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Fateh CC 130/10 (9 ov)
XI Stars 74/5 (9 ov)
Fateh CC won by 56 runs.
Player of the match: Happy Singh
So, that is it from me, Karthik Raj and my co-commentator Soorya Sesha from this ECS game between Fateh and XI-Stars. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda's coverage of the upcoming ECS matches and a host of other cricket tournaments. Until then, it is a warm good-bye from us.
A fantastic way to wrap up the match for Fateh as Davinder Singh bowled Muneeb Ishfaq, XI-Stars fall short by 56 runs as they could only manage 74/5 off their nine overs. Jagroop Singh gave the best possible start to Fateh by removing Tabish Qahqous and Tanveer Shah in the very first-over. Thereafter, Asif Mehmood and Abubakar Hussain stitched a 61-run partnership but it came very slow. The duo took 43 balls to get those runs as the innings meandered to a tame finish.

Apart from Jagroop Singh, Kuldeep Singh and Davinder Singh also got into the wickets column for Fateh with only Tajinder Singh being expensive amongst their bowling group. 
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 2w 1w W 0 0 1 W Bowler: Davinder Singh-1 Score: 74/5
8.6 Davinder Singh to Abubakar Hussain, OUT! Finishes the game with a beautiful slower delivery! This was pitched up on middle and leg but there was no pace on it. Hussain fails to pick the leg-cutter and swings hard over the leg-side but the bat is all that swings! The ball crashes into the stumps and Fateh have conquered the XI Stars by 56 runs!
8.5 Davinder Singh to Muhammad Zaheer, 1 run
8.4 Davinder Singh to Muhammad Zaheer, no run
8.3 Davinder Singh to Muhammad Zaheer, back of a length outside off, Zaheer swings hard but doesn't put bat on ball
8.2 Davinder Singh to Muneeb Ishfaq, BOWLED! CLEANED HIM UP! Looks to hoick this shortish delivery over the leg-side, undone by the bounce on it as the ball clips the top of off to see the back of Muneeb!
8.2 Davinder Singh to Muneeb Ishfaq, WIDE! Well outside the tramline! Called wide again!
8.2 Davinder Singh to Abubakar Hussain, WIDE! Way too wide and they pick up an extra run
8.1 Davinder Singh to Muneeb Ishfaq, NEARLY! Slices this length ball over extra cover and the fielder running in almost pulls off a screamer! Would have been a stunning catch had he taken it!
Final over to come up. Just three runs off Kuldeep Singh's first over. XI-Stars: 69/3 off eight overs. They require 62 off six balls.
Over: 8 | Summary: 1w 0 1 2 0 W 0 Bowler: Kuldeep Singh-1 Score: 69/3
7.6 Kuldeep Singh to Abubakar Hussain, swing and a miss outside off
A wicket for Kuldeep Singh as Asif Mehmood's painful stay in the middle comes to end. The fielder Shantanu Sharma is elated after taking a simple catch.
7.5 Kuldeep Singh to Asif Mehmood, OUT! The skipper departs! Slices this full length delivery over point but skews a top edge that drops safely into the hands of the short third man fielder
7.4 Kuldeep Singh to Asif Mehmood, full outside off, takes pace off and Asif fails to connect on this slog
7.3 Kuldeep Singh to Abubakar Hussain, towards the covers, drops short of the fielder and they pick up a single
7.2 Kuldeep Singh to Abubakar Hussain, 2 runs
7.1 Kuldeep Singh to Abubakar Hussain, was it a drop? Shortish outside off, Hussain looks to slog over the leg-side. Felt like there was a noise and the keeper didn't collect it cleanly! 
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