Falco 90/3 (10 ov)
Badalona Shaheen CC 86/5 (10 ov)
Falco Zalmi CC won by 4 runs.
Falco Zalmi CC won this match by 4 runs!

A perfect start to the ECS T10, Barcelona. Absolute madness and drama till the end. What a nail-biting contest this tuned out to be!! BSH definitely looked like the favorites to chase this target down and win this match.

But the questions asked at the halfway stage that will Falco bowlers step up and get the job done and they surely have as they bowled through their lines and lengths, stuck to their plans, and held their nerves till the end.

After having a shaky start, Badalona batsmen Kuldeep Lal and Babar Khan got their side out of trouble and had settled in well. They also managed to keep up with the run rate as both these batsmen continued to rotate the strike and kept hitting the odd boundaries through the over.

The twist in this match occurred when Babar Khan (14 off 13) was dismissed in the 7th over by Naeem Shah and clearly brought this contest back to life. After that BSH batsmen just kept losing them and nobody hung out alongside Kuldeep Lal. 

This just helped Falco get stronger and stronger through the end as Badalona could not hold their nerves. In the end, Kuldeep Lal scored 54 runs off 34 balls but could not get his side across the line and make this innings count.

Looking back BSH probably had a lapse just a couple of times in this match, one in the first innings where Malik Mati leaked out 26 runs in the penultimate over and the other being the dismissal of Babat Khan and that just cost them this match.

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Falco Zalmi CC and Badalona Shaheen CC. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Sameer Deodhar signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
9.6 Shahbaz Ahmed to Kuldeep Lal, heaves the full delivery off his pads to deep mid-wicket for the third time in the over and gets just one run!  FZL beat BSH by 4 runs!
9.5 Shahbaz Ahmed to Umair Javed, whips the slower delivery to deep mid-wicket and brings Kuldeep Lal on strike for the final delivery! 6 runs needed off the last ball!
9.4 Shahbaz Ahmed to Kuldeep Lal, slaps the length ball to deep mid-wicket and brings the new man on strike! 7 needed off 2! Golden ball anyone?
9.3 Shahbaz Ahmed to Adil Hassan, OUT! Makes room for himself and hoicks the ball to mid-wicket! Hassan has to walk back for a golden duck! And more importantly, another dot ball down to 8 runs off 3!
9.2 Shahbaz Ahmed to Kuldeep Lal, pushes the full delivery to long-on for just a single. 8 needed off 4!
9.1 Shahbaz Ahmed to Kuldeep Lal, misses the big shot on a full delivery outside off as the ball keeps low. Shahbaz has struck gold here a dot ball and the equation is 9 needed off 5!
At the end of the 9th over BSH are 81/4.

A great turn of events here, the match is definitely alive here, another BSH batsmen perished in the previous over. This is definitely going to be a nail-biting finisher here, BSH require 9 runs off the last 6 balls!
8.6 Khawar Javed to Kuldeep Lal, flicks the full delivery on his stumps to backward square leg for a single
8.5 Khawar Javed to Kuldeep Lal, FOUR! Full toss on the stumps hit straight to long-on. The fielder makes a mess of it and allows the ball to land just inside the rope before bouncing over it! Down to 10 runs now of 7 balls!
8.4 Khawar Javed to Malik Mati Ur Rehman, OUT! Makes room for himself and chips the full delivery to mid-wicket. The fielder on the circle takes a couple of steps to his left and pockets an excellent catch with a timely jump!
8.3 Khawar Javed to Kuldeep Lal, smacks the full delivery on off-stump to long-on yet again for nothing more than a single. Singles definitely not going to hurt the FZL side here!
8.2 Khawar Javed to Malik Mati Ur Rehman, taps the full delivery to covers and brings back the danger man Kuldeep Lal on strike
8.1 Khawar Javed to Kuldeep Lal, slaps the short ball over the stumps to long-on
At the end of the 8th over BSH are 74/3.

A twist in the tale here? After the departure of Babar, Kuldeep has just stopped with the boundaries. The new man Sajawal tries to break the shackles and hits one in the air and loses his wicket. Kuldeep is now in a bit of a tricky situation here whether he should take the game deep or try to end the game here by going for the wild swings? BSH now need 17 runs from 12 balls!
7.6 Shahbaz Ahmed to Kuldeep Lal, pushes the ball to long-on and keeps strike for the penultimate over
7.5 Shahbaz Ahmed to Sajawal Khan, OUT! Chips the slower full delivery off the outside edge to point and the fielder under the ball makes no mistake!
7.4 Shahbaz Ahmed to Kuldeep Lal, lofts the full delivery over the bowler's head for a single
7.3 Shahbaz Ahmed to Kuldeep Lal, slams the ball into his pads off the inside edge on a length ball
7.2 Shahbaz Ahmed to Sajawal Khan, low full toss hoicked just over the bowler for a single
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