144/4 (20)
145/6 (19.5)
England Women won by 4 wickets
This is me Raghav Tikmany alongside Ankit Sharma signing off. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for more live-action.
Sophia Dunkley has done it in a stylish manner! England win the match and clinch this series 2-1! What a finish to this series with the match going down to the penultimate ball. Wyatt jumps in rejoice in the sidelines before leaping into the arms of skipper Knight. Excellent from Dunkley, her reputation grows, every time she comes to the crease.

Wyatt gave the chase some early start it needed and despite the quick exits of Beaumont and Sciver - Knight and Jones then consolidated well. The powerplay ended well and fine for England with 40 runs on the board but both Wyatt and Sciver departed instantly after. Knight anchored the chase from there while Jones attacked as she was instrumental in her 17 ball 28. Knight was looking to see England through the line before smacking one straight to sweeper cover with 8 needing off the final over.

Amy Satterthwaite was brilliant in the death and took the game to the penultimate ball before Sophia Dunkley ultimately cleared the fence to see England home. Leigh Kasperek was the pick of the bowlers as New Zealand fought hard but in vain.
19.5 Amy Satterthwaite to Sophia Dunkley , FOUR TO WIN IT! DUNKLEY DOES IT! ENGLAND WIN THE SERIES! A low full toss gifted to the right haner, and Dunkley was not letting that one go. She crunches her shot through deep mid wicket and deep square leg, finds the gap perfectly, and the dive from the deep was not going to stop this. Dunkley had one job to do, and she does it quite well. 

What a fantastic game this has been. It was set up to be a nail biter, and boy, did it live up to it. New Zealand fought back in the game, but it is England who triumph over the White Ferns. Devine cheers her team up, and walks them out, as New Zealand still stay in hunt for a series win. 
This is in Dunkley's hands now. She is well set now and needs to see England through the line!
19.4 Amy Satterthwaite to Sophia Dunkley , a quick couple of runs down the ground. It was a full pitched delivery on the middle stump, without a lot of pace on it. Dunkley manages to smash it past the bowler, but Brunt on the other end was sprinting like there is no tomorrow. She was running towards the danger end, and she makes it in time. 
19.3 Amy Satterthwaite to Katherine Brunt , full on the middle and leg. Brunt was already down the ground, as she tries to flick it. She misses it, as the ball hits her pads, but she takes the single either way. 
19.2 Amy Satterthwaite to Katherine Brunt , tossed up delivery, wide outside off stump. Brunt tries to sweep it, like her predecessor, but misses. 
Katherine Brunt, right-handed bat, comes to the crease.
OH NO! Is there a twist in the tail? Bouchier is off and England now need 7 runs off 5 balls! Beautiful bowling from Amy Satterthwaite in the death.
19.1 Amy Satterthwaite to Maia Bouchier , OUT! BOWLED! GONE! Big moment for New Zealand! Amy comes in from around the wicket, pace off the full length delivery. Pitched on the middle stump, and Bouchier's sweep shot was the wrong one to play. She misses the ball for lack of pace, as the ball skids under her bat and knocks the stumps off. 
So we're just 6 balls away from finding out the winner. The wicket of Heather Knight has completely opened up this tie. 7 needed from the final over with Bouchier on strike. Amy Satterthwaite is here to bowl the final over.
138 /5 score
cricket bat icon Sophia Dunkley
16 (19)
cricket bat icon Maia Bouchier *
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Sophie Devine
1 /29
18.6 Sophie Devine to Maia Bouchier , quicker one, full on the off stump. Bouchier chips it, looking to go over the bowler, but settles for a single towards long off. 
Maia Bouchier, right-handed bat, comes to the crease.
18.5 Sophie Devine to Heather Knight , OUT! CAUGHT! Full length delivery on the fourth stump line, timed to perfection, but not given enough height on it. The ball rockets towards mid off, who does not make a mistake. 
18.5 Sophie Devine to Heather Knight , wide ball! Full length delivery, drifting down the leg side. 
18.4 Sophie Devine to Sophia Dunkley , full on the pads, steered down to long on for one. 
18.3 Sophie Devine to Heather Knight , full length delivery on the middle stump. Knight moves across the stumps to work this one down to long on. 
18.2 Sophie Devine to Heather Knight , FOUR! Good length delivery on the leg stump, smashed into the gap on the leg side. 
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