164/5 (20)
160/6 (20)
IND-W won by 4 runs.
What a magnificent semi-final this has been and it has set the tone for the final stages of the Women's T20 Commonwealth Games here. India had a modest total on the board and England Women started off on a brilliant note, running away with the game in the powerplay. 

Their openers set the tone with Dani Wyatt taking the attack on. However, India picked up a few key wickets at the right moments. They were not able to control the flow of runs in the middle phase as the boundaries kept coming and Nat Sciver, along with Amy Jones put up a brilliant partnership where it looked like England would comfortably get over the line at that stage. 

Although, the run out of Sciver proved to be the turning point in the game as India pulled things back very well from there on, building pressure from the past few overs as Deepti Sharma and Sneh Rana pulled it back very well with some tight bowling. With the wicket of Sciver, things tilted in favor of India and they gained confidence. They picked up wickets from there and the team was well fired up, keeping up the intensity even under pressure. 

This win before the final will give the side huge confidence as they have come out on top under tremendous pressure after being down and out as well. England will be disappointed to not have finished this game and be in that final match. They will have an opportunity to get a medal at the bronze game tomorrow. India will be keen to keep this performance up and have an opportunity to do something special at the finals now. 

This has been a thrilling contest alright and we are not done here as we have another big game lined up to find out who will take on India in the final. Well, this has been Pradeep and myself (India) as we sign off at the moment then. Have a splendid weekend folks!
Harmanpreet Kaur: I had to take charge and that was the reason I was charging them up to keep them involved and keep us in the game. I think Smriti did well and we did speak regarding the opening partnership. It is good that whoever performs and should keep it going in the final. Jemimah is a fighter and she will not think about this. She will be fine and she just got a little strain. When we give the ball to Shafali she is very confident and enjoys her bowling as well. We have to mix up the pace and that is why we tried her in between. I will watch the next game and it is important for us to learn from that and keep our focus and make our plans. 
Smriti Mandhana: I was just praying that this time we get over the line and we have been in knock-outs many times. Winning in the last ball is something that we have not done well and it was good for us to get over the line and go on to play the finals. We have few roles given to the bowlers and we have our death bowlers sorted. Deepti's overs in the middle were crucial and Rana was amazing to contain them at that time. To bowl with three fielders out in the last over was really good. It is way more important than my innings and that last over will be remembered for a long time. Luckily I was batting well even before coming here and I found a good touch. I was looking forward to come here and I am happy. I hope it continues and I hope I can do something special in the final as well. For us to play here was something different and I am sure the India fans will come out in big numbers in the gold medal match. We are ready to go into the final irrespective of whoever comes in. 
What a game this has been for India! A brilliant comeback to defend this total and some excellent bowling at the death. With that, India are the first team to make it to the final and bring England's unbeaten run to an end as well. India win by 4 runs and this has indeed been a monumental effort as they make it to the gold medal match!
160 /6 score
cricket bat icon Maia Bouchier
4 (5)
cricket bat icon Sophie Ecclestone *
7 (2)
cricket ball icon Sneh Rana
2 /28
19.6 Sneh Rana to Sophie Ecclestone, SIX! INDIA STORM INTO THE FINALS! What a remarkable bowling effort from India to topple the hosts here, ecstatic the players are and they meet either Australia or New Zealand on Sunday in the all important Finals. Full delivery on the stumps, Ecclestone shimmies down the track and nonchalantly CLOBBERS it over long-on for a maximum.
19.5 Sneh Rana to Maia Bouchier, just a single, cheer from the crowd and Rana kisses the sky. Full and fires on the stumps, Bouchier can't connect and gets a single down to long-on.
19.4 Sneh Rana to Sophie Ecclestone, DROPPED! DEOL DROPS A SITTER AT LONG-ON! Full toss into Ecclestone who skips down the track, miscued it straight down the throat of the fielder who settles under it and shells a sitter.
Sophie Ecclestone, RHB, comes to the crease
19.3 Sneh Rana to Katherine Brunt, OUT! STRAIGHT TO MID-OFF AND TAKEN! Kaur takes a dolly and India are right on top, England crumbling here. Full toss that gets big on Brunt who looks to clear mid-off but no, goes straight to Kaur and has to go.
Kartherine Brunt c Harmanpreet Kaur b Sneh Rana 0 (2b, 0x4, 0x6).
19.2 Sneh Rana to Maia Bouchier, low full toss, fired it on the off-stump, Bouchier skips down the track and smacked it straight to mid-off. Just a single. pressure mounting on Bouchier!
19.1 Sneh Rana to Maia Bouchier, STUMPING APPEAL, NOT GIVEN! Fires the full delivery on the outside off, Bouchier reaches for it and misses, Bhatia was quick to whip the bails off in a flash and Bouchier's backfoot never dragged outside the crease.
England needed a big over here to ease pressure off and Pooja, who has been very good over all in her spell, missed her lines and lengths under pressure here. This is just what England needed. However, Pooja has comeback well and the wicket of Sciver is a big moment in this game. India are in this. 14 more off 6 needed!
151 /5 score
cricket bat icon Maia Bouchier
2 (2)
cricket bat icon Katherine Brunt *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Pooja Vastrakar
0 /16
18.6 Pooja Vastrakar to Katherine Brunt, bangs the short delivery into the track, on the outside off, Brunt skips down the track to swat and misses. DOT BALL to finish!
Katherine Brunt, RHB, comes to the crease
18.5 Pooja Vastrakar to Nat Sciver, RUN-OUT! Did Sciver make it back in? Length delivery on the off-stump, Sciver heaves it to deep square-leg, there was a slight fumble and that allows them to take off for the brace but the throw was brilliant, Bhatia collects and whips the bails off and Sciver puts in a desperate dive. Replays confirms that Sciver is well short and has to walk back, huge moment in the game for India this!
Nat Sciver run-out Smriti Mandhana 41 (43b, 2x4, 1x6).
18.4 Pooja Vastrakar to Nat Sciver, FOUR MORE! Is this the big over England needed? Full and strays it down the leg-side, Sciver gets a tickle and beats the diving keeper, down to fine-leg for another boundary. Vastrakar has to bowl full and straight here.
18.3 Pooja Vastrakar to Nat Sciver, SIX! BANG! That's a horrendous delivery from Vastrakar. Takes all the pace off but was too short, sat up nicely for Sciver who waits on the backfoot and PUMMELS it over deep square-leg fence for a maximum.
18.2 Pooja Vastrakar to Maia Bouchier, change of pace, back of a length on the off-stump, Bouchier backs away to access off-stump, slams it to deep extra-cover for another single.