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Australia 157/7 (20 ov)
England 158/4 (18.5 ov)
England won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Jos Buttler
That's all we have from this live coverage of the 2nd T20I between England and Australia played at Rose Bowl, Southampton as I, Lavil Saldanha and my colleague,Shashwat Kumar sign off. Do check Sportskeeda for all latest sports news and commentaries, until next time, GOODBYE AND SEE YA!!!
England finish on 158/4 and beat Australia by 6 wickets and lead the 3- match T20 series 2-0

England took an alternate approach to the game, starting off cautiously with the first 2 overs from Starc and Cummins. Johnny Bairstow (9 runs in 11 balls) took early charge in the innings before falling prey to Starc's hit wicket. Jos Buttler (77* runs off 54 balls)and Dawid Malan (42 runs off 32 balls) then joined forces and stitched a handy 87 run partnership which was the foundation of the victory. They lost Tom Banton and Eoin Morgan cheaply, but some handy striking from Moeen Ali (13* runs of 6 balls) and a final six from Buttler sealed the deal for England as they chased down the total with ease with 7 balls to spare.

The Australian bowling department will be somewhat pleased with their bowling efforts as only Mitchell Starc (4-0-25-1), Ashton Agar (4-0-27-2 )and Adam Zampa (3.5-0-42-1) were the only bowlers who picked a wicket in the 6 bowlers used by Aaron Finch. They will need to improve their fielding as they let go many boundaries owing to some sloppy fielding.

Jos Buttler has been awarded the man of the match for his match winning 77 runs in 54 balls accounting in 8 fours and 2 huge sixes.
18.5 Adam Zampa to Jos Buttler, SIX! BUTTLER FINISHES IT OFF IN STYLE! Zampa gives that one a bit of air again but the length is right up to the batsman. Buttler marches down the track menacingly and then clatters it way over the sight screen for a maximum!
18.4 Adam Zampa to Moeen Ali, full delivery on off stump and Moeen just eases that one to the sweeper on the off side to get Buttler on strike. Intelligent batting!
18.3 Adam Zampa to Moeen Ali, FOUR MORE! Right in the slot outside off stump and the width allows Moeen to throw his hands at the ball. He does so extremely well and crashes it over extra covers for four. Six follows a four and Moeen Ali hits it fine and almost takes England home with his cameo
18.2 Adam Zampa to Moeen Ali, KABOOM! SIX! Flighted delivery on a length outside off stump and the air time enables Moeen to dance down the track. He gets to the pitch and then mauls it over long off for six. Gets into kamikaze mode there Moeen Ali and dances down the track to power it over the fielders for a maximum
18.1 Adam Zampa to Jos Buttler, quicker length delivery outside off stump. Buttler gets onto the back foot for this one and cuts it away to deep point for one
Another quiet over for England as Australia will be happy conceding singles and doubles. England will hope to hit every ball that comes their way as only 5 runs came from what was a tight over from Agar.

England are on 140/2 and need 18 runs in 12 balls
17.6 Ashton Agar to Jos Buttler, tossed up delivery on a length on leg stump. Buttler seems to be deceived initially before adjusting well to punch it down to long off for one
17.5 Ashton Agar to Moeen Ali, quicker delivery on a full length outside off stump. Moeen waits for it before dabbing it to point for another single
17.4 Ashton Agar to Moeen Ali, length delivery outside off stump as Moeen gives the charge. He does not get to the pitch of the ball, meaning that he clips it to mid wicket
17.3 Ashton Agar to Jos Buttler, length on middle and leg. Buttler comes forward and then eases it into the vacant spaces in the mid wicket region to get off strike
17.2 Ashton Agar to Moeen Ali, back of a length outside off stump. Moeen stays deep in his crease before punching it through the off side for a run
17.1 Ashton Agar to Jos Buttler, length outside off stump and Buttler carves that one past point to pick up another single. The new batsman Moeen Ali is on strike now!
England milk 10 runs in the over as Buttler and Morgan each get a boundary in the over and add it to England's run bank before Morgan holes that one straight to Maxwell. England will hope not to choke in the final overs like Australia did in the previous T20 

England are on 136/4 after 17 overs and need 22 runs in 18 balls
16.6 Adam Zampa to Eoin Morgan, GONE THIS TIME! IS IT HAPPENING AGAIN? Flighted delivery on a full length on off stump and Morgan can't resist the temptation to have a drive at it. He does so in an uppish manner and offers a tame catch to Maxwell at cover, who gobbles up the chance with ease. Needles stroke from Morgan there when just over a run a ball was needed and ends up losing his wicket
16.5 Adam Zampa to Eoin Morgan, length delivery that pitches on off stump and turns back into Morgan. He looks for the sweep but misses it altogether as the ball thuds into the pads. Australia review, but that seems more in desperation than hope! 

There is not bat involved and Ball Tracking returns with the ball missing the off stump! Morgan stays!
16.4 Adam Zampa to Eoin Morgan, FOUR! Tossed up outside off on a full length and that allows Morgan to get to the pitch of the ball. Once he has done so, he gets his hands through the ball and tonks it over the bowler's head for four. Morgan too joins the party as he too whacks this one straight down the ground for a four
16.3 Adam Zampa to Jos Buttler, full delivery on the pads and Buttler times that one towards deep square leg for a single
16.2 Adam Zampa to Jos Buttler, FOUR! Back of a length delivery outside off stump and Buttler sumptuously punches it through the extra cover ring. He goes back and then threads the eye of the needle to pick up four. Buttler absolutely whacks that and beats the 3 fielders on the off side and the ball runs away for a 4 
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