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Evergreen Cricket Club 106/4 (10 ov)
Helsingborg Sports Club 72/6 (10 ov)
Evergreen Cricket Club won by 34 runs.
That is it from us here at Sportskeeda, viewers. we hope you enjoyed our coverage of this contest. Do join us for the rest of the games today. Till then, this is Pradeep Somashekar and my partner Abhinav Singh signing off! Adios!
Evergreen Cricket Club beat Helsingborg Royals Sports Club by 34 runs!

Astonishing performance by Evergreen Cricket Club! Their bowling was top notch from the get-go, Helsingborg Royals struggled through to keep up with the pace of the game, to put it into perspective, they were clueless to begin with and had no answer to Evergreen bowling today. Asif Kayal, Rizwan Shah started well, but it was the star of the show Nazar Mohammad who was splendid with his bowling effort, a classic left arm bowler who shaped his way into the batsman and picked up 4 wickets including a HATTRICK! Zahid Kaini initially took the game away from Helsingborg Royals by picking up back to back wickets and they never looked back since then!

Helsingborg Royals batting was miserable to start with, they didn't have the firepower to keep hitting those boundaries in the powerplay, they might need to reshuffle and see, Pramod and Madhan tried to consolidate in the middle but it was all over by then! In the end a commanding win for Evergreen CC!
An emphatic victory for Evergreen Cricket Club! Their bowling has been splendid! HSC finish with 72/6 after 10 overs!
9.6 Raees Ahmad to S Shetty, flighted delivery and swiped to square leg for a single. And that is curtains for HRSC in the tournament. 
9.5 Raees Ahmad to Pramod, a loopy delivery and played gently to extra cover for a single 
9.4 Raees Ahmad to S Shetty, short of length delivery and played to midwicket for another single 
9.3 Raees Ahmad to Pramod, full ball and played to point for a single after the batsman rocked back in the crease
9.2 Raees Ahmad to Pramod, flighted delivery and played to covers for a single 
9.1 Raees Ahmad to S Shetty, fuller delivery and played uppishly to long on where the fielder drops a dolly
Hattrick for Nazar Mohammad, what a terrific over that was, just broke the back of Helsingborg Royals! HSC are 66/6 after 9 overs! Game over for them!
8.6 Naser to Phani Kompella, good length delivery on the shorter side, the new batsman tried to go over long off but the ball didn't have the legs to go over and the fielder stationed there takes an easy catch. HATTRICK
8.5 Naser to S Marathe, full length delivery on the occasion and batsman tried to cut the ball but played all over it and Naser crashed the ball onto the stumps. He is on a hattrick now
8.4 Naser to Madhan Raman,OUT, length ball, tailing in towards the batsman, Raman dances down the track but misses the ball completely and it goes straight and shatters his middle stump
8.3 Naser to Madhan Raman, short ball yet again and batsman fails to cut that delivery
8.2 Naser to Pramod, short ball wide outside off and cut straight to point for a single 
8.1 Naser to Pramod, length ball hits the batsman on abdomen, no run taken 
Evergreen are offering some freebies here, that was a bad over from Asif, he was just not right here! 10 runs from it! HSC are 65/3 after 8 overs! They need 42 runs in 12 balls!
7.6 Asif to Pramod, length ball and drilled straight to long off for as single 
7.5 Asif to Pramod, fulltoss and heaved over cow corner for a glorious SIX
7.4 Asif to Pramod, short ball outside off and batsman cannot cut it away! A chance gone begging for a boundary 
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