184/4 (20)
138/10 (18.5)
England Women won by 46 runs.
Player of the match: Tammy Beaumont
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Tammy Beaumont is the player of the match for her impressive knock of 97 from 65 balls. Her innings really set the momentum for them and made it easy for England to support her while she was in the middle. 
New Zealand have just looked ordinary with the bat. Losing the two important wickets of Suzie Bates and Sophie Devine troubled them a lot giving nothing away cheaply by the England bowlers. Amy Satterthwaite was the only one who looked to be some touch and could hit few boundaries in her innings of  43 from 31 balls. 4 of the top 6 batters from New Zealand score inside 10 runs and didn't really make an impact with the bat. Mady Green was the 2nd top scorer for them with 19 to her name and few other batters have contributed just over 10 runs with the bat but that didn't really them in any way.

England bowlers were decent all through out the innings. All the bowlers managed to picked atleast one wicket each where Katherine Brunt, Sophie Ecclestone and Sarah Glenn got two wickets each. Mady Villiers, Nat Sciver and Tash Farrant got one wicket to their name. Katherine Brunt was the pick of the bowlers with figures of 2/9 from 3 overs including the key wicket of Amy Satterthwaite. The 2nd T20I is coming up in the next couple of days and New Zealand should look to pull their socks up and target a win to keep the series alive. 
It's all over for New Zealand and they have been comprehensively beaten by England, who looked to clinical and professional in the complete match with both bat and ball. New Zealand lose the match by 46 runs and give the lead to England to go 1-0 in the 3 match T20I series.
18.5 Sophie Ecclestone to Leigh Kasperek, OUT! STUMPED! There's the final nail in the coffin and the White Ferns are put out of their misery. Ecclestone tosses the ball up, luring Kasperek to come down the track, which the latter does as expected. She misses the ball, that turns away from her bat, and Jones behind the stumps, has the easiest job to knock over the bails with ample time. Kasperek is nowhere close to making her way back into the crease, and Jones makes sure there are no second chance. Ecclestone picks the final wicket and England win by 46 runs. 
18.4 Sophie Ecclestone to Leigh Kasperek, full on the fourth stump line, steered towards extra cover, but there is no scope for a run there as the field is up. 
18.3 Sophie Ecclestone to Jess Kerr , quicker one, full on the pads, tickled away towards mid wicket for a single. 
18.2 Sophie Ecclestone to Jess Kerr , FOUR! Width on offer for Kerr here, as Eccleston goes a tad bit short. Kerr has enough room, as she lofts this one over covers and pick up another boundary. 
18.1 Sophie Ecclestone to Jess Kerr , full length delivery, close to the body, fended away towards cover for nothing. 
Sophie Ecclestone to continue.

New Zealand are 9 down and it almost all over for them here. New Zealand need to get a lot of things right going into the 2nd game of the series and more importantly to stay alive to fight in the 3rd T20I.
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Tash Farrant
17.6 Natasha Farrant to Jess Kerr , RUNOUT! It was a slower one, pitched up in the slot right under the bat. Kerr drove it to Nat Sciver at short cover, who picks it up and throws it to the keeper quickly. Jones collects it outside the strikers crease and makes sure the stumps are knocked over before the batter can make it back. 
17.5 Natasha Farrant to Thamsyn Newton , full on the pads, smacked away scrappily towards mid wicket for a single. 
17.4 Natasha Farrant to Thamsyn Newton , FOUR! Cheeky stuff from Newton here. She shuffles across the stumps, and picks the fuller length delivery nicely this time. Times it really well to loft it over short fine leg and pick up a boundary. 
17.3 Natasha Farrant to Jess Kerr , good length delivery to Kerr, who thumps it to deep cover for a single again. 
17.2 Natasha Farrant to Thamsyn Newton , full on the leg stump this time, as Newton drills it straight to long on for a single. 
17.1 Natasha Farrant to Thamsyn Newton , FOUR BYES! Tash Farrant gives another four byes! Gests in a quick, full pitched delivery down the leg. Newton sweeps at it, but misses, and so does Jones behind the stumps. Ball rushes to the fence unharmed. 
Tash Farrant to continue.

8 wickets are down for New Zealand as Nat Sciver picks one to her name.
122 /8 score
cricket bat icon Thamsyn Newton
8 (8)
cricket bat icon Jess Kerr *
6 (3)
cricket ball icon Natalie Sciver
1 /31
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