Salt Pond Breakers 123/5 (10 ov)
Fort Charlotte Strikers 10/4 (2.5 ov)
Match Abandoned
The umpires call off the game. NO RESULT!

Both the teams will share one point each. Fort Charlotte Strikers had lost four wickets for 10 runs in just 2.5 overs and Salt Pond Breakers were very close to a victory and those two full points but unfortunately rain plays spoilsport and breaks the player's hearts as well. 

Thanks for tuning into Sportskeeda for the live coverage. Until next time, it's me, Farzan signing off. Good Bye!
UPDATE: It's started pouring heavily at St Vincent and umpires had asked to stop the play. The players go back to the dugout as the covers come on. Stay tuned for further updates!
2.5 Ryan John to Alex Samuel, OUT! Full delivery outside off and Samuel drives this one. Ambris stops the ball and hits it at the strikers end and to effect a runout. A confusion between the batsmen sends Alex Samuel back to the pavilion for a golden duck. 
2.4 Ryan John to Roland Cato, OUT! short delivery and it edges the bat and straight into the hand of the wicket-keeper. 
2.3 Ryan John to Roland Cato, yorker, Cato plays it in between the gap through the covers. It doesn't reach the boundary, the fielder gets there in time to save two runs.
2.2 Ryan John to Sealroy Williams, another short delivery and Williams pulls it. The ball lands safely in between two fielders and they get a run.
2.1 Ryan John to Sealroy Williams, short delivery and the batsman is beaten by this delivery.
Excellent bowling by Sunil Ambris, he concedes just a single of his overs. The marquee player is leading from the front with the ball as well. FCS 7/2 after 2 overs.
1.6 Sunil Ambris to Sealroy Williams, full toss and Williams plays this along the ground towards long on for an easy single.
1.5 Sunil Ambris to Gidron Pope, full delivery on the off stump, Pope gives himself some runs and punches it over mid-wicket. The fielder at deep mid-wicket pouches this one easily. The second wicket is down!
1.4 Sunil Ambris to Gidron Pope, full delivery and he plays it towards mid-on. They don't get any run on offer!
1.3 Sunil Ambris to Roland Cato, full and wide delivery shuffles out of the keeper's hands and they scamper for a bye.
1.2 Sunil Ambris to Roland Cato, another slower delivery tapped back towards the bowler.
1.1 Sunil Ambris to Roland Cato, slow delivery outside off stumps beats the batsman. 
Poor start from the batting side as they do lose a wicket early during the chase. The bowling unit will be happy with the kind of start they've got. FCS 5/1 after an over.
0.6 Delorn Johnson to Gidron Pope, FOUR! Short-pitched delivery and Pope makes enough room for himself and plays it through the off side for a boundary.
0.5 Delorn Johnson to Gidron Pope, short of a length wide outside off stump and he plays it safe.
0.4 Delorn Johnson to Rickford Walker, full delivery and he pulls it towards fine leg. The fielder takes an easy catch to dismiss Walker.
0.3 Delorn Johnson to Rickford Walker, short-pitched delivery played high up in the air but lands safely on the ground. Walker survives!
0.2 Delorn Johnson to Rickford Walker, full delivery on the stumps and he defends it.
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