CC will be relieved to come out on the right side of a win!
19.2 A Rasheed to A Ghaffar, RUN-OUT! Another twist in the tale? Ghaffar misses a full ball and looks to steal a run but is caught out of his ground by Rasheed! Calamity for Empire CC, for whom the new batsman will be on strike!
3 runs needed from 5 balls
19.1 A Rasheed to M Tambe, full ball driven to mid-on, Tambe scurries to complete the single!
That dropped catch might cost the game for PKK, That flew for SIX runs.
Last over coming up, hold on to your seats. 4 runs to win
18.6 A Ghani to A Ghaffar, IS THAT THE GAME!? Ghaffar heaves it to the leg side and what looked like an easy catch at deep square leg is parried over the boundary for a six! Just four needed now!
18.5 A Ghani to A Ghaffar, good looking shot for two through the covers!
18.4 A Ghani to M Tambe, full and straying on leg, Tambe can only get a single!
18.3 A Ghani to R Savage, WICKET! Savage perishes to a full ball outside off stump. Looks to loft it over the in-field but can only get as far as min-on! GAME ON!
18.2 A Ghani to R Savage, BEATEN! Another full ball outside off beats Savage!
18.1 A Ghani to M Tambe, full on middle and off, Tambe sweeps it to the square leg fielder. Just the one run!
EMP:- 99/5 from 18 overs. EMP needs 14 runs from 12 balls.
Important boundary in that over. This is will be a very tight finish. Who will hold their nerve to win this game?.
17.6 A Rasheed to R Savage, BEATEN! Full ball outside off and beats Savage's drive. Dot ball to end the over!
17.5 A Rasheed to M Tambe, length ball bowled wide, Tambe gets an under edge for a single! 
17.4 A Rasheed to M Tambe, FOUR! WHAT A SHOT UNDER PRESSURE! Got some width and punishes Rasheed with a fantastic shot!
17.3 A Rasheed to M Tambe, full ball on the stumps, played back to the bowler!
17.2 A Rasheed to M Tambe, IN THE AIR AND DROPPED BY THE KEEPER! It was in the air for some time but the keeper couldn't pull that one off. Two runs taken!
17.1 A Rasheed to M Tambe, SWING AND A MISS!
EMP:- 92/5 from 17 overs. EMP needs 21 runs from 18 balls.
EMP are struggling to hit boundaries here.
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