Dark View Explorers 117/2 (10 ov)
Dark View Explorers won by 22 runs.
Dark View Explorers have won this match by 22 runs!

What a cracker of a game this turned out to be as it provided all the flavors and the vibes till the end. To chase down 118 runs, Strikers needed an exceptional start but that did not happen for them as they lost early wickets. Losing early wickets while chasing a huge total, meant they became more sluggish in scoring the runs and the target became quite an uphill task for themselves.

After losing 3 wickets, and scoring just 30 runs Explorers surely looked like the favorites to win this match. Although, Sealroy Williams and Rickford Walker had other plans as they kept the hopes for Strikes alive and started scoring the runs. 

In this innings, Sealroy Williams was the aggressor and scored more than half of the runs for his side. And till the end it was like as long as Sealroy is there out in the middle, Strikers definitely have a chance to pull off a miracle!

The match started to get intense as Sealroy and Rickford managed to collect 25 runs in the 7th over, followed by another huge over 16 runs and all Strikers needed was one more big over which unfortunately didn't happen as Sealroy's brother Sealron managed to bowl a fantastic penutimate over where he conceded just 8 runs and probably sealed the match for his side there.

In the final over it was hit out or get for the Strikers and they picked the later one and finally, Sealroy's innings came to an end as he scored 59 runs from the 30 balls he faced. As all the batsmen were just looking to have a go at Deane who was bowling the final over they kept losing their wicket and at the end of it all, Deane added 3 wickets to his tally.

The pick of the bowlers for the Explorers through probably would be Shammon Hooper who managed to get the early breakthrough and added 2 wickets to his tally. He at the end of his spell conceded just 9 runs!

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Dark View Explorers and Fort Charlotte Strikers. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Nikhil Kulkarni signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
9.6 Deane Browne to Sylvan Spencer, OUT! skies this fuller ball straight back to the bowler and the bowler runs back and dives to complete the catch. Fourth consecutive win for Dark View Explorers!
9.5 Deane Browne to Chelson Stowe, OUT! length ball on the off stump, tries to pull it to the leg side but gets an inside edge back to the stumps.
9.4 Deane Browne to Kirton Lavia, length ball on the stumps, smashes it on the back foot to cow corner and gets only a single.
9.3 Deane Browne to Sealroy Williams, OUT! marginally fuller outside off, swings hard at it but gets an edge to the keeper. An excellent innings comes to an end.
9.2 Deane Browne to Sealroy Williams, length ball outside off and the batsman tries to smash it to the off side and misses it.
9.1 Deane Browne to Sealroy Williams, fuller delivery outside off, the batsman has smashed it to deep cover and takes two.
At the end of the 9th over FCS are 92/4. They need 26 runs from the last 6 balls! 

A tall order for the batting side here! After being hit for a boundary at the start, Sealron managed to pull things back towards his favor as 3 runs were conceded later and more importantly a wicket was plucked by him of the final delivery of that over. Sealroy who has been smacking for his side is still out there for Strikers and they will surely believe as long as he is still at the crease. For the Explorer, Deane who comes on to bowl just needed to bowl legal deliveries! 
8.6 Sealron Williams to Rickford Walker, OUT! comes down the wicket to smash this fuller ball and misses. He is been stumped by the wicket keeper.
8.5 Sealron Williams to Sealroy Williams, fuller delivery and the batsman has worked it to the leg side for a single.
8.4 Sealron Williams to Rickford Walker, clips this fuller ball to cow corner and takes a single.
8.3 Sealron Williams to Sealroy Williams, plays this full delivery straight down the ground for a single.
8.2 Sealron Williams to Sealroy Williams, FOUR! bowls it fuller outside off, moves across and smashes it over the backward square leg boundary.
8.1 Sealron Williams to Rickford Walker, almost an yorker and Walker plays it to covers for a single.
At the end of the 8th over FCS are 84/3. FCS need 34 runs in 12 balls!

GAME ON FOLKS! Another big over this for the batting side as Sealroy has gone ballistic in this chase. He has also managed to reach his half-century here! Sealroy will definitely be looking to take his side through to the win here! A battle of the twins coming for the penultimate over as Sealron comes on to bowl! Stickers need another big over here
7.6 Alick Athanaze to Sealroy Williams, smashes this full length ball moving across to deep mid-wicket in the gap and scampers for second run. That's his fifty!
7.5 Alick Athanaze to Sealroy Williams, SIX! short and wide outside off, the batsman has smashed it over the backward point boundary. Great batting from Sealroy as he is picking all the bad deliveries to get collect the batting. Williams moves to 49 off 23 balls. 
7.4 Alick Athanaze to Sealroy Williams, SIX! smokes this fuller delivery over the deep cover boundary! And Williams says its game on her VPL T10!!
7.3 Alick Athanaze to Sealroy Williams, back of a length ball outside off, tries to smash it but fails to connect.
7.2 Alick Athanaze to Sealroy Williams, fuller and wide outside off, slashes it hard and gets a top edge over the short third man fielder.
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