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MSC Frankfurt 106/7 (10 ov)
FCA 04 Darmstadt 107/6 (10 ov)
FCA 04 Darmstadt won by 4 wickets
FCD win by 4 wickets.

They were off to a shaky start but were standing firm on the foundation laid by their openers. Husnain Kabeer (17 runs in 9 balls) and Muhammad Mudassar (18 runs in 5 balls) started off well but fell apart soon as they finished the powerplay on 38/3 after 3 overs. Wickets kept falling for FCD and runs dried up for them as they slipped to 45/5 after 5 overs. In came their hero of the match, Umar Faroz (37 runs in 21 balls) and joined hands with Tahir Ahmed (24 runs in 14 balls) as the pair stitched a valuable and a match winning partnership of 59 runs to help FCD win the match on the last ball of the match.

MSF were exceptional with the ball but weren't supported well by their fielders. There were many dropped catches which allowed the pair of  Umar Faroz and Tahir Ahmed to breathe easy and execute the big hits without much fuss. Muslim Yar (2/10 in 2 overs) and Shahid Afridi (2/34 in 2 overs) were the show stoppers for the MSF bowling lineup as the chipped in with regular wickets in the powerplay and didn't allow the FCD batsmen to free their arms.

That's all we have from the live coverage of this match as I, Lavil Saldanha and my colleague, Pradeep Somashekhar sign off. Do check Sportskeeda for all live match commenatries and sports related news pieces. Until next time, its goodbye from our end. SEE YA!! 
9.6 Muslim Yar to Tahir Ahmed, OH! Quicker and faster delivery this time on the 4th stump line, Tahir looked to gently guide it to the third man but that lobs up and goes to the short third man fielder and it drops short off him and they run a single to clinch this victory, what a match we've witnessed, a nail-biting encounter in the end!
9.5 Muslim Yar to Tahir Ahmed, FOUR! Terrible delivery, rank full toss and Ahmed goes for a big hoick and misses, keeper was upto the stumps and he missed too, they pickup FOUR BYES in the end! SCORES ARE LEVEL!!
9.4 Muslim Yar to Umar Faroz, OUT! Quicker delivery, it was short, Faroz rocks back and smashes this one straight to the long fielders throat and Umar Faroz has to go, he perishes! 5 needed off 2! Goes for the glory shot, Faraz, and holes it to the long on who takes an easy catch.
9.3 Muslim Yar to Umar Faroz, FOUR! Quicker delivery, it was short, Faroz dances down the track and gave a good swung at it towards deep square leg and beats the fielder, goes to the boundary! 5 runs needed in 3 balls. Will Faroz go for the glory shot ?
9.2 Muslim Yar to Umar Faroz, tossed up, Faroz dances down the track and smashes it straight to the deep cover fielder and there is a fumble with the fielder and they come back for a second in the end
9.1 Muslim Yar to Umar Faroz, tossed up, climbed onto Faroz who looked to hoick it big and is beaten
A big last over coming up. FDA need 11 runs for a victory and a run short will lead both the teams to a golden ball. We are going in for an exciting finish. Get your nails ready.
8.6 Adel Khan to Tahir Ahmed, full outside off, Ahmed goes for a ugly hoick and inside edges straight to the short fine leg fielder, what should've been just a single, over throws costed them 2 runs in the end, sloppy fielding this from MSF!
8.5 Adel Khan to Umar Faroz, short on the outside off, Faroz stands tall and punches it down the ground to long on fielder, just a single in the end, Faroz looked for a second, but there wasn't any
8.4 Adel Khan to Umar Faroz, FOUR! Full delivery outside off and gets a thick outside edge, away from the keeper as well, runs away to the third man boundary! They just need 14 off 8 balls! Luck going all the way for FDA as they a nick and the ball runs away for a four in what turns out to be a turn of events for them. 
8.3 Adel Khan to Umar Faroz, touch full outside off and Faroz goes for the wild swing at it and misses it completely 
8.2 Adel Khan to Umar Faroz, on the good length, it was in the arc, Faroz goes for a big shot and skies this one, fielder from long off runs forward and drops an easy catch, they pick up a couple of runs in the end
8.1 Adel Khan to Umar Faroz, SIX! Full delivery, in the arc outside off, Faroz shuffles across and WHACKED it over the deep square leg boundary and goes all the way for a maximum! Umar and Tahir are turning it on for FCD here! Gets the much needed big hit and the ball travels all the way for a huge maximum. 20 needed from 11 balls now! 
Another big over for FDA comes up. 14 runs come from the over and FDA continue to inch closer and closer to victory. They are on 81/5 after 8 overs and need 26 runs in 12 balls
7.6 Daud Muhammad to Tahir Ahmed, good finish for Daud, on the good length and Ahmed goes for a big hoick and misses, beaten all ends up
7.5 Daud Muhammad to Umar Faroz, full toss outside off, Faroz only managed to smash it straight to the deep cover region, only a single in the end
7.4 Daud Muhammad to Umar Faroz, full outside off, Faroz for the ugly swing and misses, through to the keeper
7.3 Daud Muhammad to Tahir Ahmed, short and wide, Ahmed goes for the hoick and skies this one straight over the mid wicket and the fielder runs backwards and makes a meal of it, DROPPED! They pick up only a single in the end
7.2 Daud Muhammad to Tahir Ahmed, FOUR! Touch short and it was wide, Ahmed clobbers this one towards deep cover region and that races away for another boundary, this is blistering batting from FCD here! 28 needed off 16 here! 4 follows the maximum from Tahir Ahmed's willow and the required runs continue to drop for FDA's chase.
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