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Frankfurt Cricket Club 98/6 (10 ov)
MSC Frankfurt 102/5 (9.4 ov)
MSC Frankfurt won by 5 wickets
Right! That's it from us here at Sportskeeda! Hope you enjoyed our coverage and do join us for the remaining matches of the competition! Till then, this is me (Pradeep Somashekar) and Abhinav Singh signing off! Stay safe and goodbye!
Terrific victory for MSC Frankfurt! Credit goes to Shahid Afridi  who looked in great touch by clobbering the deliveries all over the park, ensured that MSF get a great start, he perished for a quick fire 36(12) with 4 SIX'es and 2 boundaries!. MSF did lose their way a bit in the middle of the innings but Paramveer Singh 26(21) and Qader Khan 23(13) ensured they'll take this down to the last over and win this for them. They managed to keep up the RRR and were in the hunt all the time with the chase. It was a comfortable win in the end for MSC Frankfurt, they'll be delighted with this victory!

Frankfurt CC on the other hand just couldn't stop Shahid Afridi from taking this game away from them, they did finally manage to pick his wicket but it was all over by then, Hasan Nauman 5/2 was the pick of the bowlers for them and he did a splendid job by not giving away anything and picking up 2 crucial wickets. Probably the turning point of the match was the 2nd over of this innings which went for 28, courtesy Shahid Afridi of Waheed Haji who looked clueless! They needed someone good at the death to stop MSF from chasing this down easily! They need to sort out their bowling a bit in this tournament to get back on track!

MSC Frankfurt beat Frankfurt CC by 5 wickets!
Alrighty, terrific win for MSF, they win this with 2 balls to spare! Back to back boundaries by Paramveer Singh ensured this is not going down to the wire. They win this easily at the end!
9.4 Sahil Hussein to Q Khan, short ball, Khan has all the time in the world as he hangs back and dispatches the ball to deep midwicket boundary to seal the match for MSC! Pretty easy in the end for them!
9.3 Sahil Hussein to Paramveer Singh, full ball in the slot, Singh goes inside out over covers for a single!
9.2 Sahil Hussein to Paramveer Singh, short ball, the batsman tries pulling it, gets a top edge and the ball trickles to deep point for a FOUR!
9.1 Sahil Hussein to Paramveer Singh, good length ball and hoicked straight over mid on for a boundary, the deep midwicket fielder can't get there
MSF doing well to pick up 10 runs from it, that means 10 runs of 6 balls needed in that final over! Turning out to be a nailbiter! MSF are 89/5 after 9 overs!
8.6 J Ahmedzai to P Singh, full ball, and played straight to mid on for a single!
8.5 J Ahmedzai to Q Khan, full ball on the leg and flicked to deep midwicket for a couple
8.4 J Ahmedzai to Paramveer Singh, another ball delivered whilst following the batsman, leg bye taken
8.3 J Ahmedzai to Paramveer Singh, full ball, batsman moves away but the bowler follows him, misses in the end. DOT
8.2 J Ahmedzai to Q Khan, short ball, rising up and batsman pulls it awkwardly for a single
8.1 J Ahmedzai to Q Khan, full ball angling across the batsman, he makes some room and carves it to backward point for a boundary 
Sahil Hussien keeping that over tidy, great stuff, just 6 runs! MSF need 20 runs from 12 balls! Crucial over coming up! MSF are 79/5 after 8 overs!
7.6 Sahil Hussein to Q Khan, another full ball and hit straight to extra cover for a single
7.5 Sahil Hussein to Paramveer Singh, yorker length ball and hit straight to bowlers leg who flicks it to cover fielder with his heel
7.4 Sahil Hussein to Paramveer Singh, full ball and hit over to covers fielder for a double!
7.3 Sahil Hussein to Q Khan, full ball, the batsman converts it to a half volley but hits it straight to deep cover fielder
7.2 Sahil Hussein to Q Khan, short of length and the batsman misses it whilst trying to hoick it away
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