Catalunya 132/7 (10 ov)
Falco 121/5 (10 ov)
Catalunya won by 11 runs.
Catalunya CC won by 11 runs!

CTC finished with 132/7 after their allotted 10 overs. Opening batsman Muhammad Armghan Khan and Rauf Zaman contributed 56 and 43 respectively in 21 balls each and helped the side settle for a massive score. Shahbaz Ahmed led the bowling attack with three consecutive wickets in the final over for the first innings and became the first player to pick up a hat-trick in ECS T10 Barcelona 2020.

In response to the chase, Falco CC's opening batsmen Awais Ahmed and Adeel Sarwar scored 36 and 46 respectively and the side looked in a strong position to win the game. Both the batsmen together were involved in an 82 run partnership. The batting very were soon in deep trouble after both the batsmen were dismissed. All eyes were shifted on captain Kamran Raja to help the side get past the line but unfortunately his contribution didn't seem enough for FLZ to lift the trophy.

Winners - Catalunya CC
Runner Up - Falco CC

It was a game of rollercoaster, we witnessed many ups and downs but finally Catalunya CC emerge victorious and are crowned CHAMPIONS of ECS T10 Barcelona 2020.

The cricketing action doesn't stop here at Sportskeeda! Tune in to the live coverage of RR vs KXIP as the latter start strong to chase the target set by the Kings. That;'s it from me, Mohamed Farzan and my colleague, Pradeep! Good Bye and Take Care
9.6 Shahbaz Shaukat to Tanveer Iqbal, OUT! CASTLED! What a way to finish the match and what a way to win the final! Catalunya CC are crowned the ECS T10 Champions here! That was full and Tanveer goes for the almighty swing at it and misses that one completely, rattles the stumps in the end and Catalunya CC are elated with the victory and lift the coveted trophy!
9.6 Shahbaz Shaukat to Kamran Raja, WIDE! Straying down leg side and the keeper fails to collect as well, they take the bye
9.5 Shahbaz Shaukat to Tanveer Iqbal, full toss, outside off, Tanveer fails to make good contact, no timing at all, hits it towards extra cover, just a single, it's almost over for Falco Zalmi CC
9.4 Shahbaz Shaukat to Rehman Ullah, OUT! CASTLED! Terrific death bowling this from Catalunya, showed why they are the top side in this tournament, that was in the blockhole and Rehman goes for the huge swing at that one and misses it, rattles the stumps, Rehman has to go here!
9.3 Shahbaz Shaukat to Kamran Raja, WOW! Slower one and Kamran goes for the swing at this one and misses it, Kamran takes the bye
9.2 Shahbaz Shaukat to Kamran Raja, full delivery, outside off, Kamran smashes it toward deep mid-wicket region and they come back for a second in the end, they need a boundary off the next ball!
9.1 Shahbaz Shaukat to Kamran Raja, DOT to start with, GOLD from Shahbaz! Terrific change of pace, in the blockhole, Kamran goes for the big swing and misses, went through the batsman
Falco CC require 17 runs from the last six balls! They stand at 116/3 after 9 overs.
8.6 Mohammad Yasin to Rehman Ullah, OH! A DOT TO END THE OVER! In the blockhole on the 4th stump line, Rehman fails to make contact and misses it through to the keeper. Huge final over for Falco, can they pull this one off?
8.5 Mohammad Yasin to Kamran Raja, full delivery, outside off, Kamran fetches from the off stump and swats it towards mid-wicket fielder for just a single
8.4 Mohammad Yasin to Kamran Raja, SIX! KABOOM! That was short and Kamran on the front foot POWERED it away all the way towards long-on boundary, sails over the fielder's head for a maximum! Much needed big hit that from the skipper
8.3 Mohammad Yasin to Kamran Raja, on the good length, Kamran takes that one and hammers it towards deep extra cover, fell short of the fielder and they come back for the second easily in the end
8.2 Mohammad Yasin to Kamran Raja, full delivery, outside off, Kamran goes for the almighty swing at it and misses, a DOT BALL!
8.1 Mohammad Yasin to Kamran Raja, SIX! HUGE HIT! What a shot from the skipper, full toss and HAMMERED it all the way for a maximum towards deep square leg and a much needed that one from the skipper
Falco CC have reached the 100-run mark! FLZ 101/3 after 8 overs. The team had an excellent start to the innings but currently find themselves in a difficult position with32 runs required in the final 12 balls.
7.6 Gurdit Singh to Kamran Raja, good end to the over from Gurdit, in the blockhole outside off, Kamran fails to get to the pitch off the ball but only managed to hit it straight to the deep extra cover fielder, single end to the over! Falco need a big over in the next one!
7.5 Gurdit Singh to Rehman Ullah, full delivery, on the leg stump, Rehman goes for the almighty swing at it and gets a leading edge towards backward point, they scamper for a quick single
7.4 Gurdit Singh to Rehman Ullah, full toss, outside off, Rehman hammers it towards deep covers this time and once again both the batsman took on the fielder and looked to take the second run, Rehman is just in this time, phew! 
7.3 Gurdit Singh to Shahbaz Ahmed, in the blockhole, Shahbaz goes across and drills it past the cover and point fielder, they run a single, but they come back for a second and Shahbaz is short of his crease here and he's RUN-OUT! Never run on a mis-field!
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