Match Abandoned
After an exciting first innings from the BGR batsmen, the stage was set for a thrilling chase for the FCS side who would have loved to clinch the win after managing to restrict the explosive opponent to a sub-110 score.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be as the rains gods did not do any favours for them and the match has been abandoned as a result.

With that, we end our coverage here of the Vincy Premier League T10 tournament but the cricketing action from around the world continues at Sportskeeda, so stay tuned for all the updates right here! This is Gaurav Kadam, and my colleague Pradeep Somashekhar signing off for now! Stay safe everyone!
UPDATE: Due to the incessant rain, the match between the Fort Charlotte Strikers and Botanical Garden Rangers has been abandoned.

The covers were on as soon as it started raining but the non-stop rain means that no further action is possible now in this match.
UPDATE: Unexpected rain showers and we're going to have some delay in here with the start of the chase, stay tuned for further updates!
Fort Charlotte Strikers have to chase down 107 to win!

After winning the toss, Botanical Garden Rangers decided to bat first! They lost out their feisty opener Emmanuel Stewart in the powerplay overs but the other opener Hyron Shallow took the task of marshalling the innings.

Shallow scored a knock of 37 runs in 18 balls striking seven boundaries and even had one six to his credit. Shallow managed to rebuild the innings despite losing partners at regular intervals. Donwell Hector and BGR skipper Kenneth Dember contributed with 16 and 14 runs respectively and a late flourish from Donald Delpleche got the BGR past the 100 mark on the scoreboard.

Ray Jordan was the pick of the bowlers for the FCS side as he bowled 7 dot balls in his spell of two overs and conceded just 10 runs along with a wicket. Kirton Lavia was great for FCS as well taking 2 wickets for 18 runs.

FCS will back themselves to chase this total down! We return back with the chase very soon, so stay tuned right here at Sportskeeda!
BGR 106-8 after their quota of 10 overs

BGR lose two wickets in the first two deliveries after Richards is run out and Dember holds a catch out in the deep in his attempt to play the big shot. The tail-ender Donald Delpleche comes in and smashes Sylvan Spencer for two boundaries to take his side past the 100-mark! 
9.6 Sylvan Spencer to Donald Delpleche, RUN-OUT! Full delivery, outside off, smashes it straight to the long-off fielder and Delpleche calls his partner for a second and Williams is short of his crease at the other end and also Umpire calls one short, so a DOT BALL to finish the innings!
9.5 Sylvan Spencer to Donald Delpleche, on the good length, outside off, Delpleche goes to swing at it and is beaten this time, DOT BALL!
9.4 Sylvan Spencer to Donald Delpleche, FOUR! Even better from Delpleche, this time it was short and wide, he hammered it towards deep covers and that races away for another boundary! Two in two for Donald!
9.3 Sylvan Spencer to Donald Delpleche, FOUR! Full delivery, Delpleche smashes it straight down the long-off boundary and the fielder runs in to take the catch and doesn't get it, that runs away to the boundary in the end
9.2 Sylvan Spencer to Kenneth Dember, OUT! Terrific change of pace, Dember waits for to smash it and ends up hitting it straight to the deep square leg fielder as he takes the catch just outside the fence and Dember has to go here!
9.1 Sylvan Spencer to Kenneth Dember, RUN-OUT! Full delivery, into Dember, smashes it towards long-on and Dember wanted to come back for a second as there was a fumble and Richie is short of his crease, he was struggling to get to the other end and Richie has to go!
BGR 97-5 with nine overs completed

Browne continues to go after the FCS bowlers as he hits Ray Jordan for a boundary on the first delivery of the over. Jordan strike back immediately dismissing Browne on the next delivery and keeps it tight to end his spell of two overs after conceding just 10 runs!
8.6 Ray Jordan to Richie Richards, full delivery, in the blockhole on the 4th stump line and Richie goes for the hoick and misses, goes through to the keeper
8.6 Ray Jordan to Richie Richards, WIDE! Short delivery this time down the leg side and keeper dives to collect it, Umpire calls that a wide
8.5 Ray Jordan to Richie Richards, terrific short delivery, Richards was hurried on to it and gets his bat away at the last second and he was beaten all ends up in the end
8.4 Ray Jordan to Kenneth Dember, full delivery, in the blockhole outside off, Dember drills this one down the ground to the long-off fielder for a single this time
8.3 Ray Jordan to Kenneth Dember, full delivery, in the blockhole and Dember hammers it towards long-on boundary, hit with immense power and the fielder somehow stops that from going to the boundary and they come back for a second in the end
8.2 Ray Jordan to Atticus Browne, OUT! Excellent change of pace, rolled his fingers, it was in the slot but Browne was too early into the shot and skies this one straight to the long-on fielder as he had to run forward, pouches it in the end cleanly and Browne has to depart!
8.1 Ray Jordan to Atticus Browne, FOUR! Full delivery, wide outside off, Browne stretched at it and gets good bat on it and that teased the fielder at deep backward point, runs to the boundary in the end! What a way to kick off things in the over!
BGR 89-4 at the end of 8 overs

BGR skipper Kenneth Dember starts off the over with a cleanly-hit maximum to display their intent as we entered the business end of the innings. Browne adds another boundary in the over after trading in singles through the over.
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